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Alleged ”Failure” of Credit Suisse in Switzerland is another SCAM

Consolidates Credit Suisse inside Vanguard, BlackRock, CEDE, JPMorganChase SHELL COMPANIES IN LONDON

Top UBS owners are Vanguard, BlackRock, CEDE & CO, JPMorganChase

(they hide this information via interlocking relationships through London and New York)

The founder of Credit Suisse was Alfred EscherKlaus Schwab’s father was a senior manager in Escher-Wyss engineering, winner of Adolf Hitler’s highest industrial award, managed by Eugen Schwab, Klaus’ father

University of Pennsylvania is currently comparing Elon Musk to Alfred Escher.

UBS AG “purchases” Credit Suisse through London Shell Companies

Credit Suisse has just been purchased by UBS

UBS’s #1 largest shareholder is CHASE NOMINEES LTD., LONDON – 8.6%

This company is a London-based SHELL COMPANY controlled by JPMORGAN CHASE


Company number 00248239

UBS’s #2 largest shareholder is CEDE & CO., NY – 7.1%

CEDE is a specialist United States financial institution that processes transfers of stock certificates on behalf of Depository Trust Company.

CEDE is not a bank!

UBS’s #3 largest shareholder is NORTRUST NOMINEES LIMITED, LONDON—4.33%

Ultimate controlling entity is The Northern Trust Company, USA


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Identified! The Fourth Horseman, the AntiChrist named Death

Today’s Whore of Babylon

They all belong to the SYNAGOGUE.

It’s a big Satanic club and thank GOD you are not in it.

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AFI. (Oct. 11, 2019). UK-U.S. PILGRIMS SOCIETY CONTROLS THE SES-U.S. DEEP STATE. Americans for Innovation.