James P. Chandler, III, the thief of Leader Technologies’ invention of social networking, dead at 83 years old

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James Phillip Chandler, II (b. Aug. 15, 1938, d. Jul. 16, 2022). Obituary. [Note typo: should be James P. Chandler, III.] Pridgen Funeral Service.

The scene of Chandler’s crime against humanity:

Fig. 2Pictured (back right) of the conference table is intellectual property law professor James P. Chandler, III, on Jun. 08, 2000, at a confidential product design conference conducted by Michael McKibben, Founder, Inventor, CEO of Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio (red shirt, back to camera). On the storyboards were key components of Leader’s social networking designs, still copied by Google, Facebook, Instagram, GAB, Truth Social, IBM, HP, Microsoft, AT&T, Washington PostNew York TimesDaily MailDaily Telegraph, Reuters Thomson, BBC, HSBC, Bank of England, JPMorgan, Rothschild & Sons, Vanguard, Blackrock, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Blackstone, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, ICE, Saleforce.com, and the rest of the Bablylonian British Pilgrims Society’s fascist corporate network worldwide—they are not Jewish (they hide behind Judaism and “antisemitism”). Here’s their 4,000-year secret: they are pagan Babylonian Silk Road banker-merchants, descended from Radhanites, via Ashkenaz (Turkey), Khazaria and Sogdia. Twelve (12) days after this Leader product design meeting, Chandler gave Sir Geoffrey S. Pattie, chairman of the British Intellectual Property Institute, an award in Washington, D.C., along with their fellow Pilgrims Society member Sir Caspar W. Weinberger, former U.S. Defense Secretary. British knights now run Facebook: Sir Nicholas CleggLord Richard AllenSee CrimelineSee also Pilgrims Society of United States Officers (1973-1995). Note that Sir Geoffrey also founded SERCO, was the keeper of the Queen’s “Golden Share” controls over all strategic British industries, and ran Marconi Wireless that became British Aerospace. British SERCO now controls the U.S. Patent Office and essentially runs the U.S. Navy through over $8 billion in U.S. contracts, along with another $8 billion in contracts by SERCO’s sister company British QinetiQ. This is the secret company Chandler kept while he stole Leader Technologies’ invention of social networking and sold America’s sovereignty to the British Crown.

James P. Chandler, III, the thief of the social networking invention of Leader Technologies, dead at 83 (August 15, 1938 ~ July 16, 2022). His cause of death is not known. Arguably, Chandler’s theft, as Leader’s patent attorney, has done more than any single event in history to empower the Babylonian British Pilgrims Society in their quest to attempt to subdue all of humanity into their usury tyranny. (See post below.) Good riddance to a very evil man, in our opinion.

Chandler was one of America’s most heinous spies. Bill & Hillary learned from Chandler. He collaborated with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in the British Pilgrims Society, U.S. and UK Patent Offices, Cambridge Analytica, Marconi, SERCO, QinetiQ, AstraZeneca, Rothschild & Sons, RCA, GEC, BAE, MI-6, MI-5, GCHQ, IBM, C.I.A., NSA, FBI, military-industrial corporations, judiciary, academia, Crown agents, Senior Executive Service (SES), Bill Clinton, daddy and baby Bush, Barack Obama, Robert Mueller, and the infamous Andrew W. Marshall—the demon who weaponized stolen technologies for the U.S. and UK governments for almost 50 years inside DARPA, the Highland Group and British Crown Agents.

Chandler also lied to everyone about his ancestry. He said he was part Cherokee Indian. He was not. From his obituary we first learn that he was 25% Chocktaw Indian blood. His grandfather, farmer James Reuben Chandler (d. Dec. 12, 1920), married the full-blooded Choctaw Indian woman “Nettie West.” His grandfather was granted citizenship in the Choctaw Nation on Jul. 25, 1903. He poisoned himself 17 years later and died on Nov. 12, 1925 at age 60. Why did Chandler lie? Embarrassed he was not a British blue-blood with whom he conspired mightily for the Pilgrims Society in the spy and technology weaponization business? He did use “Chandler III” for a long time. Perhaps to emulate his FBI buddy “Robert S. Mueller III?” Tellingly, no one else in his lineage was a “James Phillip Chandler.” So Chandler’s use of “III” was woke window dressing, it appears. (In recent years he appears to have changed it to “Sr.” in court records, even though there was no “Jr.” Then, his family just used “II” in the obituary—a moniker he never used. This obfuscation was evidently intended to confuse ancestry searches. As usual, obituaries are one of the few times in a person’s life when their families use enough truth to unravel such misdirection. In this case, his mother’s and father’s full names.)

Chandler was also silent about his fatherRev. Isaac Reuben Chandler, a descendant of “common laborers” (1940 Census) and farmers in Louisiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma. “Elder” Chandler, as he was known by his parishioners, was a life-long pastor, evangelist and church planter in the Church of God (Anderson) (see photo) Wesleyan holiness movement. This church was mostly white with a few exceptions. “Bro. Isaac” was beloved by his two congregations: Bakersfield CA (33 yrs.), Los Angeles (25 yrs.). The just deceased James P. Chandler was one of 15 siblings, nine brothers and six sisters. No doubt his father Bro. Isaac’s acceptance and leadership among “Christian white folk” did not fit son James’ black prejudice schtick that he milked at every opportunity among woke blacks in Boston, NY, Chicago, Baltimore, and D.C.

For the record, following is the issue of Isaac Reuben Chandler (1912-1971): Rev. Isaac Reuben Chandler, father, born Apr. 20, 1912, Fallis, OK; Lillie Mae Chandler (née Norling), mother, born 1915, OK; (Locations on Sep. 01, 1971); Dr. James P. Chandler, son, Boston, MA; Arnold Lewis Chandler, son, Davis, CA; Timothy Anthony Chandler, son, Davis, CA; Will Nathan Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Naham Demitri Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Dennis F. Chandler, Oklahoma City, OK; Juanita Florine Phillips (née Chandler), Los Angeles, CA; Edith Ann Sellers (née Chandler), Los Angeles, CA; Mildred Helen Thomas (née Chandler), Bakersfield, CA; Rebekah Queen Ella Benjamin (née Chandler), Bakersfield, CA; Alice Penelope Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Clarissa Lillie Mae Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Ella Aires (née Chandler), Oklahoma City, OK; Phebe M. Chandler, Oklahoma City, OK

This contributor personally observed Chandler nastily berate a hapless hotel night clerk in Boston for racism because Chandler interpreted a silent glance by the clerk at Chandler’s white guests as racist. In another affair, Chandler tried to stir up racial trouble among black leaders across the country by exploiting the self-inflicted troubles of black Ohio State champion footballer Maurice Clarett, even though Chandler knew nothing about football. In fact, Chandler attended his first ever football game as `Leader Technologies Michael McKibben’s guest to watch Mike’s pre-med son Max play for Harvard—Zuckerberg had already dropped out. Clarett’s young, storied history was notorious for petulance (for which he has now apologized as youthful indiscretion). Chandler and his son Aaron also filed two lawsuits against the D.C. police for racism (both cases were thrown out after Chandler failed to defend his own accusations). See Case No. 08-1158-HHK-(D.D.C. 2008)see also Case No. 10-cv-00903-ABJ (D.D.C. 2010. (Note: The first case has been removed from the D.C. district court’s own summary of opinions).

Now that the liar-in-chief James P. Chandler, III, Sr., or whatever, is dead, we encourage those with knowlege of his lies to enlighten the world on the depths of his treachery. Notably, we invite those with knowledge of Chandler’s illegal activities in the “National Intellectual Property Law Institute (NIPLI)” to come forward, most especially his former staff, members and speakers. Chandler was a convenor of the highly illegal Highlands Group. The world demands to hear about the depths of this treachery. See Whistleblower Affidavit. Each person and company listed in these links is complicit in Chandler’s crimes against humanity in their silence.