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The City of London Crest

St. George’s Cross is savaged by sinister winged dragons.

DOMINE DIRIGE NOS “Lord, direct (guide) us.”

Who is their lord? Mammon.

The upper left sword is St. George’s sword, seized by the dragon.

The dragon is a symbol among the heathen.

It was a title of supreme power among the early British.

List of Sheriffs of The City of London. (1067-2023). Wikipedia. Source:

List-of Lord Mayors of The City of London. (1189-2022). Wikipedia. Source:

Good people have been warning of the takeover of Britain by the Demon of Mammon for many centuries, even before America existed

Note the DRAGONS of The City of London Crest and their mammonic demons

Editor. (Mar. 30, 2022). HELLFIRE CLUBS, PART ONE, The Diabolical Maskquerade, 1725, Broadsheet representing London Hellfire Club ca 1721. Bone & Sickle. Source: ]


The Diabolical Maskquerade, 1725

Or the Dragons-Feast as Acted by the HELL-FIRE-CLUB, at Somerset House in the Strand

Thus impious Wretches, without fear of shame Feast & sing Praises in the Devil’s Name, Deride those Sacrede Powers they ought to dread And live, as if in Hell, before they’re dead. Defy Eternal Vengeance, as they sit, And deal about vile Blasphemies for Wit; High Altars raise to LUCIFER the proud, And, Indian like, adore hm as their God. Well may a Kingdom suffer that can see Such Evils practis’d impurity; Nor can we hope to prosper, till we mend, Do Justice first and Heav’n will prove our Friend.

Sold by B Cole at the Lock of Hair next Furnivals Inn, in Holdorn London as its Printsellers.

Today’s Whore of Babylon

Any graphic artists out here that can assist us? We want to picture the DEMON in a meme form so that people can understand what the beast of Revelation looks like.

Anyone can offer their version of this meme – the more, the better.

This is someone’s rendition of the Whore of Babylon riding the beast.

Imagine the Whore of Babylon riding the beast. The head of the beast is the Babylonian Radhanites.

The beast has 2 eyes – the Crown and Merchant Bankers.

The beast has 7 heads – Pilgrims Society, Privy Council, Mercers, Lord Mayor of London, Sheriffs of London, Bank of England, the Crown Court.

There are ten horns on the heads – propaganda, law enforcement, social control, biowarfare, economic control, usury, slavery, war, corporate interlocking directorships, surveillance. (If you have better categories for the 10 horns, please let us know. These are suggestions. But usury could go under economic control and surveillance under social control…)

We imagined it as a Leviathan octopus type beast arising from the sea. It was birthed in 1066 (b. 1066). We have a full report coming so quality memes will be posted along with the research.

Drone followers of the Babylonian Radhanite Merchant-Banker Pagan Religion

A List of all the Mayors and Lord Mayors, City of London (1191-1709). B. Bragg (London), Raven, Pater-Noster-Row.

Trump Hanging Judge Juan Merchan UNMASKED

Read our current research on Judge Merchan in this blockbuster Cat Report.

Radknights. (Accessed Apr. 07, 2023). Domesday Book Glossary. The National Archives (UK). Source:

Sir-Paul Vingradoff (1854-1925). (1908). Radknights, English Society in the 11th Century, 599 pgs., urn:oclc:record:1045548928. Clarendon Press, Oxford (UK).

. . . or download a separate file (74.4 MB) at

Alternatively, search “radknight” or “radman”

Babylonian Radhanites, Merchant Bankers, and the Crown – still trying to kill humanity off – after all these years. Same tactic, but with better propaganda and more sophisticated poisons.

Our history classes and books were (and are) A LIE

We were all indoctrinated, aka brainwashed, into believing that America won the Revolutionary War from the British Crown. We did not. The Merchant Bankers held tight grip on the colonies through economic entanglements and our AIM/AFI research proves we are a commonwealth country under control of the Pilgrims Society, Privy Council, City of London (etc), and the B.A.R.

Make sure to share our blockbuster Cat Reports coming out on this Beast that has terrorized the world for over a thousand years. Its ‘head’ is the Babylonian Radhanites. Its two eyes are ‘the Crown’ and ‘Merchant Bankers.’ We use our SPEAR of truth and PIERCE the beast right between the eyes.

The Beast has its own ‘blood’ that gives it life and power – it’s called fiat currency or fake wealth. The Beast controls us through usury, creating personal and national debt that can never be paid off. Fake money is printed ad infinitum and used to blackmail politicians to do evil to humanity. Once we pierce the beast right between its eyes, its green blood will pour from its wound and we drain its evil “life blood.” The WHORE OF BABYLON will die along with the Beast.

Saint Longinus and Spear of Destiny (Holy Lance)

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Blood Is a Very Special Fluid By Rudolf Steiner

Etherization of the Blood: There is a continuous reciprocal feeding and nourishing between the spiritual world and the human.

The etherization of the blood is the quest for the Holy Grail – its supply of nourishment and enlightenment.  The path is uphill, not easy.  It requires moral and mental development to be worthy of the grace and mercy of the grail.

There are more intricate applications of this in Christian esoteric tradition. The central stone from Lucifer’s crown becomes the Holy Grail. As Archangel Michael casts Lucifer down from heaven, he strikes the stone with his sword and it falls to Earth. This analogy is an accurate depiction of the earthly nutrition stream.  It rises as Michael’s sword strikes Lucifer’s crown, the pineal gland, and knocks down the “shining stone.”  The shining light is seen falling to the Earth, down through all the chakras to the base of the spine.

Elites know the power of blood…do you?

Kayt understands the power of these words. You, too, can call out Satan and command him to get the hell behind you. After listening to Mike and Doug and reading this Cat Report, YOU will be reminded precisely who Jesus Christ called out as the Synagogue of Satan during Holy Week.

Isn’t this appropriate, cats, that this important information is being release TODAY GOOD FRIDAY (for some Christians, next week for others)? The point of the Spear, which for AIM is research-based TRUTH along with the actual Spear of Antioch, is aimed right between the eyes of the beast. Join our own archangels – Michael and Gabriel – and help plunge this truth deep into Satan.