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It’s Time For Guillotines

They all committed TREASON. We need to build the gallows right there on the D.C. mall and start hanging these traitors, including congress members, SES and crown agents, corporate media propagandists. It’s the only way – these Pilgrims Society operatives can not be rehabilitated and they are destroying our country.

PUSH HARD FOR EXECUTIONS in your posts, tweets, and messaging. They will reach the traitors who will have to commit even more treason to hide their crimes. Let’s get a hardcore movement for EXECUTIONS FOR TRAITORS campaign going right now. Scare the heebie-jeebies out of them and they will all be fleeing to Antarctica, via submarine.

House Releases Stunning Whistleblower Transcripts and Evidence of Biden Justice Department Interfering in IRS Case Against Hunter Biden

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Spiritual Rhythms of Time

A Goetheanum conversation between John Barnwell and Douglas Gabriel

Quest for Immortality

Queen Mother’s Call

Shenrab wandered in those imaginal realms where wind-horses flew down the valley like Ferghanan heavenly-horses riding the air-tides swiftly to the plains, plummeting from the snowy mountain tops to the glaciers melting into swollen rivers rushing to the valleys below. Some urgent message, like whispers of angels was sounding from the clouds above and could be heard coming from afar. News of unimaginable wonder and surprise filled the air with the quick pace of a galloping steed on a mission of life and death, auspicious and terrifying. Shenrab knew the message would change many lives permanently, his own most especially. The dream harbinger was a herald of his destiny, yet unknown and strange in every way. He knew he would never be the same after that fateful message was delivered. All of this came to him in a state of consciousness between the seen and unseen worlds, that nevertheless turns destiny into a mystery of the yet-to-be-seen future unknown.

Shenrab woke with this imaginal memory still fresh on his mind and his eyes caught the early morning sunrise coming through his window. But not all of it was a dream, he clearly could hear horse-hoofs speeding up the valley towards his house from the broad plain below. Once he gained his bearings, he quickly ran outside to the street to see what the rider was in such a hurry to accomplish… read the rest of the story here.

Ron DeSantis Hosts D.C. Fundraiser at Dominion’s Lawyer’s Office.

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‘Mike the Miner’ (wink) sends us this note and video: “Amazing amount of historical information.

If only they had understood that the Synagogue of Satan were NOT Jews, but pagan Babylonian Radhanites merchant-bankers.

Interesting timing of this release.

The amount of research is well-funded.


The Synagogue of Satan “Full Documentary”

Watch on Rumble:

Satan is losing and needs to distract us – hence the submarine narrative and now the Zuckerberg/ Elon fight. When we put our collective attention on confusing, fearful events, or vices like gambling that will be going on in Vegas for the fight, demons feed from our energy. Dan probably isn’t aware that these demons are fed when he gets folks whipped about the fight in Vegas.

But it also shows how desperate the demons are because their submarine narrative sunk. No one really cared. Psyop.

Demons feed from fear and confusion. If we are all going our own way, doing our own thing – especially walking the path of Christ – they lose their energy source. This is why we say – WALK AWAY AND DON’T LOOK BACK.

Put this into context when you hear Dan speak in the beginning.

I Hope That This is True

Trump tells Baier: “I wasn’t allowed to fire Fauci”. Really?

Cats know that this statement is correct because Obama hired them. Trump can’t fire them.

Three years ago we knew their treasonous acts. Save this for Posterity

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Be a leader.

We have thousands of thought leaders who receive our emails and posts. They share the information with their downlines. We have bloggers who repost our material on to their blogs.

Social media networking is not linear; it is scalar. With each truth posted, the radiant light of truth shines brighter in the darkness of the evil we see at this threshold.


Propaganda covers up the truth. This is why it is evil. This is why fake news, fake history, fake money are enemies of humanity. As we move into the Satya Yuga, conscious beings require transparency and truth, light, and love.

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