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The Head Miner writes us:

“Woke up after a dream in which my home router caught fire. This router is accessible to the cloud without the permission of the owner. Therefore, it is possible for a third party in the cloud to send software signals to your router to cause it to overheat and catch fire. The signals from routers could act as direction finding devices for directed-energy laser weapons also, or in tandem.” 

ROUTERS: The ultimate location device, almost always open to the Internet via ISPs

Meet Carl W. Northrup, the man who controls MOBI Wireless in Maui, and is interlocked by his FCC lawyering with all the major Internet Service Providers in Maui, Hawaii, almost all owned and controlled by Vanguard, Blackrock, Fidelity & Goldman Sachs. His bio, as well as those of his law partners, hides his perfidy. His face hides lack of morality. His word-salad biography hides his undisclosed interlocking relationships. War Zone = Kill Zone

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I was just sitting down to write up instructions on how you can make Wonder Water, when Ann sent me this email out-of-the-blue and is actually giving a testimonial of an ah-ha that she had after listening to this video:

Did the Gabriels Discover the Elixir of Life?

Ann writes:

“Dear Tyla,

Oh My! I have had bad callouses on the heels for over 15 years. My pedicure lady – same one for 20 years -has to work very hard to clean them up. Starting April of 2022, I was at an appointment, and she was astounded to see SMOOTH FEET! She wondered what I was doing.  

I had not noticed them, as it was totally unexpected change. She thought when the cold weather would come, my feet would get bad again – no they did not!

This has been very puzzling to me, but in a great way.  Mystery solved! I have many of your sigils all over, and have shared them with many others, and I am thinking now that I have received the energy of your elixir water through the ethers via the sigil. I have a very strong belief system about things like this, so I am just knocked out that you even mentioned SOFT FEET in the latest video. I assume that if the feet have repaired, there are OTHER things unseen that have also repaired! Would love to know how many others have SOFT FEET now…Thanks a million for all your great work!

Our response:

Basically, this is what I wanted to say to everyone interested in experiencing the results of Wonder Water. After making the Wonder Water, we started working on the Qube and included the same vibrations found in the elixir into the Qube which resonates out to all sigils. Just get a clear glass bottle (pictured below is a bottle called a Boston Round); slap a sigil on it, and keep it in a sunny place for recharging (although with Ann’s testimony, who knows if it has to stay in the sun). I add water at the half-way mark.

You can print as many sigils as you like. I took an high-res image to the printer and had a roll of transparent ones made – or you can print on your own transparent labels. Of course, they work fine on regular paper.

You can bet all of my routers, appliances, computers, and vehicles have sigils affixed to them.

In my opinion, as a naturopath and spiritual scientist, these particular sigils send a message to detrimental frequencies and energies attempting to intrude my space to move away OR begin to change to a beneficial energy of equal or greater force, intention, energy.

The vlogger below is a professional HAM radio operator. Lots of f-bombs, but he explains the electronic networks that Sabrina does, but coming from a different angle. Inside the links are the other videos related to this one below.

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@Rickruffin writes:

“Most of us have heard the rumor/news that TSA will start wearing masks in mid-September, pilots in mid-October and everybody by mid-December.

Sabrina Wallace is angry at folks who warn of the coming lockdown without giving a defense strategy. Lawfare won’t work. Guns won’t work. Why? According to Sabrina, they already have a “civilian targeting program” that uses (already placed) in the body bio-sensors to attack and control us. These sensors are “in, not on your body” and can be used as “soft kill weapons” with “wireless tissue engineering”.

Sabrina is mad because she believes that the folks who are warning us KNOW about this, but are not saying…”

Headed back into lockdown

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Peter writes:

Here is the dilemma that I face regarding Sabrina.  Her information is very much needed as a credible source in the times that we are facing.  I have sent something similar to what I am requesting of you to her directly through her info link at her website. 

We are all in this together as beings of light, and we know that we will win in the end.  What is given to me is different from your gifts so I treat all with equal respect.  That said, here it is.  Sabrina is like many high level scientists and technical people, but she is just beginning her spiritual path.  I can see some of the mistakes that she is making, and unfortunately, they may be some that you and Douglas are still learning about.  Does that make me better than you, of course not.  What it does is to create a dilemma. 

Specifics:  Crystals and homeopathic aromatherapy are nice and uplifting.  I could go into piezoelectric effects and such, but they do not adequately shield from psychic and electronic assaults.  How do we maintain our awareness, sensitivity, and remain in the world?  I have chosen not to repair to a idyllic landed estate, although I have some of those skills needed to survive.  I too have considered those that are chipped, have received graphene hydroxide self-assembling nanoparticles, as M2M interfaces for the Nephilim.  Perhaps. 

The ability to see auras was important to Douglas until he faced its loss.  Sabrina considers it a gift not asked for, but she has to deal with it.  I like the verse in Isaiah 42:16, “I will bring the blind by a way that they know not, and lead them into paths that they have not known.”  Having traveled in India and learned to intuit, I can think beyond my normal training as a western scientist.  Does this mean that I can see auras?  Not to my knowledge.  Can I see feelings in people, yes, just as with pets who are much more attuned to this ability.  I am sure this is why you admire the cat tribe. 

In a funny, but true account, I was standing in line to speak to Hillary Clinton when she was campaigning for Bill in Tucson, Arizona.  When I got face to face with her, I was startled as I asked my question – there was no one inside of her!  Literally, I saw no human soul.  What is the answer to my question that I posed to you and Douglas?  How can we see without being able to see if our pineal gland has been calcified, or implants have blocked our ability to hear Creator?   I always remember that if I can hear God, I do not need to rely upon my own senses.  When I need discernment, I am given it.  When I need to preserve my innocence in the midst of chaos, that too can be achieved through faith.

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Everyone gets a state of emergency!

Nevada Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to Tropical Storm Hilary

M5.1 Earthquake strikes Southern California below RADAR station!! DEW weathermod (dutchsinse)



State of emergency declared in Washington state with three wildfires forcing thousands to evacuate

Hawaii Governor Josh Green Says More than 1,000 Still Missing in Maui – Many Are Children

Sounds like a massive child trafficking or Moloch fire sacrifice ritual. Did Jeff Epstein relocate to Maui and is helping O. set up her own “island operation”? Too many bad actors and globalist narratives that point to Maui becoming OPRAH EPSTEIN ISLAND.

Ron @7seven7 posts:

“If you are experiencing a change in yourself anything like what I’ve been going through these past few years I can relate to how much these words of wisdom provide an answer to what I can only call it a falling away. Where in I am seeing everything with a new eye. The curtain withdrawn and seeing the absolute absurdity of our sick society, the progression of how it was implemented into a control mechanism of our lives and how we are to live them. The illusion is so complex that describing it would take years to unpack.

Suffice it to say I’m seeing and thinking everything with new eyes and its very disconcerting and somewhat traumatizing. I’m am forever thankful that these CATs have adopted me. This mornings lesson really helped as today was extreme in feeling how far from the herd I’ve traveled and possibly why.”

The Civilization of the Seven Seals and the Seven Trumpets. By Rudolf Steiner

The Apocalypse of St. John, Rudolf Steiner, June 26, 1908, Nuremberg, GA 104 Lecture III Lecture III

Humanity will finally he divided into beings who practise white magic and those who practise black magic. Thus in the mystery of 666 or Sorath is hidden the secret of black magic; and the tempter to black magic, that most fearful crime in the earth evolution, with which no other crimes can be compared, this seducer is represented by the writer of the Apocalypse as the two-horned beast.

Thus there appears on our horizon, so to speak, the division of humanity in the far distant future; the chosen of Christ, who finally will be the white magicians, and the adversaries, the terrible wizards, the black magicians who cannot escape from matter and whom the writer of the Apocalypse describes as those who make prostitution with matter. Hence this whole practice of black magic, the union which takes place between man and the hardening in matter is presented to him in the spiritual vision of the great Babylon, the community made up of all those who carry on black magic; in the frightful marriage, or rather, unrestrained marriage, between man and the forces of prostituted matter.

And thus in the far future we see two powers confronting each other; on the one hand those who swell the population of the great Babylon, and on the other hand chose who rise above matter, who as human beings unite with the principle represented as the Lamb. We see how on the one hand the blackest ones segregate themselves in Babylon, led by all the forces opposing the sun, by Sorath the two-horned beast, and we see those who have developed front the elect, who unite with Christ, or the Lamb, who appears to them; the marriage of the Lamb on the one hand, and that of Babylon, the descending Babylon, on the other!

We see Babylon descend into the abyss, and the elect, who have celebrated the marriage with the Lamb, rise to the exercise of the forces of white magic. And as they not only recognize the spiritual forces but also understand how to operate then magically, they are able to prepare what they possess in the earth for the next planetary incarnation, Jupiter. They sketch out the great outlines, so to speak, which Jupiter is to have. We see the preparatory forms, which are to survive as the forms of the next earth incarnation, as Jupiter, come forth by the power of the white magicians: we see the New Jerusalem produced by white magic.

But that which is described as Sorath – 666 – must first be expelled. That which has succumbed to the principle of the two-horned beast, and hence has hardened itself into the beast with the seven heads and ten horns, is driven forth. The power by which the sun-genius overcomes those who are expelled, which drives them down into the abyss, is called the countenance of the sun-genius and the countenance of the sun-genius is Michael, who, as the representative, so to speak, of the sun-genius, overcomes the beast with the two horns, the seducer, which is also called the great dragon. This is represented to the seer in the picture of Michael who has the key, who stands by the side of God and holds the opposing forces chained.