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Let’s see how long YT permits this video to stay up. TRUTH HISTORY will set us free

He’s a Babylonian Radhanite protecting the global Cartel from TRUTH HISTORY!

Law Student Leaves Cops Stunned | Cops Trying Anything To Get ID

We keep this signage on our doors.

Watch the video The Demise of AWSNA Woke Waldorf Schools

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Multiple Remote Viewers Warn of World Changing Event at Year’s End

Ejecta (from the Latin: “things thrown out”, singular ejectum) are particles ejected from an area. In volcanology, in particular, the term refers to particles including pyroclastic materials (tephra) that came out of a volcanic explosion and magma eruption volcanic vent, or crater, has traveled through the air or under water, and fell back on the ground surface or on the ocean floor.

When I hear the word “ejecta”, I think of volcanoes… and then I think of the caldera SUPER VOLCANO in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone Officials: “HUNDREDS Of Earthquakes Just Hit Yellowstone & Eruption Is Happening!”

What If the Yellowstone Volcano Erupted Tomorrow?

Read all about it:—eu-chief-von-der-ley.html
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$25 DOLLARS a MONTH RENT While Living in a Van

A note from Robert in the comments of the last Cat Report:

Robert Anthony Kreucher

Peace and Blessings Dear One… American Intelligence Media– Christians Addicted to Truth ( has presented documented facts for almost a decade. Here’s their recent release: Cat Report – American Intelligence Media (… I Am honored to be included at the end of this issue. 

When people say “they” and You’d like to know Who “They” Are… They are The Matrix of the 3 City-States: City of London controls through usurious Finances, Vatican City {representing all corporate religions} controls through Guilt and Fear, and Washington, DC controls through Military Might… each City-State has its own Constitution and police force! “They” stash their gold in the seemingly-neutral (CH) Switzerland and plan further control through digital currency; actually, ending ca$h ends our Freedom!  

The final book of my trilogy soon to be released, “Perennial Questions ∞ Ancient Answers” explOres primordial philosophy & theology from the Essene Tradition… and further tells “the rest of the story” of the 3 City-States: “Corporate religions continue the illusion of “separation of Church and State” yet are controlled, as are all things financial, by the Babylonian Rādhānite Mafia – a coalition of traders, merchants, and bankers – and following their Satanic religion, they began usury and human slavery in Kish, Iraq 5300-4300 BCE. Baphomet, their God, demands Mammon as precious metals as well as Blood. In later years they morphed and called themselves Jews similar to the Ashkenazim, far from being Hebrews.

In fact, they became Jewish converts with European ancestry, the forerunners of Zionism interested in One World Government (Control) with Jerusalem as the capitol. Religious Hebrews say Zionism is the opposite of Judaism! The Book of Revelations3:9 tells the Philadelphians: “You have kept my Word, and proclaimed my Name. I will make those who are of the Synagogue of Satan– who claim to be Jews though they are not, they are liars! – I will make them come and fall down at your feet.”  

“This Old-World Organized-Crime Syndicate came to a head and flourished around 1200 CE, when the Khazarian oligarchy deployed the Code of Hammurabi with Babylonian Rādhānite Money-Magick: fiat currency was created along with usurious loan rates, compound interest, and odious debt, that ends in bankruptcy and slavery. Profits were used for Baphomet, blackmail, and bribery under threat of assassination and/or “leaked revelations.”  Documented evidence is also presented about the jab as a Bio-Weapon designed to decimate the population, reducing 8 billion to ½ billion– 93% – as we engage in Spiritual Warfare!  If all this is a bit much for your palate… simply spread Singularity Consciousness and visit to be Enlightened about the Forces of Dazzling Darkness & how we can protect ourselves with the Forces of Brilliant Light using sigils, meditation, conscious foods & lifestyle, spiritual commUnities… and much more.  

Peace and Blessings on Our Sacred Journey!

Robert Anthony Kreucher, DC, PhD Physician and Minister of the Essene Tradition