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.Jamie Dimon – ESG OVERLORD

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BlackRock’s DEI Push Is ‘Chinese Social Credit System Applied at the Corporate Level’

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Mainstream Ignorance on Nullification

Girl Scouts offer special badge to ‘girls of all identities’ who complete disturbing tasks

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Possible 2024 ticket?

Dimon & Fink

aka Jamie DEMON & Rat Fink.
Babylonian Radhanites Merchant Bankers.

Wall Street BEGS Jamie Dimon to Run for President

BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink says, “you have to force behaviors” in companies when it comes to “gender and race” and “diversity and inclusion.”

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How to dethrone tyrants

America First Legal Demands Target Corporation Produce its Books and Records Regarding its Reckless LGBT Political Agenda and the Corporation’s $12 Billion Loss in Market Valuation

“Today, America First Legal (AFL), on behalf of its client, the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), served the Target Corporation with a formal demand for the production of corporate books and records, seeking transparency regarding its management’s radical LGBT political agenda that has apparently cost the corporation over $12 billion in market valuation since mid-May 2023. NCPPR is a Target shareholder.”

Cats are saying that this video was one of the best yet. Mike and Doug are being brilliant as usual, but @Infotoons put a bow and some glitter on their discussion with his excellent selection of background images. We appreciate his artistic rendering. Meow. Babylon to London – Filled with Merchant-Banker Demons

What do these numbers mean to you?


He is (The Names of God) – (Return of Majesty Trilogy)

Put the image of Dante’s layers of hell in your mind. Imagine a video game. You are in the pit of hell and need to get out. There are many layers of realities and dimensions that you will need to battle and win in order to get to the next level.

‘Betsy and Thomas’ were with you in the pit of Washington D.C. hell as we discovered layers upon layers of corruption and treachery, first in our country, then all over the world through the tentacles of the Pilgrims Society. Cats were there with us and saw first hand that this dimension known as “treachery” is Satan’s lair, the lowest realm of hell on earth. We saw that there are no law, order, and justice with so much treachery. We see that we cannot vote our way out of it.

We have been moving layer by layer out of hell. Each one of us must experience all of the stages of spiritual initiation in the process of ascension. Some will be stuck in the frequency of “treachery” for the rest of their lives; there is no way out for them as their crimes are so many and so evil. Cats moved through this stage of initiation by studying truth history and identifying the enemy. We are now well beyond the level of Inferno and don’t care to wallow in their mire and muck of evil, either by direct participation or by “looking back” as a voyeur.

If you want to learn more about the modern path of initiation, check out volume 2 of The Gospel of Sophia. While we are currently transcotting Amazon for June, download a free copy and start moving through the next stages of ascension.