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‘A-D-L’ is not spelled out in the headline as Google and big brother bots might catch it and censor this page like it did with the post below.

Even the Bible is in agreement. TheY are not Jews. They are the Synagogue of Satan. Jesus Said so.

Revelations 3 & 9 Them of the synagogue of satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie.

Ironically, the article does not criticize Jews, it criticizes Jewish imposters (the ADL). This removal is essentially an admission!

See for yourself:
No worries folks, AFI has everything backed up to republish

Remarkably, they admit the removal was triggered by ROBOTS.

What appears to have triggered it? The latest research just reported about the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) (see PDF above)

Here are the notices given to AFI authors:

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Our reply: You are soooo correct, David Veitch. We have been mulling over ways to better present AFI’s amazing research in a way that is easily distributed and downloaded to people around the world. We will use this down-time (censure) to revamp the site and presentation of research. Our originals are intact and just need to be uploaded – so give us a little time.

Plus, Mike and the AFI team are working to complete MySQIF. Your names were collected early on so that there is not an obvious trail of who requested to be on the list to be the first to use this ground-breaking anti-spying technology. Lots of work going on in the mines. And, yes, you can support Mike and the Miners efforts here by offering a love donation to help complete the TRUTH HISTORY project.

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Another Truth-Teller Censored!

Dr. Berg Gets Censured (Silenced)

Why haven’t Clinton and Zuckerberg been arrested for election rigging?

Investigators. (May 05, 2016). PROOF: Hillary Clinton Crimes: Facebook Witness Tampering & Election Rigging. Anonymous Patriots.


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Surround yourself with good vibrations

The Electric Purple Snake-Oil Machine  [Article from the IEEE.]

The violet ray machine’s Tesla coil could cure almost anything—supposedly

This is Why Everyone’s Googling OCTOBER 4TH

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What if EMFs and 5G actually accelerated the process of ascension for those who have prepared their bio-fields to resonate at ‘higher’ frequencies? By increasing your life vibration through processes that Douglas and I have presented to you over the years, is it possible that electromagnetic frequencies could actually “feed”, instead of destroy, our bio fields?

Could this be the reason the Babylonian Radhanites have been working for centuries to destroy our health through bad food and pharmaceuticals, as well as our faith in God through their programs of communism, socialism, and all the other isms in history? Not to mention all the witches who were burned at the stake for healing others through the coherence of the bio field.

The bio fields of countless humans have been compromised for generations and a blast of 5G might be the kill shot for those filled with graphene oxide.

The Synagogue of Satan does not want humanity ascend to Jesus Christ. The Babylonian Radhanites who make up this satanic organization want to hold humanity back from the evolutionary process and make us their ahrimanic slaves.

But for those of us that are following the ASCEND diet and adding special protection (something of its kind), our bio fields are strong and keep us protected. We have a spiritual coat of armor that evil cannot penetrate.

The Bio-Electric Body

I was just asked a question under a video on Douglas’ YT channel about the child of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene…the viewer wanted to know what I thought. And this is what I have to say which is my opinion and if you don’t care for it, ok fine.

There is Power in the Blood (View video)

All through mythology and legends gods and goddesses fall into our dimension of existence and have humans as procreative mates. This is not a new idea.

The Son of God incarnated on earth to save us from falling into irredeemable materialism. Basically, our sins were so great that if Christ had not enlivened the earth with his divine physical blood that fell when the Spear of Longinus stabbed his side as he hung from the cross, humanity would have fallen into the abyss.

But that‘s not all. The blood of humans also had to be enlivened as our sins had become to great to carry the generations forward. Jesus was a rabbi and would have naturally had a wife. They would have consummated their marriage. The child Sarah, which carried the bloodline of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, had now entered the human bloodline.

‘The power of the blood’ is in it being washed (succused) through hundreds of generations until you are here now, without any physical remnant of His Blood in your blood, but a homeopathic version which is as close to the ‘essence of spirit’ as we can experiences so that just by your consciousness of this process, you can say “not I, but Christ in me.”

This spiritual process is so powerful that the Babylonian Radhanites have spent thousands of years trying to poison the human bloodstream, through bad foods, bad drugs, bad air. They know that when enough of us realize the POWER OF THE BLOOD, the Synagogue of Satan collapses.