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FYI. Our ‘Douglas‘ says this ‘Douglas’ (MacGregor) is someone he has vetted and you can trust his commentary. Feel free to post his videos in the future and we will share with the cattery.

Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is CRUMBLING Under Putin’s Military Offensive

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Both DeSantis and Trump are complicit in genocide.

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A newbie AIMcat (called a ‘kitten’) emailed us about Kamala Harris; here is our reply:

AFI. (Jul. 19, 2019). Kamala Harris’ Jamaican descendants led the British-Jamaican slave trade before the U.S. Civil War. Americans for Innovation.’-JAMAICAN-DESCENDANTS-LED-THE-JAMAICAN-SLAVE-TRADE-BEFORE-THE-US-CIVIL-WAR-Americans-for-Innovation-Jul-19-2019.pdf (also attached)

No U.S. naturalization documents for Kamala Harris has ever been produced to prove that she is even American.

More likely, when she moved to Canada, she most likely relied on her father’s British citizenship (Jamaica) to live in Canada through high school.

DeSantis Opens Up About ‘Shattering’ Moment His Sister Died

Was Ron DeSantis Sister Murdered in London?

Exposing the Secret Societies of Ron DeSantis

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Coutts Bank – the Queen’s Special Bank for Offshore Money Laundering

Today’s headline on Breitbart:

TikTok CEO: ‘Spying’ Not Right Word for Surveillance of Americans on Behalf of Chinese Communists

September 2020, AIM4Truth calls out TikTok and China for surveillance. Breitbart is stale “news.”

Zoom is a China Surveillance Operation

Gold Soars Above $2000

Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced another quarter-point interest rate hike and simultaneously noted the banking crisis will likely lead to tighter credit and borrowing for businesses on Main Street…. thereby further reducing the U.S. economic output.  Yet here we are again, and not a single economic or financial pundit is even talking about the origin of the inflation the Fed action is pretending to address, the spike in energy prices.” Read the full article here.

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