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The Psychics We Knew – Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell

Douglas refers to this chart in the video above.

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NATO just DESTROYED the US Constitution with this move | Redacted with Clayton Morris

State of Virginia identified its largest aerospace contractors who gain contracts by technology theft, fascist insider relationships (fake competition), and create death, destruction, and therefore, are demonically possessed. Command that the demons who possess these companies and their leaders to “Get Behind Me, Satan.”  

Editor. (Aug. 29, 2021). Federal Contractors – Technology – Aerospace. Virginia Business. Source:

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FedNow, the Precursor to the Digital Dollar CBDC, Has Launched

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Fed’s new instant payment system could be trouble for PayPal, Venmo

Yesterday, the US Federal Reserve officially launched FedNow, a new system rolled out to 35 early-adopting banks and credit unions for processing instant payments between financial institutions. The Fed’s goal is to eventually connect more than 9,000 banks and credit unions nationwide, tossing out the old payments system and supporting faster payment processing between all US institutions.

AIMCat Ron wrote this note under a Substack audio. Douglas and Tyla were discussing the concept of the “Enchanted Cottage.” Audio here.

“A short story. As you may recall I began my journey as a Marketer selling my wood art at fairs and crafting events around my area about two years ago. About 3 months ago I was asked to be in a Fairy House competition, although I found it intriguing, time was not opportune to consider entering, so I folded up the flyer however the thought kept recurring to the point I decided that I would try building a few to take them to market and see if they would sell, yet I wasn’t sold on calling them just fairy houses, knowing there are so many other beings around us.

Two weeks ago I was approached by a very special customer who asked me to build her a Thai offering table as she called it. She being special to me, I agreed without even researching. When I did get an opportunity to search out, I found that the name was a Spirit Table, my customer was understandably just being careful in her choice of words. So I’m two weeks into building this Spirit Table and finding it challenging and satisfying. I also recalled a MPH [Manly P. Hall] lecture talking about shrines the oriental people keep in their homes. Needless to say when I heard this audio my imagination went into overdrive hearing about “Enchanted Cottages”.

Perhaps it was a synchronicity, a message from above or just my imagination, either way I believe that is where my future art endeavor lies. I plan on building my own Spirit Table next for offerings to my own guardian angel or any other good spirits, gnomes, or we people who stop by. Not to worry about profiting, I found out rather quickly why artists are called starving artists, yet few seldom ever speak of the emotional reward when someone does buy or appreciate one’s work. I will post a picture when done of the current project and update as well.

AIMCat Helen writes a comment under this audio:

The AFI Newsom Post now fully operative with fully processed evidence. All documents and bibliography now processed, PDFed and uploaded now.

@KazimirRules posts: “I just had a service technician, Ricardo, from my security company here to check the batteries –– as one does. And he started remarking about how lucky I am to have apple trees and a quiet spot to live in. And then, as one does, we moved sideways into glancing against “conspiracy theories.”

Well, I had nothin’ new to tell Ricardo from Colombia . He knows it all: vaccine hoaxes, #DEWs, phony money, “Project Bluebeam”… you name it. So odd, the randomness of these moments of agreement.

Our reply to Kaz below:

Now the GOPe losers are rebooting a new and improved DeSantis. Let’s continue to “Bud Light” this British crown agent into oblivion in order to teach the billionaire class that WtP reject their Pilgrim Society puppeticians.

Team DeSantis Make It Official – They Will Shift Personnel, Drop Communications Director and Relaunch Entire Campaign with New Approach

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Some ‘Rudy’ notes below from Douglas to you.

Rudolf Steiner on Mammon 

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse, Rudolf Steiner, Part II, Lecture XI, GA 104a “This lower astral world is also working in opposition to our evolution today. It is ruled by the spirit Mammon, that is, the spirit of hindrances. He is a power of the lower world. All the beings who cannot rise up into the higher world must go down into this lower world.”  

The Fifth Gospel, Rudolf Steiner, Volume 2, Lecture XVIII, GA 148 “But when Ahriman is alone, he engulfs his effectiveness in the material events of earth evolution. That cannot be completely fended off. Ahriman, Mephistopheles, Mammon – they mean the same. They are immersed in money and in everything connected with human egotism. The fact that it is necessary for human life to be commingled with materialistic things means that humanity must reckon with Ahriman.”  

From the Contents of Esoteric Classes, Rudolf Steiner, Part I: 1904-1909, GA 266-I “In November 1879 Michael conquered the spirit of hindrances, Mammon, on the astral plane. The battle must still be fought out on the physical plane. Michael will fight with the spirit of darkness for another 400 years. We pupils of the school are called upon to spread light and spiritual life during this time. Mammon, the spirit of hindrances and darkness, has countless helpers who are often incorporated in bacteria and bacilli; all perversities and sins are from him.”

From the Contents of Esoteric Classes, Rudolf Steiner, Part I: 1904-1909, GA 266-I “Each of the seven cyclical archangels reign for a certain period. Their opponents are Mammon’s hosts who throw hindrances in their way. The Masters of Wisdom must fight against all kinds of hindrances also. It’s up to archangel Michael to stimulate men to use their newly acquired organ, that degenerates if a man doesn’t use it. Such a man comes under the influence of Michael’s opponent, Mammon or Beelzebub. This is the God of hindrances, who wants to prevent men from making progress. The bacteria that arise under his influence can give rise to terrible epidemics and strange nervous diseases; children could be born with a ruined nervous system.” When the forces of the masters and of the men who join them with their whole strength and will, and when the forces of the Gods of hindrances, Mammon, Satan, Asuras and their human followers intervene ever more mightily into human life and earth evolution, then good will develop into a divine good, and evil into a terrible Antichrist. Then every one of us needs world helpers and all the strength that he can only gain through the overcoming of suffering and evil.”

The Gospel of St. Luke, The Bringer of the Living Power of Love, Rudolf Steiner, GA 114 “The Powers which direct the ‘hindrances’ were called at that time by a technical expression: Mammon. ‘You cannot serve the God who will progress, and Mammon, the God of Hindrances. Think of the steward who, as a child of the world, realized that one cannot serve two masters, not even with the help of Mammon. Those living in the present age must also realize that no reconciliation is possible between the God Mammon in our time – between the modern ‘scribes’ and scientific pundits – and the direction of thought that must provide human beings to-day with the nourishment they need. This is spoken in a truly Christian sense. We must know where the successor of the Power described by Christ Jesus for His epoch as the ‘God Mammon’ is to be found to-day. That is a living kind of understanding — which is also such a very important factor in what is related in the Gospel of St. Luke. For with the parable that is found only in this Gospel there is connected one of the most significant concepts in all the Gospels: it is a concept we can engrave into our hearts and souls only if we are able once again, and from a somewhat different angle, to make it clear how Buddha, and the impulse he gave, were related to Christ Jesus.”  

The Foundations of Esotericism, Rudolf Steiner, Lecture XXIX, Berlin, November 3, 1905, GA 93a “Let us take a particular case: the Mongolian onslaughts of the Middle Ages, when the Mongols came into conflict with the Europeans, spreading among them fear and alarm. Such fear and such alarm are then present in the peoples in question. When one looks at these attacking hordes, of which the Mongolians are the last, placing oneself in the mood of all these mediaeval peoples, one sees how the desperation of the last branches of the Fourth Root-Race and the fear and alarm engendered in the Europeans created spiritual forms. If such an onslaught were to be met with courage and love, then the putrefying substance would be dissolved. But fear, hate and alarm conserve such decaying forms and these provide a source of nourishment for beings such as bacilli. Later they incarnate in those material forms suitable for such an incarnation. Thus the decaying substances embedded themselves in the fear and alarm of the European peoples as seeds of decay. These are minute living beings. In this way arose the mediaeval disease, leprosy. It arose out of the decaying substance of the declining Mongolian peoples.

What then is the origin of those disturbers of human physical nature? They come from earlier spiritual causes, from sinfulness. This is Karma as it manifests in national communities. From this you can estimate how the moral life of a nation conditions the external life of the future. It lies in the power of a nation to care for its physical future through a corresponding moral life in the present. All the European esoteric schools say that all the bacterial illnesses of modern times have a similar origin. The illnesses caused by bacilli are traced back to their spiritual origin. This is an esoteric tradition among the Rosicrucians and in other esoteric schools where these things are taught. A fundamental teaching exists in small circles of esoteric schools, the content of which is that in the seventies quite definite battles took place in the astral world which caused things to take a better turn, even though … [Gap in text …].

These events are called the battle between the hosts of the archangel known to Christian esotericism as Michael and the hosts of the god Mammon. 76 Mammon is, on the one hand, the god of hindrances, who places destructive, hindering things in the path of progress. On the other hand, one sees in this god Mammon the creator of quite definite forms which work disturbingly in human life just in the sphere of infectious illnesses. Certain infectious illnesses, unknown in earlier times, are brought about by the god Mammon. We can estimate to what degree the esoteric schools must rouse a progressive thinking in the inmost depths of the human being when one realizes that the actual source of these modern illnesses is nothing other than a retrogression, the longstanding conservatism of the so-called upper classes as opposed to the poverty-stricken lower classes who are striving towards a new … [Gap in text …].

They are hindered, held back by what the god Mammon brings about. We find two forces confronting one another: the sentimental world of the declining upper classes, who like to preserve antiquated conditions, and the feeling of hatred in the lower classes — an astral life projected against the others by the masses. In this opposition esotericism again sees decaying substance and therein the cause of modern infectious illnesses. Whoever sees into these things will of course not take them as a reason for opposing modern medicine with its external remedies. But a real improvement will never come about through these external methods.”