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Cats will give a sigh of relief that they have been using protection against the electronic attacks on their bio fields for several years now. The ASCEND diet helps you cleanse your physical body and fortifies your spirit and soul. We have educated AIMCats about shungite, crystals, emf protectors, sigils, and more. These are the protocols, practices, and devices that the Gabriels use themselves and share with you with gratitude.

Scroll below for other suggested devices that can assist you in rebuilding your electric body after years of attack from electronic warfare. You don’t have to do all of the protocols and devices we recommend; we give suggestions and price ranges, then ask you to select what resonates with you.

Hope & Tivon Meet With Todd Calander To Discuss Wireless Body Area Network, Visual Light Communication And Optogenetics.

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From the desk of Dr. Douglas Gabriel:

Emergency Medical Update

HARPA Wet-works will Control Your Health “Security”

If you thought BARDA was pure evil, wait until you hear about HARPA which will eventually control everyone’s health, both physical and mental. In the near future, if your wireless Oura Ring or medical sensor device wrist-watch gives a read-out that says you are “ill” – the government medical experts will “beam” to you the “antidote” through the already existing and operative 6G Wireless Body Area Network and hydrogel injections. These are the wet-work devices that AIM4Truth warned you about years ago – the Internet of the Body or the Aggressive Remote Control of All Things (Richard C. Walker patent). This is the last battle of Pharmaceutical WWIII, and it looks like the mad scientists have won the day. Now, the work of BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) has been put on steroids. This is a mild (Big-Pharma) description of BARDA from Wikipedia:

“The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) office responsible for the procurement and development of medical countermeasures, principally against bioterrorism, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, as well as pandemic influenza and emerging diseases.  BARDA was established in 2006 through the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act and reports to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. The office manages Project BioShield, which funds the research, development and stockpiling of vaccines and treatments that the government could use during public health emergencies such as chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attacks.”

Now we have HARPA, which will take what we have seen with the pandemic and amplify it into total medical tyranny. The new NIH (HHS) agency that is a DARPA for health, which merges “national security” and “health security”, has an overall budget of $51 billion dollars and a plan to give American’s individual blood streams completely over to untested, dangerous, toxic, experimental medical procedures that sound like bad Sci-fi. This life-threatening procedures will lead to a medical dystopia.

HARPA’s website demonstrates their nefarious agenda:

ARPA-H or HARPA (from Wikipedia)

“The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) is an independent entity within the National Institutes of Health.

Its mission is to “make pivotal investments in break-through technologies and broadly applicable platforms, capabilities, resources, and solutions that have the potential to transform important areas of medicine and health for the benefit of all patients and that cannot readily be accomplished through traditional research or commercial activity.”

ARPA-H was approved by Congress with the passing of H.R. 2471, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022 and was signed into Public Law 117-103 by U.S. president Joe Biden on March 15, 2022. 15 days later Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra announced that the agency will have access to the resources of the National Institutes of Health, but will answer to the HHS Secretary. The agency initially has a $1 billion budget to be used before fiscal year 2025 (October 2024) and the Biden administration has requested much more funding from Congress. On September 13, 2022, Biden announced his intent to appoint Renee Wegrzyn, formerly of the DARPA biotech office, as the agency’s inaugural director, but it is still unknown where its headquarters will be located. In December 2022, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 (Pub.L. 117-328) provided $1.5 billion for ARPA-H for fiscal year 2023. The Biden administration is requesting $2.5 billion for FY2024.”

See Wikipedia article on HARPA (ARPA-H) at:

Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health

A good overview on ARPA-H (HARPA) is found in this article:

Eric Smidt and Eric Lander’s new group, The Broad Institute, will control HARPA (ARPA-H) which will control predictive crime assessment (DEEP), predictive viral infections (SAFE HOME), pandemic determination, real-time wireless health assessments, etc. These wireless readings will control whether you will be able to leave your home.

Phosphorene – The New Graphene Oxide

Many of the mainstay medical procedures (called Precision Medicine) now incorporate something even more deadly than graphene oxide and PEG. Phosphorene is now replacing graphene oxide and is opto-electrical and can stimulate phosphorene in the human body through electromagnetic frequencies. Here is an article from Wikipedia about phosphorene:,a%20single%20layer%20of%20graphite.


We are electro magnetic beings after all… (

New nanochip can reprogram cells directly in your body 

A cat reported that when she was at the farmers market recently, a man with a shirt that had an IEEE logo was holding a phone and pointing it at people. He was not texting or talking on the phone. He could have been collecting WBAN data from people to identify the levels of graphene oxide and to get their IP body addresses.

Ron Spence responded:

Interesting remarks on the farmers market. FYI, as a active vendor in the farmers market venues in my area, here are my observations.
1. Marketeers are very awake and aware.
2. Most are unjabbed.
3. Most are anti system.
4. They love cash.
5. Most have quit the system and became marketeers because they are aware of how they have been screwed in the current system.
6. Unfortunately many still ride the Trump train.
Fall season begins tomorrow and the major markets from now to Christmas begin. Markets are great for many reasons so folks, please buy your gifts and needs from us and not the Corporations that wish to enslave us. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for IEEE people monitoring and update if I find anything fishy going on.

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Body Electric: Electroceuticals and the Future of Medicine

Kathleen Kennedy Memorializes Spiritual Journey of Douglas Gabriel in Several Hollywood Blockbuster

Why Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy Is Much Worse Than People Think

Cats everywhere. Meow.


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My Tesla violet ray machine was returned to me by a neighbor who, as well as her husband, was having back and hip pain. They did a few sessions and pains were gone. Douglas and I tried it when we first got it. John Barnwell brought us one a few weeks ago. Douglas tried it on some back and hip discomfort – gone the next day with only one session. Hasn’t come back.

I tried it on some ankle soreness. One session. By next day I forgot I had the pain.

With all of this material we are seeing on auras, chakras, and WBAN, I think the big secret that Tesla knew was the reason these devices were taken off the market long ago – it brings coherence and healing to the body’s electrical fieldd. You can still get them online as antique pieces.

BTW – the vintage ones were manufactured in Detroit – the spiritual capitol of America.

Check out the new versions here:

The Violet Ray – Heal Thyself with Dr. J.P. Amonte

High Voltage Tubes Episode 1 : The Master Violet Ray No. 11

We are trying out the Tesla violet ray machine and will keep you posted on our personal findings. Our years of research have shown us that anything ‘good’ that is made that can be weaponized against the humans by the Babylonian Radhanite satantists, will be. When I listen to Sabrina and her synergist friends, I think about how much good this electronic medical technology could have done for humanity. Instead it was turned to something evil.

Which got me wondering….

What WAS the original “good” in these inventions that interfaced with our electric bodies? Did Tesla discover that electricity could strengthen the immune system, the auras and chakras (spiritual armor), heal and repair bones, tissue and blood? Certainly can’t have that in the hands of the people when Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner had set their 200-year plan for world domination and depopulation – so perhaps the enemy stole Tesla’s inventions; called his purple ray machine quack medicine, and ridicule naturopaths and energy workers to this day.

Another device I love using is the Cymatic AMI 750. Some of you cats may remember that I purchased this several years ago and update you now and again about it. Well, I still use it. Almost daily. Just place it under my feet while sitting in the study.

When we were doing some renovations in the house this year, I put it away for about 3-4 months and whoa could I tell a difference in not using it. At the surface level, it makes my skin feel really soft and keeps the sun splotches on my aging skin minimized. I can only imagine what it is doing to my internal organs.

Long before I watched Sabrina and connected the dots of electricity-‘hands-on healing’-biofields-and auras, I felt my chakras being energized, or ‘recharging’, when using the device. It is not inexpensive. At the time I purchased mine it was around $4k.