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Lots of interesting video clips inside this video. Some things you may dismiss – but others you will enjoy.

View on Bitchute: SoE | Battle Plan for the Tactical Take-down of the New World Order (

Astrological Aspects for King Charles III’s Coronation

An Exorcist Reviews the NEW Exorcist Movie

Taxman (Remastered 2009)

On YouTube:

Oh SH*T, the end of paper currency just go closer | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris Clay may be clueless why this is happening, but cats know exactly why…

I ran across this app called Farmish. Has anyone tried this yet? Looks like a way to connect with local farms, gardens, and markets. The app is 4 years old so it has been around. I will download the free version and check out my area.

To Attorney Mark Seigel Law Firm in Georgia

Correction and retraction

How to make an electroculture antenna?

If it does this to plants…what could it do for humans? People already wear copper to relieve aches and arthritis.

Here are some cats modelling their copper crowns to increase our resonance as the quartz crystal lifts the vibration of the pineal gland and the copper connects our brains to higher frequencies.

Yours doesn’t have to be fancy. But at least a copper wire. If you wanted to be discreet in wearing the stone then position it at the back side of the head. Use jewelry gauge copper. I used 14 and 18 gauge from the hardware store. Douglas goes for the third eye look; Scotty models the Scottish Highlander version; Linda took green stones and intermixed with her copper wiring; I have two small double terminated crystals in my crown.

It might be a way to start a conversation with people or to identify another ascending human.

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The Most Epic Cat Slap Ever! This is funny, even after the umpteenth time I have watched it.

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