FTX Bankruptcy Attorney Shield Names of Creditors

ZeroHedge ran this article:

FTX Reveals Top 50 Creditors Are Owed $3.1 Billion, Seeks To Keep Their Names Confidential

“Amid the frenzied scramble to divulge all of FTX’s dirty secrets, including where the fate of those $8 billion in stolen client funds which were handed over to Alameda ahead of the largest crypto exchange bankruptcy in history, there is one topic that the company’s new CEO (and one-time Enron liquidator) John J. Ray wants to keep under wraps: the identity of its creditors (and FTX clients)….

…Fast forward to Saturday when in a surprise twist, the Enron liquidator is now asking the judge to keep the names of the company’s creditors and customers (which we assume have been identified), confidential in order to “protect the estate or any entity in respect of a trade secret or other confidential research, development or commercial information.”

AIMCats were curious to see what they could find and sent the miners into the tunnels (on a Sunday night!) to download the filings on this bankruptcy/ laundering operation.

Our miners are working hard for the team!


……..Yes, the names of the CREDITORS have been redacted. For those who don’t speak accounting language:

Debtors are entities with unmet financial obligations in business transactions, whereas creditors are the entities owed payments. In this case creditors would be individuals and entities that invested in the company, like the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Tom Brady and other individuals, and venture investors like Paradigm, SoftBank and Sequoia Capital.

FTX owes creditors $3.1 billion, court documents show

Docket Timeline

This Image and document below shows the list of Debtors-in-Possession in U.S. Chapter 11 Proceedings

This filing identifies the underlying investor owners

FTX (Gibraltar) Ltd (pty)
(1 case) 22-11116-JTDFTX (Gibraltar) Ltd1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Canada Inc (pty)
(1 case) 22-11117-JTDFTX Canada Inc1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Certificates GmbH (pty)
(1 case) 22-11164-JTDFTX Certificates GmbH1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Crypto Services Ltd. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11165-JTDFTX Crypto Services Ltd.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Digital Assets LLC (pty)
(1 case) 22-11143-JTDFTX Digital Assets LLC1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Digital Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd (pty)
(1 case) 22-11118-JTDFTX Digital Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX EMEA Ltd. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11145-JTDFTX EMEA Ltd.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX EU Ltd. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11166-JTDFTX EU Ltd.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Equity Record Holdings Ltd (pty)
(1 case) 22-11099-JTDFTX Equity Record Holdings Ltd1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Europe AG (pty)
(1 case) 22-11075-JTDFTX Europe AG1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Exchange FZE (pty)
(1 case) 22-11100-JTDFTX Exchange FZE1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Hong Kong Ltd (pty)
(1 case) 22-11101-JTDFTX Hong Kong Ltd1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Japan Holdings K.K. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11074-JTDFTX Japan Holdings K.K.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Japan K.K. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11102-JTDFTX Japan K.K.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Japan Services KK (pty)
(1 case) 22-11103-JTDFTX Japan Services KK1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Lend Inc. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11167-JTDFTX Lend Inc.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Marketplace, Inc. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11168-JTDFTX Marketplace, Inc.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd (pty)
(1 case) 22-11119-JTDFTX Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Property Holdings Ltd (pty)
(1 case) 22-11076-JTDFTX Property Holdings Ltd1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Services Solutions Ltd. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11120-JTDFTX Services Solutions Ltd.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Structured Products AG (pty)
(1 case) 22-11122-JTDFTX Structured Products AG1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Switzerland GmbH (pty)
(1 case) 22-11169-JTDFTX Switzerland GmbH1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX TURKEY TEKNOLOJI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKET (pty)
(1 case) 22-11170-JTDFTX TURKEY TEKNOLOJI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKET1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Trading GmbH (pty)
(1 case) 22-11123-JTDFTX Trading GmbH1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Trading Ltd. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11068-JTDFTX Trading Ltd.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX US (pty)
(1 case) 22-11071-JTDWest Realm Shires Services Inc.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX US Services, Inc. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11171-JTDFTX US Services, Inc.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX US Trading, Inc. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11149-JTDFTX US Trading, Inc.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Ventures Ltd. (pty)
(1 case) 22-11172-JTDFTX Ventures Ltd.1111/11/22DebtorN / AFTX Zuma Ltd (pty)
(1 case) 22-11124-JTDFTX Zuma Ltd1111/11/22DebtorN / A

Judge Joseph J. Farnan, the pre-trial judge in Leader v. Facebook was one of the FTX shell investor DIRECTORS!!!

This is how Farnan was rewarded for resigning on the case two weeks before trial and letting Judge Leonard P. Stark in. His name is appearing as a representative for a group of creditors. We will be drilling down.