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The article that Douglas refers to is just below. It was published in February 2017. Truth ages well.

All Roads Lead to Armageddon

The Merchan Family name is BRITISH, it is listed in The Domesday Book as “Merken” where the “k” in Old French was pronounced as “ch”. (See the Domesday Book illustration below showing the actual entry.) This Merchan family helped bring the Babylonian Radhanite MERCHANT-BANKING pagan religion (Demon of Mammon disguised as newly-minted Ashkenazi [fake] Jews) to Britain in 1066 after the Norman (French) invasion by William the Conqueror. Read our updated research here.

An Exorcist Reviews the NEW Exorcist Movie

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Dear Tyla,

In our last communication you correctly identified the problem with Ron DeSantis. However, within your redoubt you may not get to see what is on the ground in Florida, so I hope this email will help in that direction.

It began with two men that I worked with recently. Roger was with the 75th Airborne. He came by my garden and after a couple of years admitted that I was on to something. I visited his home in a rural area near [southern city]. He is nearing retirement as an IT guy and is active in his community, grows a great no till garden, and has a food forest started. I am copying him with this post, because I want his personal insight as well.

At my garden as I approached there was a stoner sitting on a bench out of his gourd. He was vaping something with 17-19% THC, and was half African American. Fortunately, the teacher look and a calm demeanor moved him on. Early last week I visited Troy. He is a 6th generation rancher that owns 2,000 acres just to the east of us. He uses regenerative Ag, dung beetles, and does not use herbicides nor pesticides. He is a Republican farmer that protects 23,000 acres of the Hicks Bottom swamp by his methods.

The second gentleman was Walter. Walter had built a successful sand and gravel business. We had lunch with Ed who had gone down to the river and caught a mess of catfish. I brought the fresh greens from my garden. Ed lives in a 500 square foot tiny home with a pond that he built himself where he has lived for 20 years. His father started prescribed burning and he met many well known celebrities and scientists as a result. This story really is about Walter. Walter is nearing 80 and has some disabilities from being sprayed twice with Agent Orange in Viet Nam. He refused to receive the Purple Heart, but still gets benefits for his heart and lung conditions that developed from Agent Orange. He is a patriotic American and a Christian. As he told his story, you have to realize that men who have been in battle, seldom wish to revisit the horrors of war and the accidental killings of innocents.

Thus, it was remarkable that this tough American, Walter, was willing to open up. Now to my point, these true Americans must have been as angry as I was at the insult to the US Presidency imposed by liberal communists toward Donald Trump. When I returned to my home where I rent with a Palestinian from Jordan, it was all I could do to refrain myself, as he berated Trump, saying he deserved what he got. Meanwhile, we all know that Hillary, Joe, and Hunter are far worse criminals whose crimes cannot be seen by these brainwashed idiots. As we were sitting on the porch after lunch, I started a song I learned from a Messianic group called Lamb. The song was ‘Jerusalem Descending’. Walter teared up.

What all these men, Troy, Walter, and perhaps Roger have in common is having been willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Their freedoms are very close to being lost. How can we avoid an armed revolt? You correctly pointed out in the Declaration of Independence, it is the DUTY of man to overthrow a tyrannical government. How close are we to open revolt? These trained soldiers and farmers know that we are no match for the technology of the US military, but…..


P. K.

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