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This is REALLY bad! According to Clay, Russia claims that it has advanced weapons that it will use against NATO (i.e., British – American Pilgrims Society) if they fire depleted uranium tank shells against Russia. We wondered…since we are fighting in 5th generation warfare, what would be the most awesome “advanced weapon” that Russia could fire?

As we have said for years, we are fighting the GREAT INFORMATION WAR. Humanity has been brainwashed and indoctrinated to the point of no return. Our histories have been obscured or faked. We have no idea that the enemy has infiltrated the domestic operations of our countries.

We the people have no clue who the enemy are and by the time the time alt media laggards and distractors finally get around to revealing the Pilgrims Society and its centuries’ war against Russia, China, America, and every nation in the world, we will all be dead.

We believe the time has come for Russia to use a weapon of mass INTELLIGENCE against the British-American Pilgrims.

To the Kremlin: RELEASE THE KRAKEN. Publish all AIM/AFI intelligence reports for the world to see who our common enemies are. We have spent over a decade compiling these reports which are evidence-based, well-documented research, better than any of our 17 intelligence agencies has ever produced for the American people.

If the release came from Putin himself or the Kremlin in official-capacity, everyone in the world would read it and come to know enemies – Babylonian Radhanites, the Pilgrims Society, King Charles, the SES, QinetiQ, Mark Zuckerberg, Klaus Schwab, Elon Musk, etc. etc. would be exposed for all to see.

Remember the drama about the pee-pee dossier where Russia was blamed for just about everything? Maybe it’s time that Russia release its own dossier, an advanced weapon of information compiled by three Americans, handed to anyone in the world through the power of social media networking. In the hands of Vladimir Putin, it would be a TRUTH BOMB that would destroy the enemy.

TRUTH is a mighty weapon. The AIM/AFI dossier would be a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION of Centuries of Propaganda if launched By a world leader like VLadimir Putin.

Michael, Douglas, and Tyla have posted and researched, every day for over a decade, in order to develop the perfect weapon to be used in the type of warfare in which we are engaged. Our two main websites with their hundreds of reports and thousands of evidentiary links is a WEAPON OF MASS INTELLIGENCE. So far, no one in the U.S. military industrial complex, Congress, President Trump, bureaucratic agencies, main stream media as well as alt media have been willing to share these reports with the American people.

Our call to action is for the Kremlin to release these reports as a DOSSIER AGAINST THE BRITISH – AMERICAN PILGRIMS SOCIETY. A weapon compiled or “built” by Americans, launched by Russia, would have HISTORIC implications.

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Thanks for the shout-out, Ann. For those who may be new to AIM, our colloidal silver water recipe is easy, peasy. The recipe is here: Please share the recipe with all you know and whenever you make some, share generously with others.

Another must-have are NASTURTIUMS which you can grow in your garden. You can make a natural antibiotic tincture from its leaves, flowers, and roots. Add comfrey to the garden to make salves. You can order beeswax beads online – I get mine from Vitacost or Frontier Co-op. If you are not in a situation where you can grow comfrey, you can always plant in a nearby lot or field and “wildcraft” when you want to pick the leaves. You can also order the comfrey powders from places like Frontier Co-op.

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We looked under the Santilli hood and so far see a man with a thick skin, but no evidence of this narrative. He has his detractors, for sure, but so far they have produced lots of hearsay (emotion, but not evidence), a lone FAX, and several court records whose face contents have been extrapolated irresponsibly, it appears, unless we are missing something.

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