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Inside link is a location list of Satan’s City of London lair.

If you live in the area, how about slapping a “Get Behind Me, Satan” sign or a sigil onto their properties? The sign doesn‘t have to be so big that it is noticed and removed. The sigil is very small and wouldn’t be noticed.

Since I am not in the geographical area, I am printing this list, along with a map of the City of London ….then will put a few sigils on all the pages and command Satan to get behind us. You can do this, too.

We are fighting a spiritual war with Satan. Although it would be great if a nation state who had military means would just bomb the shit out of the City of London, we can‘t rely on this. So all hands on deck to fight at a “higher dimension.”

See the full list:

It’s becoming so obvious that the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY is behind the attack on humanity, that even infoshills like Jones and Carlson will have to start addressing this sooner or later. The TRUTH stands on its own and doesn’t need constant propping up with propaganda.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that NATO should consider skipping a Membership Action Plan (MAP) as a requirement for Ukraine to join the Western military alliance.” Read more.

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Nigel Farage Just Unbanked: How Will You Navigate A CBDC World?

Nigel Farage family at risk!

Supreme Court NUKES Biden Student Loan Bailout, ENDS Pride Month By Protecting RELIGION!

Supreme Court rules businesses can refuse service to LGBTQ+ customers

Supreme Court strikes down Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

We haven’t forgotten about the corruption in D.C. – but have no time to spin in that zone. Cats gotta stay on the prowl … we are seeking ULTIMATE TRUTH. These pathetic swamp creatures are left to God and their karma.

Seriously, what child at this age makes this hand sign?

Every generation has a visual way to depict the sins that lead us away from Jesus Christ into Satan’s lair.

Cats will Save the World. Be a LEADER and grow your network of like-minded cats.

A group of cats is called a CATTERY. So when you see us use that word, you will know its deeper meaning.

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How DETROIT became the SPIRITUAL HUB of America

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