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What are memes? They are advertisements – just like the ones Madison Avenue advertising world has been pushing on consumers for decades, from why you should smoke cigarettes or take a ‘vaccine’ – to why a breakfast cereal filled with poison is good for your children or why you should buy an electric vehicle and stay-put in your 15 minute city.

The Babylonian Radhanites and their minions do not like our “advertisements” because we are pushing TRUTH AWARENESS “advertising” through humor and insight. The globalist team can’t meme so this is why they want meme weapons to be censored.

Bank Bends the Knee to Farage: Cancels Closure of Account in Desperate Bid to End Growing Scandal

So here I am on Gab, minding my own business, “chopping off the heads” of the brainwashed, ignorant, and shills, and I get this message from an avatar called @American_Folk who wrote:

“I solved a big mystery for the Christians among us!
I have located the Spear of Destiny! It appears a Gab user, @Gabriels_Horn, has it in hisher possession and if you make fun of him heshe will print out your profile and lay it on top of it.

Apparently, favoring a National Socialist structure of civil and economic governance, promoting White European identity and interests, and opposing zionism and international jewish hate is vile in the eyes of her Christian lord.

I have been informed that I’m in for a world class spiritual douching until I repent. To be clear: There will be no french fries. No foot massages.
Just suffering and torment. Will keep you updated.”

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Reply back to @American_Folk:

We replied to @American_Folk:

@American_Folk we wouldn’t call it a “douching”, rather a cleansing. And you asked for it in your original text where you mocked us for holding the Spear of Destiny.

We actually had a top researcher, Michael McKibben, verify the provenance of the spear who verified its authenticity from the time it was used in the Crusades until the time Cicada 3301 gave it to us for winning their puzzle that year called “Q”.

You can find the provenance and backstory here:

Cats know how to pounce on shills. We have spent years studying the enemy and know where and how they hide among us. Keep pouncing, kitties. Call out their b.s. propaganda and lies.

Note to @Hagiagraphia:

“I’ve got a new shill on the line today – an author named ‘Susan Bradford’ – who asked us to promote her poorly researched material in which she called Michael “the self-proclaimed inventor of social media”.

I sent back a scathing email that I wouldn’t recommend her material to anyone who dismissed Mike and his invention in such a cavalier, unresearched way. Do her other books contain such sloppy research? Inquiring cats want to know.

So I went to her site at to see her bookshelf and blog and spotted a huge, hairy globalist narrative. Then, I went to her bio page and BINGO BANGO Susan is a shilly-girl.

– CBS-TV News in Los Angeles
– University of Essex
– founded and edited the European Review, the departmental publication for the Centre for European Studies which published articles on European economic, strategic, and political integration from leading heads of states.
Senior Research Fellow for the Atlantic Council
– Acting Editor of the New Atlantic Initiatives, an eponymous newsletter
based upon the NAI which documented the emergence of a TAFTA (Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement), as conceived by Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, and Helmut Schmidt to establish a common market merging NAFTA and the European Union.
– she relocated to Washington, DC where she joined Fox News Channel as a producer for Brit Hume’s Special Report and Fox News Sunday.
worked as assignments editor for the Voice of America

Yeah, whatever, Susan. Good luck convincing cats that you are anything other than a globalist puppet. Cats know how to identify the enemy camp and its propagandists.

Globalist shill Susan Bradford as pictured on her bio page.

If that isn’t enough to make you spit hairballs, in the video below, we have shills coming together to shill in unison as though we can’t spot them for what they are.

Share the shilliness with your downline: Video on YouTube:

Who is Sarah Westall? @DSI_News reports in this post:

Sarah Westall Cardona
Married to Mexican Cartel
Pepe Cardona supporter of Obama
CIA front for Robert David Steele’s propaganda


Look at those GOPe weenies falling in the polls… surprised meatball has 17%. Good to see people waking up to Soros man Vivek Swampy Swamy. Haley is still and always a globalist turd. Judas 30 Pence is a traitor. Source of poll.

Listen on Rumble:

St. Luke’s Health System’s (Ada County, Idaho [Boise]) INTERLOCKED attack on former Idaho gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy, his family, and supporters.

See official website. BlackRock, Vanguard, Deloitte, E&Y, PWC are evidently sitting in the wings, pulling the strings

Kate Fowler, the St. Luke’s CFO willing to shill for her auditor handlers Their tactic is obvious: make up wild claims, support them with accounting BS from your hip-pocket auditor, then pressure the judge into backing your outrageous crocodile tears.

Hey British sycophants, this is what a real American looks like:

Life Magazine’s biography of Joseph Stalin was paid for by the C.I.A. that also received the royalties.·     

Read the discussion for how to make the Soviet Union propraganda read as evil as possible·     

What was the truth? Certainly not what we were fed.·     

Time and Life magazines were propaganda tools of MI6-CIA propagandists who lied to the public at every opportunity.·     

This information is emerging from the just-released JFK Assassination Records. World-Class Demons – British Pilgrims Society propaganda operatives

Claire Luce, Boothe. (ca., Nov. 14, 1941). CIA FILE ON CLAIRE BOOTHE LUCE. JFK Assassination Records – 2023 Additional Documents Release, Time, Life, Sports Illustratedinterlocked via husband Henry Luce, owner. File No. 80T01357A. National Archives.

Source: ] 

Claire Luce was married to Henry Luce, co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society, founder of Time, Life, Sports Illustrated. The Luces are shown by these just released JFK Assassination Records to be longtime MI6-CIA agents, including their collaboration with William J. Donovan, chief of the OSS. Grandson Henry Luce III, was president of the Pilgrims Society 1995-2005, along with Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker

These documents prove that Kissinger was also a Pilgrims Society operative conspiring with the Luces’ anti-Soviet propaganda.

Life Magazine’s biography of Joseph Stalin was paid for by the C.I.A. that received the royalties.

NOTE: At this time Kissinger was employed by The Rockefeller Foundation

Discussion on how to skew the book to full on propaganda: “Government by Journalism” British W. T. Stead

This is what we all came to believe… it was all faked.

Time Magazine, WAR MONGERING

Read how CUCKS in the spy business fold like cheap suits to make a few bucks: Coward.

An MI6, CIA front (aka “Five Eyes”)

American Express has been a shill for MI6 and its CIA minion since WWII

75 years later, the US Government is still hiding the truth of the MI6-CIA espionage

The MI6-C.I.A. fabrication of a “Cold Warrior”

Lasky received Marshall Plan (British Pilgrims Society post-war financing) funding to create the German-language journal Der Monat (“The Month”). The journal also received funding from the Ford Foundation and the CIA. According to CIA official Ray S. Cline the journal “would not have been able to survive financially without CIA funds.