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Since 2016, Juan Merchan, the Bogota-Colombian-born New York state judge in the latest Trump hoax has hidden his financial conflicts of interest in corrupt New York state legal ethics forms.

Even with Merchan’s judiciary deceptions, we can still see that he hides his Democrat corporate holdings and controllers. He also shows us the corporations who will greatly boost his financial holdings when he rules against Trump on NY DA Alvin Bragg’s crayon charges.

Judge Merchan has an ethical responsibility to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Judge Merchan’s public biographies systematically fail to provide a full and sworn affidavit of his family, employment, financiers of education in America, compensation, speaking fees, honors, affiliations, publication, seminal decisions, legal philosophy, memberships in societies, clubs, events and associations, , including bar associations and admissions, relationship to Luis Merchan, other significant Merchants, Inns of Court, association to British and American intelligence organizations, how you keep drawing Trump-related cases in an allegedly “blind” selection process with the chief judge.

If Merchan was an honest judge . . .

If Merchan was an honest judge, then he would see that DA Alvin Bragg is abusing the court by acting frivolously. If he were an honest judge he would immediately dismiss the case and sanction Bragg under Section. 202.12 11 (f) (“frivolous motions”). But this is stating the obvious. Merchan and Bragg are evident demons who are using the legal system as a political and economic weapon.

If Merchan was an honest judge, he would see the carnival in his court and throw out the casesua sponte” which is Latin for “of one’s own accord; voluntarily.” Used to indicate that a court has taken notice of an issue on its own motion without prompting or suggestion from either party.

Trump Judge Juan M. Merchan’s evident financial disclosure fraud on the court.


1.       Merchan’ last six (6) disclosures (2016-2021) cookie cutter until  2021 when his holdings doubled and included Goldman Sachs. He disclosed almost nothing to the public. Contrast this to the disclosures required of federal judges. NY allows judges do hide almost all of their conflicts of interest.

2.       Merchan failed to disclose the corporate holdings except for Goldman Sachs to which he benefits and which are managed by “NYS” for which he provides no explanation of the NYS acronym. IF by “NYS” he means the $207.4 Billion NY common retirement fund, then that is politically managed by the New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoliDiNapoli also graduated from Hofstra University where Merchan graduated –a fellow Hofstra alum–and is a lifelong DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE.

NYS top investing activity (as of Jul. 28, 2022) is ALL TOP DEMOCRATIC DONORS SUPPORTING BIDEN: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, United Health, Berkshire Hathaway, Johnson & Johnson, Exxon, JPMorgan, Procter & Gamble, Mastercard, Chevron, Visa, Home Depot, Eli Lily, Pfizer, Merck, Tesla, Abbvie. Bank of America, Facebook; Goldman Sachs is the underwriter for most of these companies

Judge Merchan’s financial holdings will get a great boost by convicting Trump

BOTTOM LINE: Merchan’s financial holdings will receive an enormous boost by ruling against Donald Trump. His reliance on an ethics fabrication called “safe harbor ‘rule’” is a legal fiction that has never been approved by any legislature in the country. It is an excuse by the judiciary to hide their holdings in moneyed litigants and offshore accounts.

3.       He failed to disclose his children (beneficiaries) who are always disclosed in ethics reports. (Otherwise, he can hide holdings in family holdings.)

4.       He disclosed he is divorced and gives no former spouse’s name (and potential beneficiary) — a fact he never discloses in public biographies

Judge Juan M. Merchan. (2016-2021). Annual Statement of Financial Disclosure, 2016-2021, NY Unified Court Ethics System. State of New York. Source: State of New York ETHICS COMMISSION FOR THE UNIFIED COURT SYSTEM.

Douglas Gabriel: In the Sequoia Forest with a Master Being

Could the term knight itself be derived from rad-knight???!!!

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We have a cure for QUEER BEER.

AIM Cat Bryan writes: We have been brewing for around 20 years and make batches of 16 or 24 gallons depending on time of year and back-up supply. We call ourselves The Outrigger Brewing Co. We likewise brew farmhouse style.

This video hits all the main points, but a new brewer should look into starting with a kit, in my opinion and build from there if there is interest in expanding the craft. Believe me, it’s a lifelong learning adventure, the combinations of grains, yeast, hops, and additives are endless.

Cleanliness is key, you can just use bleach rather than fancy sanitizers. Temperature control is also very important, don’t kill the yeast by pitching while the wart is above the temperature recommended on the yeast package, you will hate the result if you do. Maintain a constant fermentation temperature. No need to use expensive liquid yeast as shown, a dry yeast works fine also, just get it started by pouring in some water with corn sugar added, we call that proofing, just like bakers. Its important to carefully balance the amount of sugar in the wart to the acidity level of the flavoring hops. This acid level is measured as AAU units and is shown on the hop package. We have developed a formula which allows us to precisely measure the amount of hops needed and we can slide our flavor profile from a sweet tasting beer to a very bitter brew.

We prefer a more bitter batch. We use a lot of grains, you will learn about the differences as you learn and supplement with dry malt extract (DME) rather than liquid malt extract (LME) shown. I’ll get the formula and post it but it takes a lot of experience to use it accurately as each brewing operation has its own unique characteristics in sugar extraction, measurement and equipment. As far as added spices, we have found we prefer none. We do use firmcaps and whirlfloc to help with pulling the sediment out of the brew. We can’t use regular beer bottles, they can go off like beer powered hand grenades and they make a smelly mess when they do. Instead, we use 2 liter growlers or 1 liter bottles with a rubber gasketed spring clamp. Think Grolslch bottles. Also, the more sugar in the wart, the higher the alcohol level. We have brewed very high gravity beers but keep it in the 6-7% range which is good for us sailors.

We have batch 278 in the secondary fermenters at this time, a 24 gallon batch, and we are scheduled to bottle next Wednesday, although I will be on an all-expense paid turkey hunt Wed through Sat (We construction co owners do get a few perks).

Start with a kit, join a brew club, talk with other home brew masters and view their operation, we love to have guest brewers, and read, read, read. All operations are unique in the equipment used and the exact methodology employed. Don’t make it too difficult as you are getting started, build upon your knowledge and grow your operation as you learn. Good luck! Share Bryan’s post.

Concerning the meat that is already in your freezer or pantry:

”When researching this subject, I found it very clear that no company is yet offering mRNA animal vaccines on the open market. First of all, no one drug company has laid claim to be the first to produce it, or put methodologies in place that would allow for mass production. Second, I found many articles (some very recent) stating that the grant process is still ongoing. In other words, animal pharmaceutical production companies are just now getting money to explore the new technology for all classes of livestock.””

MIT confirms that RNA vaccines can be absorbed through the stomach and intestines, so what about mRNA vaccines in meat animals?

The never-ending propaganda from the New York Times and Washington Post….Someone in the internet is telling people around the world TRUTH. the enemy responds by making up cockamamie Stories on how it is happening and who is doing it.

Intel CommitTee Member Rep. Brad Wenstrup Discusses Recent Classified Information Leaks

Biden’s digital strategy: an army of social media influencers

WEF is a day late, dollar short. CATS ALREADY RULE THE INTERNET. Meow.

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Cats dominate the internet and social media networking. AIMCats have trained for years in the AIM School of Truth. They are highly influential information warriors. They will POUNCE on Klaus Schwab’s newest info warrior recruits like cats on rats.

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“Indeed, it is terrifying, the worst thing that has happened to human+beings in their entire history. The objective is more than clear: to transhumanize all human+beings in the shortest possible amount of time; despite the serious damage and side-effects of this technology for neuromodular and neurostimulation behaviours, in addition to the supervision of all individuals directly from their neurons. In short, the complete loss of the current human species.

That is, the disappearance of the current human to turn him into “something else”, deprived of his essence, free-will, ability to think for himself and his natural tendency to spirituality. And for this, the material that acts as an INTERFACE is reduced graphene-oxide. This is the great KEY. That is why they try to deny it or ignore it in all kinds of ways.“ Read the full article here.

Read the article:—graphene-turns.html

Can FEMA Seize Your Food Take Prepping Supplies

Make sure to add some small denomination Constitutional coins to your prepping stash.

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The moles are back and this year we will be armed. Ordered some of these traps. Douglas, former Green Beret (wink), said he would be in charge of mole removal.

The Gopher Hawk Trap – Must Watch Before Purchasing