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Hang on, kitties. We have a blockbuster report coming out that will explain Jewish conspiracy theories and narratives. In the meantime, we have posted some material in today’s Cat Report that will prepare you for what we have found. These are names, terms, and hidden history that you may not be familiar with because they have been deliberately withheld from the victims.

Later, we will connect the dots in a report and video discussion so that you know what all of this means.

Along the Silk Road: The Sogdians of Samarkand

The Sogdians were an Iranian civilization that existed between the 4th and 8th century CE. They were not a coherent entity bound by geographic boundaries, but a group of multicultural people scattered across a vast area of towns and agricultural land between the great empires of Asia. They had no army or military power, but were mostly multilingual and practiced various religions. Archaeologists have discovered that the Sogdians developed a sophisticated and unique urban culture that was an accumulation of their travels and networks. Evidence shows that merchants did not only want to peddle commodities, but had a genuine interest in their desire to seek knowledge and cultural exchanges.

The Jews. Exodus to Khazaria

The defeat of the Khazars and other wars of Svyatoslav the Brave

Uncovering ancient Ashkenaz – the birthplace of Yiddish speakers

The Yiddish language – which consists of Hebrew, German, Slavic elements and is written in Aramaic – has been spoken at least since the 9th century AD, but its origins have been debated by linguists for several centuries. While some have suggested a German origin, others believe a more complex beginning for the language, starting in Slavic lands in Khazaria – the Middle Age Khazar Empire that covered present-day southern Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and parts of the Caucasus – and followed by Ukraine, and finally Germany. Although the language adopted a German vocabulary it retained its Slavic grammar – which is why Yiddish is often referred to as “bad German”.

By the 8th century the words “Jew” and “merchant” were practically synonymous, and it was around this time that Ashkenazic Jews began relocating from ancient Ashkenaz to the Khazar Empire to expand their mercantile operations.

This Jewish migration led to some of the Turkic Khazar rulers and numerous eastern Slavs living within the Khazar Empire to convert to Judaism so they didn’t miss out on the lucrative Silk Road trade between Germany and China.

But the demise of Khazaria due to continued invasions and finally the Black Death devastated this last Jewish Empire of Khazaria. This led to the Ashkenazic Jews splitting into two groups – some remaining in the Caucasus and others migrating into eastern Europe and Germany.

This was done by developing the language of Yiddish, which very few can speak or understand other than Jews.

The Radhanites or Radanites (Hebrew: רדני, romanizedRadhanīmArabic: الرذنية, romanizedar-Raðaniyya) were medieval-era Jewish merchants. Only a limited number of primary sources use the term, and it remains unclear whether they referred to a specific guild, or to a clan, or generically to Jewish merchants in the trans-Eurasian trade network. Jewish merchants operated in trade between Christendom and the Muslim world during the early Middle Ages (approximately 500–1000 CE). Many trade routes previously established under the Roman Empire continued to function during that period—largely through their efforts. Their trade network covered much of EuropeNorth Africa, the Middle EastCentral Asia, and parts of India and China.

While most trade between Europe and East Asia had historically been conducted via Persian and Central Asian intermediaries, the Radhanites were among the first to establish a trade network that stretched from Western Europe to Eastern Asia.[10] They engaged in this trade regularly and over an extended period of time, centuries before Marco Polo and ibn Battuta brought their tales of travel in the Orient to the Christians and the Muslims, respectively. Ibn Battuta is believed to have traveled with the Muslim traders who traveled to the Orient on routes similar to those used by the Radhanites.

Historically, Jewish communities used letters of credit to transport large quantities of money without the risk of theft from at least classical times

Some scholars believe that the Radhanites may have played a role in the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism.[15] In addition, they may have helped establish Jewish communities at various points along their trade routes, and were probably involved in the early Jewish settlement of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China and India.

End of the Radhanite age

The fall of Tang China in 908 and the collapse of the Khazarian state at the hands of the Rus’ some sixty years later (circa 968–969) led to widespread chaos in Eurasia. Trade routes became unstable and unsafe, a situation exacerbated by the rise of expansionist Turco-Persianate states, and the Silk Road largely collapsed for centuries. This period saw the rise of the mercantile Italian city-states, especially the maritime republicsGenoaVenicePisa, and Amalfi, who viewed the Radhanites as unwanted competitors.

Atil is now Astrakhan (Southern Russia, bordering Khazakstan to the immediate east and Georgia and Azerbaijan to the far south ends) built on the strategic Silk Road site of Atil

(Mike Mckibben writes: “I passed within 200 miles of Atil on my return train ride from Armenia to Moscow… and within miles of the first Khazarian port for the Black Sea Silk Road route at Rostov-on-the-Don. Just sayin’. We covered a lot of the ground in this map below.”)

Svyatoslav I of Kiev sacked Atil in 968 or 969 CE. Ibn Hawqal and al-Muqaddasi refer to Atil after 969, indicating that it may have been rebuilt. Al-Biruni (mid-11th century) reported that Atil was again in ruins, and did not mention the later city of Saqsin which was built nearby, so it is possible that this new Atil was only destroyed in the middle of the 11th century.

Ancient Lost Capital of the Jewish Khazar Kingdom Found

Capital of the Khazars, a Turkic people who converted to Judaism, was thought washed away by Caspian Sea.’

Note the hooked noses of the Sogdians. This feature is mentioned in numerous writings as a way to distinguish them from other races when persecution of minorities was afoot.

Kremlin: Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia part of Russia

News from this week, a bit stale, but we wanted to preserve these vote tallies. Obviously, they did not have OPTECH and DOMINION counting votes.

The separatist region of Ukraine, Zaporozhye, has chosen to join Russia following the referendum vote.

In case you didn’t know, there has been a referendum vote going on to determine if separatist regions of Ukraine will choose to join Russia. Last reported numbers as of right now, the total vote percentages for the 4th day of referendum voting, September 26th, are as follows:

Donetsk People’s Republic – 86.89%
Lugansk People’s Republic – 83.61%
Zaporozhye – 66.43%
Kherson – 63.58%


Donbass referendum results revealed

The republics previously recognized by Moscow have opted to join Russia, based on preliminary polls

Why isn’t Gonzalo Lira talking about the Pilgrims Society behind the action of the Navy/SERCO in attacking the pipelines? Is he a lame researcher, controlled oppo, or Pilgrims operative? You have to wonder… because he seems so knowledgeable, but fails each and every time to AIM4TRUTH of the Pilgrims operations.

2022 09 27 The Americans Declared War On Europe

“You are deliberately trying to reduce the population of the world” —

President Vladimir Putin (Video)

Remember that time the U.S. sank its own destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin?

Same thing going on with the Nord Stream sabotage. Navy, run by British SERCO, attacks the pipeline and blames it on Russia to provoke Russia into declaring war.

Nord Stream 1& 2 = Tonkin 2.0.

Instead, a huge rally is being prepared in Moscow’s Red Square as Putin prepares to declare the annexations.

Billboards have appeared in Moscow declaring: “Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson – Russia!”


Yep. The U.S.Navy and/or CIA which are operatives for the Pilgrims Society are the culprits. Remember, cats, the Navy is run by SERCO and the CEO is Sir Rupert Soames, one of King Charlie’s favorite privy councilors. Charlie picked up the phone and called Rupert and instructed him to take out the pipeline. “Hey, old boy, time to lay blame on Russia. Have your Navy boys take out these pipelines.” This…or something very similar went down.

The enemy of humanity is the British-American Pilgrims Society. The head of this global terrorist organization is currently King Charles III. Demand his abdication. Demand his arrest and state execution for crimes against humanity.

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Credible argument against Khazar origins…

Ashkenazium – Jewish Studies MA in Budapest

Who were the Khazari Jews? Is Yehuda Halevi’s account of their origins in the Kuzari borne out by historical research? Prof Abramson addresses these question as part of his survey course on Ashkenazi Jewry at the Graduate School for Jewish Studies in Budapest, the Ashkenazium.

Khazar King Bulan Converted in 740

Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi in his book THE KUZARI (completed in 1140)

Discusses conversion of Khazar King Bulan

“Kiev was founded by Khazars”

Prince Vladimir in Kiev had similar desire to pick a religion for his people, like Bula. He chose Orthodox Christianity. Mass baptism in Kiev in 988. Chronical of Bygone years, confirms Khazarian Jews.

Accounts show an ignorant peoples with little understanding of Judaism.

Where did the Khazarian Jews go?

Explores Ashkenazic connections. Rejects it.

Yiddish is overwhelmingly German. 20% Hebraic. No strong Turkic connection.

Supports Rhineland origins.

“No Turkic elements in Ash. Jewry”

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Time to educate your downline about the FOSSIL FUEL hoax. Know where oil comes from and how abundant it is inside the earth.

Col. Leroy Fletcher Prouty Jr. (1917-2001) (JFK special ops chief). (ca. 2000). Why the petroleum industry adopted the use of he term “Fossil Fuels” – it is not, it is a regenerating abiotic.‘Fossil-Fuels’-it-is-not-it-a-regenerating-abiotic-Prouty-org-ca-2000.mp4?autoplay=1


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