Merrick Garland – Enemy of America

We out-ted Garland six (6) ago!


Judge Garland’s wealth grew over $800,000 annually for 17 years while he backed his Clinton & Bush spy state sponsors in the NSA, FBI, Justice Department and Raytheon


1. NSA Spy State Relationships: It appears that Judge Garland had a secret NSA Spy State agenda and set of relationships coming into his current job, and will certainly carry it into the Supreme Court, should he be confirmed.

2. Dubious Financial Gains: Judge Garland’s ability to grow his financial portfolio by over $800,000 per year while a full time judge needs to be investigated for possible insider trading and/or collusion with Wall Street.

3. No More Judges From Harvard! Judge Garland’s spy agenda and dubious finances aside, the country needs to diversify its legal perspectives on the Supreme Court to include a majority NOT from Harvard.

4. Raytheon Loyalties Judge Garland’s sponsor, Jay B. Stephens, and therefore Raytheon, cruise missle manufacturer, ties him to the military-industrial complex. This taints Garland’s objectivity. This association is disturbing and raises all sorts of other questions about Garland’s association with the spy state agenda of the intelligence agencies and their private “Big Data” beneficiaries, including Silicon Valley and Wall Street.


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Judge Garland profits beat Bernie Madoff!

Even Bernie Madoff did not promise what Judge Garland achieved in 17 years of portfolio profits.

Photo: Portfolio. Judge Garland averaged 32% (or $823,000) per year in net gains from his investment portfolio. By comparison, even Bernie Madoff’s scam promised investors only about 12% per year. Genius or inside trader? It’s one or the other.

It is now evident that the Washington Cartel rewards its secret society with investment tips to judges, bureaucrats and politicians. Those tips are the bribe du jour of the Washington “establishment” on both the left and right. With such insider relationships, who needs votes?

Both Trump and Bernie appear to be threatening their status quo.

Inquiring minds want to know if he invested funds in the bankrupt Ponzi scheme, money-laundering operation FTX?