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jazz war @fullmetaltruth posts: “Oookay, picking up from a very recent @Gabriels_Horn post, is this lady going to great lengths to spin a yarn or does that thread run through most people, especially the ones who have had the bioweapon hoax, does this explain all those Bluetooth pings from folk ?
if so then watch this and brace yourself, it also might explain trumps space force and his conversion to the Jafia. (mafia belonging to the Radhanites)”

This video is a great intro for today’s Cat Report. Don’t let Sabrina’s quirkiness be off-putting. She is climbing her own unique path to the truth summit where she finds all us AIMcats at the top.

Technical Presentation: WBAN on a 6gloPAN and your electromagnetic body part

Let folks know about Sabrina’s videos. It is time!

@nhazadian posts: “We’d have a chance to follow this if she made the PDF available. Anyway, she’s got a better presentation at which is mostly coherent. As a computer engineer, pending further investigation, I tend to believe her.”

Have you met the Guardian of the Threshold

How does the Qube work? What is the “answer room”? What is the third force?

Read teh article here:
Post refers to the article above.

We developed our ASCEND diet to help you prepare your physical body for the attacks that were being made on it…back then, and still today.

To get started, go to the ASCEND DIET at: It is free and you can download anything in it. Please share widely so that others can begin to heal and recover from Body Area Network attacks.

Does the ASCEND diet work? The picture below is Douglas 7 years ago (screen shot from the video below on the Qube) just as we had begun his healing protocols (which were more than the Ascend Diet, alone).

As many of you know, Douglas’ health at this time was bad and declining. He was even given last rites at the hospital at the end of 2019. Below is Douglas today. His secret: The Ascend Diet.

The Gabriels developed the Qube and antennae called sigils for our own electromagnetic protection before we started our investigative work and blogging on the internet. We knew the electromagnetic forces were damaging and we needed a “shield” to push away this detrimental energy. Our Qube system works from a higher dimension than electromagnetism.

Print sigils for free, and as many as you need, here:

There are other devices you can use in your environment or some that you can wear. I would recommend contacting AIMCat Paul at 

and on Gab @basicstowellness for pro-tips. Paul is an engineer and spiritual scientist. He charges for his consultations and products.

Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 11, 2023. This is an audio from Mike Adams. Then below, Sabrina Wallace responds to his remarks.

Bioweapons whistleblower Karen Kingston says she’s being hunted by the CIA for ASSASSINATION

Sabrina has been discussing Karen on her channel and in the video below points to Kingston as a victim of the technology that she describes in the video at the top of the page. IT’S ALL CONNECTED!!

Malfoy is innocent!

On Odysee:

@CoachisCool dropped in with this modification and created a meme about the fires in Lahaina, Maui, visually representing the first chapter of The Gospel of Sophia: The Biographies of the Divine Feminine.

Are Ron and other politicians literally being mind controlled with the technology that Sabrina explains?

We take C60 daily and have been since we discussed it on a Cat Report many moons ago. @Notadoc reminds us all about its uses. If you have specific questions, ask him on Gab.

How is C60 different from Graphene Oxide?

Ask NotaDoc about c60 here:


Watch on Bitchute:
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For the record, Sabrina, we are not a fan of this bloviator either…but for another set of reasons: