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Their propaganda isn’t working.

…. and the big surprise for these Pilgrims Society puppets is that we cats spent the last 5-6 years learning TRUTH HISTORY while they were rigging elections with the Privy Council and injecting deadly poisons into billions of people. Cats were readying themselves for battle, arming themselves with TRUTH and the Armor of God.

We know precisely who the enemy is (Babylonian Radhanites) and know their rat lines, from King Charles the Turd to the SES. Obama can dance his little jig, but the gig is up and we win what‘s left of our collapsing country.

Do your part in this spiritual warfare. Tell Satan to get behind you, even if it means not patronizing ESCG corporations. For Satanists, June is pride month. For cats, June is JESUS month.

Listen on Bitchute: WEF Partners With Obama To Activate Secret Gov’t Censorship Executive Order (

Added the desire to be SELECTED President

Added Malloch-Brown content on SELECTION

Listen to the DEMON:

Which Virgin Atlantic corporation went bankrupt?

The Great Babylonian Radhanite Merchant-Banker Shell Game

Virgin Atlantic: Queer Eyes in the Sky

How many queers do you know who are good engineers?

Bon Voyage (sucker)!

ELON MUSK: “I believe in the God of Spinoza” (Dec. 22, 2021, Babylon Bee interview)

Baruch Spinoza was a pagan Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker in Amsterdam (1632-1677), and a radical, superficially “Sephardic Jew” with a 39-page Wikipedia.

Cats have been doing last minute shopping in May to prepare for June Pride Month where we will not be engaging in commerce with companies that push the satanic ESCG agenda.

From June 1 -31 cats will rely on their fluffed pantries and growing gardens for dinner; or shop at local stores and markets; anything or anywhere BUT a rainbow-signaling perverted satanic marketplace.

The Target Boycott’s about to Hit INSANE New Levels! | Buddy Brown

Rainbow-perverted sports teams must also be transcotted for June. Tell Satan to get behind you and walk the way of Christ.

‘I am Deeply Troubled’: Nationals Pitcher Trevor Williams Blasts Dodgers for Honoring Anti-Catholic Drag Queens

Not Just Target: Walmart’s ESG Efforts Focus on Catering to LGBT Agenda ESG guidelines reward retailers for not just selling LGBT merchandise but buying from such suppliers

Add Barnes and Noble to your June transcott list. Barnes and Noble puts LGBTQ books front and center at the kids section.

Beverly sent us this comment. Then we went to her site and read her back story: Beverly Alexander Martin

Say good-bye to Chick-fil-a for the month of June. Who knows…maybe even longer.

“So it turns out I was right. Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy says all white people should get on their knees and shine black peoples shoes with a sense of shame, a sense of embarrassment. What a self hating loser.”

Make Your Own Chick-fil-A Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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