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Douglas Gabriel explains BLACK MASS, hauntings, and possessions

Make sure to learn TRUTH HISTORY about early banking in the U.S. Great research inside this link, plus a Mike and Doug video that explains it all. Understanding this is critical in destroying the central bank demon monster, blood dynasties.


God knows.

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The meme below resonates with many cats! Neighbors and friends that have been vaxxed will have their judgement days without us discussing the issue further. We can’t help them undo the harm they have done to themselves.

It’s what happens with human evolution – not everyone makes it to the next stage of human development. This time our ability to think and discern as humans sets us and future generations apart from those who succumbed to the government lies and attacks.

The Pilgrims Society. Make sure your peeps know TRUTH HISTORY. The enemy of humanity is this group called the Pilgrims Society.

By any chance, Douglas and Tyla, do you still have that video, that you created a long time ago, I think it was titled, “Trains, Plains and Automobiles”? It talked about how they are all controlled by computers. I forgot what year you did it but it was great!

Our reply: We just now re-uploaded that video to Brighteon which you can access under the headline: How Hillary Clinton Crashes Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Video from 9-29-2018) from the days when ‘Betsy and Thomas’ were huge Trump fans.

How Hillary Clinton Crashes Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Video from 9-29-2018)

Four years later after Michael McKibben joined our team in 2017, we started looking closely at this remote control device and found all kinds of red pills that were hard to swallow.

Want to find out if someone posting on the internet is a shill or just way behind the truth narrative and needs a swift and hard “giddy up”? Ask them what they think about the Pilgrims Society. Leave the question open-ended to give them plenty of room to reveal who they are. You could even attach an AIM citizen intelligence report about the Pilgrims.

Someone questioned whether Brendon O’Connell was a shill; he gave his opinion about AIM and the Pilgrims Society in the note below, which was posted on his website. See how he protects the Crown Agents and tries deflecting blame on Kissinger, who was actually the president of the Pilgrims Society at one time? The Crown has sent out their disinformation agents to confuse you about the Pilgrims.

You could also “test a shill” with any of our hundreds of videos and reports, all backed with EVIDENCE and excellent research that you have come to expect from the AFI miners. Ask any of them about the Babylonian Radhanites, Michael Farmer and Candace Owens, London gold laundering, votes manipulated by Dominion in cyber space using Optech software, or the TRAITOR and British loyalist Ron DeSantis.

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Are There Jesuit Spies in Anthroposophy?

Look how many videos YouTube removed from this explosive topic, below:

New Wikileaks EXPOSES Vatican, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, and Pope Francis

Final Steps Towards Armageddon: This is not a Drill, a Conspiracy Theory, or Dan Brown Movie

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“Just wondering where the best place is to find latest information that you are sharing.”

Susan, we post on many platforms. The best place to see what we are posting on a daily basis is here on Gab. Tyla runs the Gab discussions. If you want to address a specific question to Douglas on Gab – tag @IQ167. Douglas is also on Facebook, but only posts spiritual material.

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I think it was his best sermon yet. Trans and the Bible: My “Trans” Journey