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The Pilgrim Society: The Top of the Pyramid

Propaganda KILLS – Mike McKibben and Doug Gabriel explain

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Douglas Busts the Small Pox Hoax

In this discussion from August 2022, Douglas walks you through the monkey pox – small pox madness and propaganda so that you don’t become fearful of new fake virus attacks on humanity. He explains the importance of protecting your sacred blood from these evil genocidists. You may see these attacks emerge as bird flu in 2023.

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Of course, no mention of Pirbright and the British involvement in making and releasing the bioweapon. Is Mike Adams that oblivious to the origins of the bioweapon or could he be controlled oppo for the Pilgrims to make sure you never discover the common source of bioweapons and Nordstream destruction – the PILGRIMS SOCIETY, KC3, and the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

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Padre Pio, a Capuchin Friar born in 1887, stated:

“The time will come when people will pluck out their eyes for a piece of bread. Shops will be looted, warehouses will be stormed and destroyed; Those who have not prepared themselves with a candle, with a pitcher of water, and with the necessities FOR THREE MONTHS will be lost in these dark days; Pay attention to the Sun, and to the Moon, and to the stars in the sky. When they seem restless and unsettled, and move strangely, you will know the day is near.” Source

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Oil Jumps 7% After Surprise OPEC Production Cuts; Russia & India Adopt New Oil Benchmark, ABANDON European “Brent” crude pricing


More shockingly, the top oil producers in Russia and in India agreed to change the market pricing mechanism they use to price oil transactions.

The largest oil producer in Russia and India’s top refiner have agreed to adopt the Asia-focused Dubai oil price benchmark. They have abandoned the Europe-dominated Brent benchmark. The signals are changing.

This will make it much easier for countries to buy oil WITHOUT USING THE U.S. DOLLAR!

The Titanic Secret of Jekyll Island – ROBERT SEPEHR

Thanks for the shout-out, Rick. We continue this week with these interviews; some will be conducted by John Barnwell and some by Michael McKibben.

We keep them organized in a playlist on Douglas Gabriel YT site:

California farmers lose BILLIONS as atmospheric river rain storms continue – “we’ve lost EVERYTHING”

“Many people are unaware of this, but nearly half of all American agriculture is grown in California, generating more than $50 billion a year in revenue. The Midwest primarily grows genetically modified (GMO) corn and soybeans, along with wheat, while California grows most of the country’s fruits, vegetables, nuts, and leafy greens.

Because these atmospheric river storms have been hitting California one after another after another following many years of mostly dry conditions, a lot of that water is flowing from higher elevations to lower elevations rather than absorbing into oftentimes rock-hard soils. The result is many destroyed farms and farmers who have “lost everything.””

Blackstone BREIT Redemption Requests Surge To $4.5 Billion, Only $666 Million Granted

For the fifth consecutive month, Blackstone’s $71 billion real estate income trust (BREIT) has restricted redemption withdrawal requests in March, according to Bloomberg, citing a letter from the PE firm.

Last month investment advisors of high-net-worth individuals asked Blackstone to redeem $4.5 billion from BREIT, but the PE firm only allowed $666 million to be withdrawn, or about 15% of what was requested. In February, advisors tried to pull out $3.9 billion. 

McDonald’s Is Temporarily Shutting Down U.S. Corporate HQ to Announce Major Cuts and Layoffs

A typical family of four will now pay between $30 to $40 dollars for a single meal at a McDonald’s restaurant.  That is not practical for the customer base.  The result is lowered sales at retail, as eating a meal at home becomes the less costly option.  The downstream consequence is lower revenue returned to the parent company.

The only way the parent company can offset the supply side costs to the franchisee is to lower overall operating costs. Expenses have to be cut. Advertising budgets reduced. Administration costs reduced. Administrative staffing levels reduced. Supply contracts renegotiated. Packing, warehousing, distribution and all vendor contracts renegotiated, consistently looking for better terms.