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@Bee65 posts: “Before covid give or take a year or two I was given a vision and based on the vision I was given…….when I say vision it was upon waking up from a nights sleep … that is when they normally happen … that with my eyes open it’s what I see … sometimes I can’t see anything of my bedroom in the field of vision of what I am being shown just the vision itself .

On one of the occasions of the many visions I have been given … from what I was shown I searched for anything on the internet based on what I was shown to kind of make some sense to me and the only thing I found (which was exactly what I saw but with some slight differences) which I also at one point had as my profile gab picture is the image I am going to share with this comment . I was not looking at the view upwards or downwards … I saw in straight ahead of me as portrayed in this painting .

I wish I could convey everything in a voice chat to share with you both Douglas and Tyla … but never mind I can share part of the experience right now lol.”

Our reply: It sounds like you know exactly where you are going, Bee. This is the way. I was tuned into Dante in graduate school (long before I knew about Rudolf Steiner) when I took a course in the Divine Comedy which spilled over to the paintings and drawings that Botticelli did on the poem. Their vision, in poetic and visual form, set me on course to where we are today.

Below is a Botticelli painting of Dante and the Inferno.

Reincarnation got removed from the canon

Access the PDF book. Save to your computer and read when you are ready.

British SERCO went before Congress on Sep. 10, 2013 and failed to disclose its massive conflicts of interest involving the British Crown to the American PEOPLE.

Here is the deceiver that SERCO put up as their sacrificial lamb: 

John P. Lau – SERCO Program Director (Obamacare)

PPACA Briefings Summary, HHRG-113-IF14-20130910-SD005. (Sep. 10, 2013). MEMORANDUM, Fred Upton (M 6th, Chairman), Henry A. Waxman (CA 30th, Ranking Member) 113th Congress, 2d Session, Rept. 113-716. US House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

The American Republic was ceded to Imperial Great Britain DURING World War I 

The takeover was conceived and led by founders of the Pilgrims Society operating in The City of London See the “Declaration of Interdependence” promoted by Minister of Munitions Winston Churchill, 1918 

“Britain and America ought to act together and themselves to take the first step toward the scheme of World Federation.” 

George Haven Putnam. (Jul. 04, 1918). Declaration of Interdependence. The Library of War Literature.

Scan your EYEBALL, get free money! Meet Worldcoin this is how they will control us

Listen on Bitchute: Banking Insider Warns CBDCs Will Be Implanted Chips
Listen to the video embedded on the Gab post:
Listen on Bitchute: At The Mercy Of The Big Banks by Greg Reese

OMG – you won’t believe what just popped up on the radar – OLD GLORY BANK. Y’all remember how we busted them and GloriFi Candace Owens last year and then recently their attorney contacted us and strong-armed us to remove the content we had on OLD GLORY?

New strategy for old bank: All-digital and ‘pro-America’

We told you that they were scrubbing our material because we had exposed them and they had to get rid of the evidence. Bottom line: Warn your downline about OLD GLORY BANK. Below are some of the articles that were not removed.

We wrote back on May 5, 2023: “A few weeks ago we received a demand letter from an attorney in Georgia named Mark L. Seigel to correct the record about a mistaken identity of an attorney Michael P. Ring who shares the same name and profession with another Micheal P. Ring in a different geographical location. We made the correction promptly and offered our apologies.

To Attorney Mark Seigel Law Firm in Georgia

We even made a video where we read the letter and posted it on YouTube for our audience to hear: CORRECTION AND RETRACTION


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ELANA FREELAND POSTS: “Yup. This Putin (not the previous KGB Putin years older) is his people’s hero. Interestingly, Rudolf Steiner foresees the next epoch as being primarily influenced by Slavs, my people. Looks like Putin has wise advisers and is preparing for the future, looking upon the decline of the amoral West as a heavy-duty object lesson.”

Putin and Russia Facts You Didn’t Know

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With this safety issue, porch theft, other issues in transportation, we may soon see the day that home delivery is no longer “a thing”. We will have to drive to the pick up locations and get our stuff ourselves.

They Took Blockbuster Drugs for Weight Loss and Diabetes. Now Their Stomachs Are Paralyzed + More

Modern art class. These children will grow up without a drop of organic creativity. They are ahrimanic zombies. Just pointing this out to you like Virgil did for Dante in explaining the various levels of purgatory as we move through the zones.

Listen here:

Bewildered From Pure Bliss