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The image of the Seven Deadly Sins above was taken from medieval imagery and redrawn for our book series of The Gospel of Sophia. This is a picture of what Dante called Purgatorio, a realm in the human spiritual journey to Heaven where we must cleanse ourselves of these sins and arise into the Seven Heavenly Virtues. No one can do it for you, and it can be a rough journey.

Together we cats have witnessed hell, or as some call it “the swamp”. We see the murderers, pedophiles, liars, cheats, and traitors ruining civilization. We don’t have to be a part of this realm. Like Dante and Virgil, we can pass through this realm in full consciousness, but not be a part of it. Listen to Bishop Barron describe this journey in the video below.

Dante has provided a map of YOUR spiritual journey so you will know where you are and where you are going – either to Heaven or Hell. It is your choice. The great news is that Christ died for our sins so that we didn’t have to spend the next 100 incarnations trying to make amends. Chose the Way of Christ TODAY and get going in your journey – doesn’t mean you won’t have to work on yourself from where you are in the Inferno or Purgatorio, but at least you have your bearings to get ascending.

Bishop Barron on Dante and the Spiritual Journey

Douglas, John, and Tyla have had an amazing life journey and are sharing it with you from Douglas’ YT channel. We hope that in listening in, you might find commonality with your own spiritual journey. We want you to know that even though you must do your own work on this journey, we stand with you like Dante, Virgil, and Beatice (Sophia) as your traveling companions.

Aliens, UFOs, Plasma Balls, Space Critters, and Anthroposophy

Douglas referred to John Searl in the discussion above. Below is some info him and his devices:

Professor John R. R. Searl and the SEG

John Searl Built UFO, Flown At 2175 mph & Discovered Free Energy Secret

Searl effect generator is kinetic electric magnetic fly wheel storage to improve tesla power packs of the future and create anti gravity engines

CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation confirmed as architects of Deagel .com 2025 Depopulation Forecast & current Mortality Rates imply Covid Vaccination has made it a target that could be hit

It is Beatrice (Sophia) that shows Dante the way through Paridisio. The Babylonian Radhanites want you to stay in hell and not ascend with Sophia – so they are in the process of eliminating the female from social, political, and biological life. Without females and mothers, future generations will be hatched from incubators and raised by satanists and pedophiles.

The SATANISTS must eliminate the female from humanity and turn the species into a heinous Baphomet image of beast both male and female.

We wrote The Gospel of Sophia series as a way to honor the Divine Feminine and to show how the female/male balance is needed for the ascension process. We call it the first Church of Sophia-Christos, a church that resides in your heart and soul, guided by the Being AnthropoSOPHIA.

The correct and precise name for the “Deep State” is Senior Executive Service. The video below is edgy but without the precise naming of the enemy, no one will be able to extract them from this corrupt system.


View on Bitchute: If I was the Deep State … | Dilley Meme Team (
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We call her Halperin-Handled Kari Lake.

Who is this dark figure behind Kari who, it is widely reported, stalks his wife with a video recorder everywhere she goes?

Details coming from the mines… she is controlled by this creepy dude named Jeff Halperin who comes from a genealogy which includes a Soviet spy and possible connections (still gathering facts) to a Columbian drug cartel. The former MSM propaganda news anchor is hiding demons in her past, present, and future.

Just a heads up so you aren’t giddy about this chick who is positioning herself to be in the Trump admin as a cabinet member or VP selection. We know how AWFUL Trump was in selecting his last cabinet, full of globalists and traitors.

Trump filled his last administration with these globalist traitors and scumbags, many who have direct ties to the British Pilgrims Society. Looks like Donald Trump was never a “stable genius”, but a puppet for the Babylonian Radhanite Merchant-Bankers, filling his cabinet with crown and banker loyalists.

As I have been posting over on Gab, the insurance companies are in collapse mode. It’s starting at the fringes – with states and/or different categories of coverage being eliminated, but the bottom line is the insurance companies and banks have a plan to fill their shrinking coffers with your physical assets.

For example, if you can’t get insurance on your mortgaged home, the lending institution can hold you in default, even terminating its loan contract with you or refusing to extend the loan at renewal. You lose the real asset from a loan they just “poofed” from thin air. Bank magic.

The insurance companies rely on the stock market and its great returns to pay out claims, from home and auto to life insurance…. They see the crash coming and are preparing for the losses. They work in cahoots with the banks under that Big Tent call Blackrock (et al) that want to steal your assets and make you a slave. You won’t own anything and you will be happy or dead.

If you can’t pay the insurance and your mortgage is being threatened, make the lender legally kick you out —- which could take a long time, especially because personnel in the judicial system will continue to thin out due to V-deaths and injuries. If you losing your home means you will have to live in the streets, DO NOT LEAVE.

Insurance company tells Menlo Park homeowner his house is too old to insure

Florida homeowners struggling as insurance companies reject coverage on older homes

California’s homeowners insurance crisis is growing and spreading to car insurance

@Jack_Burton__me points out that another bank has collapsed. He posts:

Heartland Tri-State Bank, Elkhart, KS just failed. Fifth bank this year.

“On Friday, July 28, 2023, Heartland Tri-State Bank was closed by the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was subsequently named Receiver. No advance notice is given to the public when a financial institution is closed. Dream First Bank, National Association (N.A.), Syracuse, KS assumed all deposit accounts and substantially all the assets. All shares of stock were owned by the holding company, which was not involved in this transaction.”” Read more.

De-banking has begun in the US

You might want to clean up the social media platform you are on. If you post hot topics unflattering to the Babylonian Radhanite gang, if you are discovered, you may be debanked. So while the normies and high profile folks are still clueless of the info battlefield, cats are well ahead of the curve and can respond pro-actively. 

No one is going to care about posts you made last month, last year… except your ego. It may be painful to do – but we are at war. 

I recently deleted over 50,000 posts from Gab. Yes, I know they are forever stored in the cloud…but better to make them less available for nefarious banksters. Recall, that Mike and Doug told you that it would be the BANKS that would roll out the social credit scoring system in the west.

Banks will control social credit scoring system

Download and copy any website for offline use.

Justan wrote us: “I can’t say how thankful I am for your YouTube channel. I’ve been feeling compelled to visit Detroit….I believe the spiritual center is calling to me. I was hoping you might point me in the direction of my next steps. I am planing to visit the Mayflower Bookshop.

Our reply: Douglas would be happy to provide visitors with a guide, from Robert’s bookshop to Crazy Wisdom in Ann Arbor or to the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale. But, keep in mind, these are only physical locations. It was the gathering of so many spiritual people in one geographic location that made this time and space in Detroit so magical.

I posted Jonathan Cahn’s interview with Greg Hunter on Gab and indicated that I would listen to it while I did some household chores. It was pathetic. I was embarrassed that I even posted it – so I deleted the post.

The “reformed Jew“ as he calls himself (whatever that is … you follow Christ or not) should be called Jonathan CON as he still holds on to a belief that the pandemic was an actual “plague” and then twists and turns his dialogue around dates and Biblical references so fast that it looks more like a Babylonian Radhanite word salad to keep folks from really seeing the truth of who runs the world. I won‘t be posting this reformed Jew con any more.