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For years, we have been encouraging cats to prepare their bio-arks, which is your bio field expanded out to your living environment. We have taught you methods of fortifying your bio field/ark through nutrition, spiritual development, the art of living, prayer and meditation.

The bio field is your spiritual coat of armor. Evil cannot penetrate a healthy bio field. Evil’s resonance is lower and denser and is repelled by the higher vibrations of a healthy, intact bio field.

In order to conquer the world for Satan, the evil ones have attacked our bio fields for generations. They attempt to weaken the human bio field and allow their evil to penetrate the human being. The latest example of this is through the use of fearmongering and intimidation to get people to willingly inject harmful substances into their bloodstreams.

In this Cat Report, we feature videos that explain the bio field in technical and spiritual ways. For those of you who have studied anthroposophy, you can see the technical ahrimanic world – Ahriman – trying to overtake the Christ impulse.

The Bio-Electric Body

The author of the video below writes in his show notes: “In this video I highlight features and processes within our bio-electrical body. We are electromagnetic frequency creatures; we vibrate and resonate on the earths electrical heartbeat, a frequency between 8-10 HZ. Our bodies are designed for and integrated into the earths electrical and magnetic field and bio-cycles.

Following features are highlighted: the spirit/physical body/electrical senses/meridian system/bio-field/chakras/bio-cycles/celldivision and duplication/bio-antenna/magnetites/pineal gland/piezoelectricity/cell ATP charge/discharge/krebcycle/DNA/scalar field and waves/golden mean/aether/recharging DNA/moving electrons/water crystals/frequency and resonance/water conductivity/sound/universal building blocks/PH within the body/charge of body cells and functions/infliction of EM radiation on cells functions and polarity/charged particles in air/toxicity/Radiation Matters

The matrix fueled by modern technologies is creating electromagnetic radiation through powerlines, radar, LFR and HFR waves through antenna systems, WIFI, Bluetooth and many other systems are all changing our magnetic and electrical evironment, which on the long run causes toxicity of our bodies, igniting sickness and chronic decease on planetary scale. Going into a new decennia, we humans need to gain awareness and knowledge of the Electric Magnetic universe we all live in, through the use of modern technologies creating new perceptions our society gets disconnected from its natural habitat, the electric field of the earth. Our environment gets bombarded with many new frequencies of which most do not resonate with electrical senses of the body and mind.”

Bioenergy Demonstration by Dr. Valerie Hunt. (Please note that this is a “demonstration”; we do not suggest that she actually filmed the bio field. However, the demonstration is still relevant to an understanding of the bio field.

Unfolding the Grail of your heart

Watch on Rumble: Thats What IT is (
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Sigils and shungite.

AIMcats have been discussing the use of shungite, buckyballs, and sigils since 2018.

How to Antidote EMFs and 5G

Join Betsy and Thomas for the Evening Corona Cocktail Hour

Shungite is easy and inexpensive to obtain. Just type “shungite for sale” in your browser. Or head down to your local rock and crystal shop. They come as bracelets and jewelry , geometric shapes, large balls, statement pieces. Get a piece that “speaks” to you.

The True Story Of #Shungite and #Fullerenes

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How To Activate The Third Eye (The Pineal Gland) | Ancient Wisdom

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Educating the Etheric Body Pt 1

Educating the Etheric Body Pt 2

Thank you Ann Francis for the gift of the book Dancing with Water and two tensor rings. Posting them here to share with others as a way we can all keep improving our water – which is the core of lessons 1 and 2 of the ASCEND diet.

(This is not a solicitation for gifts. However, Douglas and I know the importance of giving as a spiritual activity and this is why we offer our materials and videos as free deeds to all of you cats. On the other hand, it is also important to accept and recognize the act of receiving as a spiritual activity. We receive Ann’s gift in this spirit and bless everyone who ‘gives and receives’ as an deed of spiritual activity.)

Burning Man 2023 – Monday Afternoon Exodus

The Burning Man mudpocalypse could have ended as a huge disaster. I was wondering if cats would treat the situation with sigils. Knowing that you were involved, Paul, means that your were also treating it with other protocols as well as the sigils. @basicstowellness

To all of you that did the same, bless you.

Demons in the Human Being

Throughout our continued studies of demons and their effects on humans, it is important to remember that everyone has “demons” in them. These demons do good things for good people and bad things for bad people. The point is, not all demons are bad. An initiate (esoteric) can use these fallen forces and beings on the path of ascension to advance the work. A materialist (non-esoteric) may experience these demons as very negative forces that frighten, hinder, and stop the unworthy from approaching the spiritual world. These demons even create illnesses in the unconscious materialist.

Some of these Luciferic and Ahrimanic demons are called incubi and succubi who terrorize the immoral person as they attempt to cross the threshold of sleep. These “night demons” are there to cause the immoral person to examine their conscience and redeem their negative karma. Thus, not all demons do bad work; some are there to direct us towards the spirit instead of redeeming the frightening immorality within us.

Esoteric Lessons II, Rudolf Steiner, Lesson 35, October 23, 1911, Berlin, GA 266/2

“Our education may have gotten us to the point where we don’t tell any big lies, but we may still have the desire to appear better than we are or to conceal the truth if it would make us look bad. All of this has a harmful effect on all world events. Such dishonesties work on our astral body, then on the life body’s light ether and then on our physical nerves. Azazel makes us aware of all such dishonesties. He, and the beings he leads, mostly have human heads with raven’s wings. After expressing egoism, envy, and hate we wake-up from sleep with a feeling of disgust that must be ascribed to our doppelganger’s action. One who tends towards dishonesty wakes up after sleep with a choking, scratchy feeling in his throat. He will feel as if he was being pinched by pincers and tortured by a thousand arms. Azazel and his hosts do that. And if we sense his action in the way indicated, it should make us realize how deeply entangled in lies and dissimulations we still are.

There’s a difference between esoterics and non-esoterics in their relation to Lucifer’s hosts. For instance, Azazel and his hosts want to produce good effects on the latter, since they only work on them in a complementary way, as it were, and not to make them sick. That is because esoteric pupils are expected to be fully aware of their responsibility towards the world and themselves.

Indifference and dullness with respect to spiritual worlds works directly on the ego, from there on the astral body, then on the life body’s chemical ether and then on the body’s glands and fluids. Azael is at work in this. Azael and his hosts only want to bring about good effects in non-esoterics by working on them in a supplementary way, and not so that he makes them sick.

It will take a long time for us to notice any results from our exercises and for a being called Azazel to begin to draw our attention to our superficiality, Samael and Azazel must both bring something out of us, but a third being must bring us something also. He must bring us a longing for a higher, spiritual life. It’s only by going further on the path, by eagerly continuing the meditations that it will dawn on him that maya must fall away before he can know the truth of spiritual reality; Azazel brings us this knowledge; he preserves man from spiritual or intellectual drowning. Then there is Mehazael. He awakens the feeling in us and makes us aware that we are bound to time and space.”

Lesson 36

“It is our karma from previous incarnations that holds us fast. If our spiritual exercises would immediately take us up into the spiritual world before we took care of our karma, the result would be a long fall. Mehazel is the leader of these hosts who fix us to the earth. Like Samael, Azazel and Azael we get to know him when we descend into our interior. Then we’ll really see that our interior is a field of action for demons, and as it says in the Bible: My name is Legion. We’re supposed to become acquainted with these beings on our esoteric path so that we become sensible and gradually outgrow them. Azael works in such a way that he harmonizes what arises through dullness with respect to the spiritual world. We take over Azael’s work when we acquire equanimity. Equanimity doesn’t mean to jubilate or to complain about pain, but to recognize the reality of karmic action in everything. We shouldn’t just believe in the karma idea theoretically but should sense that karma is active in everything that hits us. This is the scourging stage in Christian initiation, that is, one should calmly confront all the pains of life that hit us like the blows of a whip and know that they’re conditioned karmically. That’s true equanimity.

It’s only by going further on the path, by eagerly continuing the meditations that it will dawn on him that maya must fall away before he can know the truth, spiritual reality; Azazel brings us this knowledge; he preserves man from spiritual or intellectual drowning. Mehazael awakens the feeling in us and makes us aware that we are bound to time and space. The best way to clarify this is to place a condition before our soul that many of us have experienced. This is when we wake up in the morn and feel burdened by duties and worries that are like chains that the new day brings with it. Mehazael shows us our karma. We will be able to bear this burden more easily as soon as we tread the esoteric path. Mehazael shows it to us so that we don’t resist it uselessly; for thereby we would only make our karma worse instead of shaking if off. These four Luciferic forces are a blessing for us. We saw that every time we let our rage and hate run wild and we don’t master our passions, we pulverize something in us and in cosmic substance, into which our feelings, sensations, and thoughts flow continuously.”

Lesson 37

“Another dishonesty that’s hard to notice is the following. We often think that enthusiasm is driving us into spiritual worlds, whereas we only want to wallow in the enjoyment of the feeling that results from occupying oneself with such things. Now if we do our exercises correctly and we want to press into spiritual worlds, we might get a feeling of being choked or of someone sitting on our chest. The Luciferic being who causes this is Azazel. He hinders us from entering the spiritual world before we have gotten rid of all lies.

Another quality we must also get rid of is avoiding one’s karma, instead of courageously going to meet it. Under such circumstances if we want to press into the world of real things, we’ll wake up in the morning with a feeling of being fettered, as if we were returning to a prison, and our whole body will hurt. This is brought about by Mehazael. Of course, non-esoterics must also bear the consequences of their defects, but they become manifest in them differently – as corporeal diseases for instance – and they don’t become aware of why they got something like that.

The good Gods have, as it were, hired certain Luciferic spirits to keep the qualities of men that don’t belong in their world out of it. One of them is Samael, who counteracts our hate and envy. We notice him through the feverishness that befalls us as long as we’re still full of these defects.”

Now do you understand why all Cat Reports have a sigil posted on them?