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It‘s war. The way to defeat ESG is NOW. Cats are targeting Anheuser-Busch, the whole company not just a single brand, as our next Infowar campaign.

If they were down $5-6 Billion last week, let‘s go for another week of similar losses. Let’s crash the satanic company by the end of the month, before anymore companies dare to shove this ESG communism at us. Let them know that their woke decision can make them go totally broke.

What‘s the plan? (You can’t just “trust the plan”; you have to WORK THE PLAN) Start your own campaign of alerting people about Anheuser-Busch’s compliance with ESG and what this means to your audience. Make memes. Create videos. Put signage on your car. Love the videos that involve guns, rednecks, and Anheuser-Busch beverages. Reminds the enemy that we are armed and ready to fight for our values and our freedom.

Everybody needs to push the messaging into your downline and encourage them to do the same. It’s kitty network marketing; the kind that won Trump 2016 and 2020.

Boycott HARD, including their theme parks, stocks and bonds (sell), their swag. If you own any of their shirts, memorabilia, paraphernalia take it to the woodpile, shooting range, or burn barrel. Have a buddy record you. Upload to a video platform and use the technology that they stole from our dear friend Michael McKibben to scale through social media.

This war does not require you to go kinetic, like with bullets and bombs in traditional warfare. Actually, your job as an information warrior in this campaign is to encourage others to boycott any and all Anheuser-Busch products. Be creative. Have fun making memes.

Don’t f with cats! 


Note to Anheuser-Busch and any other company that keeps up this WOKE SHIT:

The enemy may have been able to change the votes in cyber space at 3 a.m. and steal the election from Trump, but they won’t be able to do this with the collapsing Anheuser-Busch.

THIS HARD BOYCOTT is essentially a ‘consumer vote’ that they cannot hide. And once we are successful in destroying ESG in a beer company, we are will be coming after the next corporation that pushes pedo-rainbow-queerness on us.

Hard boycott all Anheuser-Busch products, not just Bud Lite; the company is deliberately destroying the American culture, not to mention the employees of A-B and their families, the retailers that stocked A-B products, and all the distributors in between.

Corporations must be taught a lesson that we are mad as hell and not going to take anymore of this WOKE SHIT. BTW, if you are a gun owner and are thinking about taking your A-B beverages to the shooting range, but just can’t bring yourself to ”wasting” all that beer…..then here’s a pro-tip to help you ‘giddy up’.

Imagine each bottle and can as your favorite villain – Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, King Charles, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton. Because in the end, it’s going to be THEM or US. Let’s remind these goons that gun owners will STAND THEIR GROUND AGAINST COMMUNISM.

Bud Light Workers REVOLT! Lash Out Against Bud Going Woke | ‘Thanks Bud Light, I Can’t Feed My Kids’

Unlike Qtards, AIMs don’t just ‘trust the plan’; we WORK the plan. Now get out there, kitties, and destroy A-B. Please say a prayer for the good people who are working in the wrong place at the wrong time in history.

Share the sentiment:

Where does this pedo-rainbow-queer narrative lead? – to DEPOPULATION BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. This is why you will want to HARD BOYCOTT any corporation that shoves this into their products or advertising.

Corporations are in lockstep with the WEF to destroy our cultures and freedom. This is why it is imperative that we destroy A-B with a hard boycott of all their products, swag, and theme parks. Once WtP show our force, fewer companies will be willing to bow to the WEF.

Lego Goes Woke With New Trans & LGBTQ Campaign For Children

Douglas at @IQ167 posts:

The ESG requirements are essential prerequisites to participate in Fed Line, the precursor to Fed Now, the new CBDC take over of all corporations or companies that wish to be “government approved” vendors. Just like the jab closed down small businesses so “government approved” big corporations could make huge profits during the lock down, so, too, these new systems are economic tyranny for approved international vendors.

Over 10,000 companies, banks, credit card companies, and corporations have already joined Fed Line. To become a member the company had to be ESG compliant and prove it with their policies and advertisement campaigns. That is why these companies are willing to lose billions with their ridiculous ESG rainbow LGBT advertisements.

They are getting in line to participate in the total take over of currency and all commercial ventures.

These are just the preliminary moves to set up the complete overthrow of US (and international) markets of all sorts. Any company that is not ESG compliant will not be able to participate in Fed Now, which will, in effect, wipe them out of existence. Smaller companies run by moral people will be locked out of the new Central Bank control of the world. Only Central Banks, controlled by the Bank for International Settlement, will be allowed to do business with ESG compliant companies.

That is why BRICS and other countries are experimenting with working around this International Central Bank Digital Currency (reserve currency) take over. Every company must be all in – or they will be all out. This is the same plan that John Maynard Keynes tried to establish during the Bretton Woods Conference when he introduced an international currency called the Banco.

This is another British attempt to control the world’s economy through coercion and deceit through the BIS.

Nothing new actually, just the same old British Pilgrim Society hegemony. But they (the evil banksters) have not properly calculated the resistance they will meet from common people. They miscalculated that the world is run by corporations and not individual consumers. Any politician who votes for these machinations are traitors to We the People who they supposedly represent. Resist any centralization, like the US Federal government which is now based upon unconstitutional, demonic laws that squelch human freedoms.

Boycott ESG companies and refuse to join Fed Now and perhaps we can stop the usual suspects from their evil desire for economic hegemony.

Michael McKibben sent us an email with some remarks:

Another use of “False Jews” from the founders of the British-Israel Society (real Jews being British!!!)

Originally a philo-Semite in the mold of Edward Hine, Sawyer’s views shifted profoundly to the opinion that one could distinguish between the true Israelites, from whom the Anglo-Saxons were descended, and “false” Jews. Under the influence of the publication of a series of anti-Semitic articles The International Jew, in the Dearborn Independent, a weekly newspaper published by Henry Ford and edited by William J. Cameron, Sawyer began to identify the “false” Jews with un-American objectives and Bolshevism. He applied this particularly to Jews of Ashkenazic and Eastern European origin.[2]

One of its founders was Reuben H. Sawyer, a clergyman in PortlandOregon, where he was involved in setting up an Anglo-Israelism group and as leader of the Oregon Ku Klux Klan. He spoke to the Federation’s first conference in 1920. Sawyer’s supremacist views were influential in the development of the anti-semitic Christian Identity movement out of the philo-semitic British Israelism.[3][4]

Modern DNA disproves British-Isreaelism as being Babylonian Radhanite, not of Hebrew (Lost Tribe) origin

·        the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

·        the Gospel of Personal Salvation through the Blood of Jesus.

·        the Gospel of the Kingdom of God on Earth exactly as taught by our Lord when He was on earth.

·        the Gospel of Personal Salvation.

·        in the absolute necessity of the Spiritual Re-Birth.

·        in the Second Advent of our Lord.

·        in the Resurrection of the dead/Translation of Living Christians at the time Jesus Christ returns to rule.

·        in the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures.

·        and PROVE the Bible to be True.

·        in the Lineal Descent of Anglo-Celto-Saxondom from the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

This is really good. Sounds like a young Douglas Gabriel. Bookmark it if you don’t have time to listen now. You will not want to miss this info jam-packed video. Thanks to @Telstar for posting on Gab.

Electroculture: How to start in 2023 with Matt and Shai

AIMCat Mario sends us this note:

“Dear AIM and P4T
She has to be CAT”

The “Donbass Devushka” collective was an early sharer of the Pentagon leaks documents

Our reply: Not all cats are AIMCats!

It might look like she is an Truth Kitty…but the picture is A.I. generated so the post wants us to think she is aligned with cats (who are now here and everywhere)… but notice that the narrative is being pushed by the propaganda site – WSJ. So there’s that! What’s up with all these stories about internet leakers with classified documents and information.

Looks like the cat is out of the bag!

Read the comments and watch the video: