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Jamie Dimon. (Compiled May 24, 2023). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

Jamie Dimon Babylonian Radhanite Demon

Jamie Dimon has never had to work for a living. He was handed each position on a silver platter, no doubt as a result of his grandfather’s alliance with The City of London and the opium trade out of Smyrna, Turkey.

He was handpicked by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. one of the founders of the British Pilgrims Society who was devoted to annexing America back into the British Crown.

Just look at the ark of his resume after leaving his white shoe grammar school, Browning.

1.       Tufts

2.       Shearson

3.       Boston Consulting Group

4.       Goldman Sachs

5.       Harvard Business School

6.       American Express

7.       Commercial Credit

8.       CASA (Columbia University – the second home of the Pilgrims Society in Amerca)

9.       Citigroup (with Larry Summers)

10.   Bank One

11.   JPMorgan Chase

12.   University of Chicago

13.   New York University

14.   Federal Reserve Bank of New York

15.   TARP

16.   The Business Council

17.   Remain

18.   Fortune

19.   French Legion

20.   Jeffrey Epstein

No human being walks this banker path without a Babylonian Radhanite merchant-banker demon directing his path.

Gabriel, McKibben. (May 23, 2023). Naming the demons for global exorcism. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. Source:

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Listen to the Pete Santilli show here:

After listening to the Pete Santilli show on Christina DeSantis, Michael notes the Daily Mail (British Pilgrims Society propaganda rag going back to the mid-180s) has a new 48-page spread on Christina DeSantis and Ron. Amazing how many photos they dug up magically.  AFI. (Sep. 10, 2021). June 5, 1909: The day British & American Pilgrims Society slavery-demons formally began the takeover of all public and private life globally. Americans for Innovation.


1.  Lord Burnham, Daily Telegraph

2.  Lord Northcliffe, Daily Mail

Founded at that conference were

1.  Empire Press Union (Reuters, AP)

2.  MI-6

3.  MI-5

4.  GC&CS now GCHQ

These people founded all of America’s spy agencies FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA

Here are the recent post specifically focused on Babylonian Radhanite merchant-banking. The discovery is that our banks have been in the control of pagan Babylonians for 4000 years, who have pretended to be Jews. The most recent analysis of Jamie Dimon is related since his grandfather was the banker for Britain in Smyrna, Turkey in the late 19th and early 20th century. (Smyrna is the historical center of British East India Company opium trading for the world (literally for over 400 years). The Boston Brahmins were tied at the hip to Smyrna also.

“I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. “ Rev. 2:8-11

The theft of Babylonian antiquities by the British also occurred in the The Qurnah Disaster in Apr. 1855, downriver from Babylon/Baghdad. We think the British were getting rid of all evidence of the Babylonian Radhanites merchant-bankers that have operated since 2000 B.C. (who rebranded themselves as Ashkenazi Jews in the 11th century A.D., introduced Yiddish, embraced the Talmud (and not the Torah), and controlled banking, usury, debt, slavery, fiat currency, coinage, spices, opium, trading across the known world from Iceland to China. The pre-Empire English even called them “Radknights” (recorded extensively in the Book of Domes 1086 A.D.) before disappearing that name in the 11th century and replaced it with “Ashkenazi” Jew – a made up identity.

·         AFI. (Apr. 22, 2022). Why is the musical Hamilton so popular with the radical communist left? Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (May. 20, 2022). Alexander Hamilton, British Spy #7, betrayed America’s fledgling banks to his Bank of England / Monarch’s Privy Council back channels. Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (Feb. 15, 2022). 550-yr. Rothschild frauds discovered – their offshore accounts must be seized to pay reparations. Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (Jun. 09, 2022). Andrew Torba’s juvenile grab-bag theology (GAB) tries to lure the unsuspecting. Americans for Innovation.

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·         AFI. (Sep. 09, 2022). The Rothschilds via Reuters control the social credit score system in London. Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (Oct. 07, 2022). Worldwide banking usury – the worship of Babylonian mammon – is the base sin humanity must overcome. Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (Dec. 31, 2022). King Solomon’s lust for the 666-gold of Ophir has subjected humanity to 4000 years of war with the seven deadly sins. Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (Jan. 13, 2023). Elon Musk hides his 4,000+ year old Babylonian Radhanite pagan merchant-banker religion that leveraged King Solomon’s 666 Ophir gold. Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (Apr. 19, 2023). The City of London Babylonian Merchant-Banker Demon Hoax of All Time. Americans for Innovation.

·         AFI. (May. 12, 2023). Jamie Dimon: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Americans for Innovation.

A sister research site also has much useful search on this related information also, it is:

We are building TRUTH HISTORY from these two sites that publishes our research.

Michael reminds Pete of Glenn Youngkin:

“Listened to your shows yesterday on DeSantis. Great job!

Just updated the article with the Glenn Youngkin 2002-2007 QinetiQ directorship update. He is the original director (not George Tenet, who came later), but this is just a minor difference, in principal

At the time of our original post, Youngkin was on nobody’s radar yet

Now he is front and center, not that DeSantis stepped on the Presidential stage.

Boy, what a bunch of Pilgrim Society dweeb clones.”

No CBDC Without Total Control of the Food Supply.

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And who has always been behind these “isms” that destroy cultures and nations? THE BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY.

Why aren’t more alt media channels discussing this? Are they incapable of learning truth history and then sharing it with their audiences or are they puppets for the Pilgrims’ propaganda.

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