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This is the greatest story ever told in about an hour. This is the greatest culmination of information every spoken to me, on earth, by a human being, in such a short span of time. I have a modest library of Rudolf of which I read everyday, whenever and wherever I can. I have notes in every series of lectures and in every book that I read by or about Rudolf. The way that you just brought so much of that profound information together via the spoken word, in such a short span of time, is one of the most beautiful experiences that I have had in a long time. How many times have I wished that I could sit with Rudolf and listen to his spoken words. Listening to you for this hour is about as close to that reality as I can get. It is actually even better!!! For he spoke German!!! And I am still trying to master the English language! What a lovely gift you have given us for the Pentecost, for this gift continues to resonate in my body, my heart, and my soul, as I am sure that is does in others. The ‘gift’ that keeps on giving!!! I am greatly challenged with sitting at a computer but this was well worth it. In gratitude and gladitude, your humble friend, Robert

The mysteries of ASCENSION explained by Dr. Douglas Gabriel

Lecture notes here:

June PRIDE month comes before the big fall

[Post Publication note: Well, it looks like YouTube has shown “its colors” with the removal of this video. You can hear what we had to say as a audio at:

Starting June 1, if not before, Christians are choosing NOT to participate in SATANIC agendas being hoisted upon us by ESCG compliant companies, an agenda that will lead straight into the acceptance of the MARK OF THE BEAST. Tell Satan to get behind you and withhold your patronage from any rainbow cult-corporations.

Spread the word. If we act together on this, we will give Satan a global heave-ho.

@TwilightZone·2 posts

“The public are so consumed with their “brands” & all these corporations which have all sold out to Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway Inc,, which today is a pyramid scheme with a few dozen to collaborate & destroy these brands. & it doesn’t matter if it’s Target, Harley-Davidson, Ford, Kohls, Macy’s, Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Walgreen’s, ect if you buy from any they simply don’t want or need these companies or worker’s in the future. Even Boeing will use robots.
Either the public quits the infighting & realize these Corporate people are paid well to do what you are witnessing.”

Actually, every aspect of this rainbow queer agenda is SATANIC. The global group pushing this on us are the Babylonian Radhanite Merchant Bankers.

Archeologists Uncover Target Store Ruins From Sodom And Gomorrah

“Why is everything gay?

Buckle up, we’re going down this gay rabbit hole.

The CEI— Corporate Equality Index— is a woke credit score, that judges companies based on how many woke issues they are pushing.

1. What is “woke”?
A word co-oped from the black community by gender activists that was infected with Neo Marxism.

2. Who made up & gives the score?
From my understanding, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), sends lobbyists to companies and gives them a list of demands, and if they don’t comply with these demands, the woke investors put pressure on the boards, activists are mobilized, advertising campaigns are shut down, and anyone who continues to do business with the poorly scored company, will also be penalized.

3. And who is funding the HRC?
Open Society Foundation.

4. Who runs Open Society Foundation?
Uh oh. Definitely don’t google that.

Essentially, if you don’t get a good score the Lizard God-King of the world doesn’t let your business exist.

This fake score is everywhere and is controlling everyone and everything with threats and coercion

This despotic rot is the result of a compromised country.” Twitter Source

Feel free to give Jude your thoughts on this topic:
You, too, can achieve better health, like Douglas, with the ASCEND diet: We both did a series of liver flushes over a period of 2 years – so depending on your situation, one flush may not be enough. Once you see the crapola coming from your liver, you may be inspired like us to go “all the way” for a thorough cleansing. P.S. Mortiz liver flushes are for cats, not pussies.

A Powerful Approach
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One who attains really spiritual perception does not become a dreamer

I have often emphasised that one who attains really spiritual perception does not become a dreamer or enthusiast, living only in the higher worlds and not seeing external reality. People who are ever dreaming in higher worlds, or about them, and do not see external reality, are not initiates; they should be considered from a pathological point of view, at least in the psychological sense of the term. The real knowledge of initiation does not estrange one from ordinary, physical life and its various relationships. On the contrary, it makes one a more painstaking, conscientious observer than without the faculty of seership. Indeed we may say: if a man has no sense of ordinary realities, no interest in ordinary realities, no interest in the details of others’ lives, if he is so ‘superior’ that he sails through life without troubling about its details, he shows he is not a genuine seer.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 234 – Anthroposophy, An Introduction: Lecture VIII – Dornach, 9th February 1924

@lilolladynot posts: “I just wish we knew just how long ago he started playing for the other team…then I would know exactly how betrayed I should feel…would also help us figure out how many bad guys we are actually fighting…and who the actual worse offenders are…I think, to me, if I were to discover that both sides were complicit before the start of trumps term of office…and this was all planned long ago including him…then I would say we are most definitely living under a clandestine foreign invasion that we need to declare total all out war against immediately…and the district of columbia needs to be totally destroyed and turned back into the desolate swampy land from whence it came!”

Proof that John Roberts is a Knight of Malta traitor

He recused himself in a case that challenged him on being a Knight of Malta

There is a motion pending in the U.S. Supreme Court relative to Chief Justice John G. Roberts recusal from a case after the filer complained about his membership in The Knights of Malta.

The Supreme Court’s docket is sneaky, it carefully sidesteps mention of the Knights of Malta and has failed FOR THREE YEARS to docket the petition, which is attached herein, with a date stamp from the Supreme Court.

Docket. (Accessed May 28, 2023)Arunachalam v. Lyft, Docket No. 18-9383 (USC 2019). SCOTUSblog. Source: ]

This content is also attached to this follow up article on The Knights of Malta that you included in your post.

Joshua E. Keating. (Jan. 19, 2011). Who Are the Knights of Malta — and What Do They Want? Foreign Policy Magazine. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

Meghan Keneally. (Jul. 03, 2012). After joking about heading to Malta to escape criticism….Chief Justice Roberts heads to Malta as it emerges that he may have written for AND against opinions on Obamacare. Daily Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

John Roberts carrying his bearer bonds (pay on demand without ID requirement) after ruling in favor of Obamacare on Jul. 03, 2012?