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Declaration of Independence: Usurpation is Treason

Although we generally refer to that list of abuses in the Declaration of Independence as “grievances” – that’s not how they were described in the text. Instead, they were referred to as “usurpations,” or a theft of power from the people. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

@Hagiagraphia posts: “I see 3 sixes….such tiresome propaganda.”

@DC_Draino posts:
“Just downloaded and signed up for the new Meta app “Threads” meant to imitate Twitter.

I posted once about wanting to expose Biden’s corrupt government and they’ve already flagged me for censorship

Great platform Zuck.”

Looks like a pedophile symbol, too. Beware of entering the lair of Mark of the ZuckerBeast, aka 666.


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Detroit is ablaze with SPIRIT FIRE

INFINITE VOLUME – INFINITE INTELLIGENCE NETWORK like our websites and all the research contained within – looks like static pages, but inside the links are thousands of documents, evidence that can put them all in Gitmo or under the guillotine.

@LennyLadner4581 asked us on Gab: “Is Mike Lindell the real deal or another Carnival Barker?”

Our reply:

Seriously, is Mike Lindell so stupid that he couldn’t read our articles (that were sent to him by many cats) and see that election rigging is more than ballot stuffing? Anyone that doesn’t want to discuss Mark Malloch-Brown and the election rigging software – OPTECH and the enormous material we posted, with ample evidence, that elections are rigged all around the world to keep the British Pilgrims Society in control of the world is a TRAITOR.

If anyone reading this post doubts me, just go to the search bar to the leftside of this page. Put any of these terms in the search bar – Dominion, Optech, Mark Malloch-Brown, election rigging, Scytl. AND BTW – the U.S. military is also involved in supporting election rigging.

Are Lindell, Kari Lake, crown agent/ SES operative Dinesh D’souza, and the election rigging gang too dense to read research that would support their claims? Or are they choosing NOT to read our research. 

Yeah…we’ve been watching this former main stream media chick Kari Lake progress in her political career and smell a ratline similar to all the other phoney baloneys that we have uncovered, like Ron DeSantis and (next week) Gavin Newsom. If we get wind that Trump will be selecting Lake as his VP candidate, the miners will get you a full report on who her handlers are and what’s her real agenda. In the meantime, QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Kenneth writes: “I’ll give you my take on Kari Lake whether you want to hear it or not. Kari Lake was a high-profile news anchor in Phoenix before she entered politics. She was anything but a MAGA supporter when she was a news anchor and she actually posted a meme disparaging Trump just before he was inaugurated in 2017. She shared a post on Facebook and asserted that Trump was “Not My President.” Then she left her news anchor job and converted to being super MAGA and I believe she did that because the MAGA movement was at it’s peak and she thought she could parlay that to become governor of Arizona.”

@KazimirRules posts: “Wake up. Nobody’s coming to save the peasants.
And I don’t defer to old crackheads who were reinvented as MAGA patriots.
Because I don’t think I’m such a brainiac, I know I don’t have to IMAGINE the good intentions of those who don’t and NEVER WILL “get it.” They can’t speak the simple truth because they’re paid to keep me away from it. Re: Kari” 

Keep in mind that Turning Point USA is a British Pilgrims Society front to push British loyalists into politics.

Anytime cats see TPUSA endorse or feature a candidate, we know we have a globalist player being pushed on us.

Anyone TPUSA endorses is pre-approved by the Pilgrims Society and should be questioned by cats.