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Many paths of spiritual initiation

DNA proof that neither the ADL nor Rothschild constituents are Hebrew by blood

Rather, they are an admixture of Turkic, Persian, Sogdian, Kharazian and Chinese.m

Anciently (1,000 B.C. to present) this admixture borrowed Jewish identity (and even fabricated the Talmud and Yiddish)  to control Silk Road merchant-banking while maintaining their pagan demon-god usury agenda.

This admixture created a genetic deformity that defined these Radhanite pagan merchant-bankers—a hooked, aquiline nose that the Chinese used to recognize them. This feature is well-known among plastic surgeons today as the “Ashkenazi Jewish nose.” The trouble is, while they may be Jewish by religious choice, they are not Hebrew by blood. This fact is without doubt among geneticists today, other than well-paid ADL propagandists.

In the 11th century, these Babylonian Radhanites, having been driven from Babylon (Baghdad) in 1040 A.D., fled into Turkey, changed their name from “Radhanite” and “Khazarian” to “Ashkenazi” and carried on business as usual along their well-trodden Silk Road trading routes into Europe. “Ashkenazi” is not a tribe of Israel; it never has been. “Ashkenaz” was a great grandson of Noah (his father was Gomer, and grandfather Japheth). Gen. 10:3I Chron. 1:6That is right, lying historians say “Radhanites” suddenly just disappeared from history when “Ashkenazi” magically appeared. What they were less successful at writing out of the history books were the “Radknights” in the British Isles at the time of the Domesday Book (1086 AD). Then, once the Radknights took control of The City of London (in 1067 AD), they magically became Ashkenazi too. The Rothschild, Warburg, Baring, Montefiori, Barclays emerged out of these newly-dubbed “Ashkenazi” Radknights (Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers from pagan Babylon).

20th century British Jewish socialist historian Sir Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) (Fig. 20), called this Ashkenazi fabrication perhaps the greatest hoax of history. (“The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past [how the Babylonian Radhanites coopted Khazar elites to give them a northern route for the Silk Road after the Seljuk Turks blocked the route to Babylon-Baghdad], begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”

Later, various false messiahs encourage the Radhanites to pretend to be the religion of the country in which they pushed their banking (called “Sabbatean Frankism”, finance by the Rothschild Babylonian Radhanites, while continuing to worship Moloch, Mammon, Lucifer, Ba’al, etc.


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Rothschild merchant-banking blood line is not Hebrew, it’s a Heinz-57 Babylonian admixture of Silk Road empires.

Russia: The United States Is At War Against Us

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After watching the video below, we asked AIMCat @notadoc to review and explain Alzheimers to us. The comments from him and others were so insightful, that we placed them on a blog so that you could easily share with those in your downline who want to know more about Alzheimers from sources you can trust.


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Special thanks to cats that contributed to this conversation and blog post. Catnip on the house!


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See the agenda?

“Someone recently asked what would happen if Joe Biden happened to die leading up to the election. The answer is not as simple as Kamala becoming president, but it all depends on when he hypothetically dies. The majority of states have a filing deadline of January 1, 2024. If any potential presidential candidate dies between New Year’s Day and June 2024, states may postpone primaries and allow new candidates to enter the race.

If a candidate dies between the middle of June 2024 and the primaries, their party would need to re-select a candidate to put forth. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is permitted to personally select the winner of their convention if the previous winner can no longer run.”

My bet is on Joe “dying” anywhere from June 2024 and the primaries and the DNC selecting Gavin Newsom, whereupon, Mark Malloch-Brown, Alex Soros, and Mitt Romney (who own Optech election rigging software that is in all of the electronic election boxes) will (s)elect Gavin Newsom the winner.

Alex Soros Huddles with ‘Great Leader’ Gavin Newsom at Clinton Global Initiative

The video: The Demise of AWSNA Woke Waldorf Schools

@Jack_Burton__me posts:

“George Mammon can’t figure out the Russell Brand thing is a psyop. Here he gushes about how Brand is charismatic and a freedom fighter. George suspects Brand has been set up. He says the Malthusians and Club of Rome might be behind all this. 

Other interesting bits about George:
He became a multi-millionaire at 33.
Lives in Columbia.
Was kicked off YT is 2021 but Joe Rogan tweeted something and got him back on.

They’ve Targeted Russel Brand For A Reason

The graphic developers thought a revision in the logo was needed. Wink. The developers are not cats…nor are they kittens. They are smart geeks, living life in their techno-silos.

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AIMCat Pattie wrote us:

“We just met a couple who work for Joanna & Chip Gaines, HGTV, Magnolia Farms, from Waco, Tx.  It’s called Structural Reality, HGTV Fixer Upper Show.  The couple stated the Gaines love the Lord… it was an out of nowhere comment. 🤔

Joanna, journalist, did her internship with Dan Rather in NYC.  —That explains her rise to fame out of Waco.  Dallas Designers despised HGTV bc they could not use the channels ridiculous estimates to remodel anything.  

More of Warren at work to sell his cheap Berkshire home products & pre-canned ICC colors.

Apparently, it’s all Pro Pagan Da too… Duh! 🤣”

See here:

Robert (senior cat in the Catrix) sent us a copy of an email that went out to his downline. It is entitled Sigils & the Qube – Give the Precious Gift of Energy Protection:

”Peace and Blessings Dear One…

I’ve used & given away 10 pages of 30 clear sigils…
& just ordered a box of 100 from Avery. Exciting! ENJOY!!
Essentially, sigils “deliver us from evil” Amen.”

Here’s all the information… how simple it is:

Sigils and Sacred Magic (

Love in Service, 🌻❤

Robert Anthony Kreucher, DC, PhD

Physician and Minister of the Essene Tradition

You can find Robert’s books and blog at: