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Don’t miss this riveting discussion on what the AFI miners have discovered about Gruesome Newsom. The full written report will be posted in a day or so.

Gavin Newsom Groomed for the Presidency – British style

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State of the Nullification Movement: Summer Update

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I do not stand with the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY of the BABYLONIAN RADHANITE MERCHANT BANKER DEMONS, which are hiding behind Ukraine and NATO. Please say with me: GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN.

We replied to Scotty:

We provided a detailed map, with addresses, of Satan’s lair and all of this could be taken out by a nation with military capacity.

Full map here:
The fact that MacGregor isn‘t talking about the enemy precisely – the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY – has been concerning. How can a bunch of cats out here in left field know more than a high-ranking military dude?

Douglas highly recommends this video. Everything Wrong With The Capitol Riots In 889 Angles


Douglas was reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse, Rudolf Steiner, Lecture XII, Kristiania, May 21, 1909, GA 104a, and came across this interesting statement:  

In the age represented by the seven seals something like a shower of meteorites will occur, caused by increasing materialism, and some human beings will ascend to a spiritual state. What the spiritualized human beings have acquired through their efforts in our post-Atlantean age will completely permeate them within. When, in the age of the sixth seal, everything that the human being has in terms of sentient soul, intellectual soul, and consciousness soul has been worked into the other members, human beings will have achieved the ability to create an external imprint of their inner life in their gesture, features, in their whole life. Because they have worked on their development they will be able, in the fourth, fifth, and sixth ages in the epoch of the seals, to use these three soul forces — the sentient, intellectual, and consciousness souls — to permeate and work on themselves in order to take in manas.”

Douglas gets a message from a relic of Mother Mary’s robe