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War College layS groundwork for the Return of the DRAFT.

The drafted will receive mandatory lethal vaccinations at boot camp. Whether they die on the ground or by vaccine injury, they will be counted as ‘war casualties’ to hide the mass murder and depopulation agenda. It‘s a sinister plan to put men under 60 into the Ukraine meat grinder so that there are no reproductive males left in the country… and no males to protect the homeland.

The article reads:
”Translation: the idea of an all volunteer/professional force is obsolete. Large scale combat operations require at least partial conscription. Anyone worth their salt in military matters would have known this long ago. How can you possibly sustain a high intensity war effort with upwards of thousands of casualties a day merely through volunteer enlistments? U.S. planners should of course know this, their last “real war”—that of Vietnam—famously employed a full-scale mandatory draft, and they still lost. Imagine fighting such a war without a draft or “conscripts”?”

Army War College Report Predicts Mass Casualties in Near-Peer Fight Against [Russia] – Analysis

This fake phony “war” is a proxy action by the British Pilgrims Society and Babylonian Radhanite Merchant-Bankers to genocide the human population. The Pilgrims use NATO, EU, UN, WEF/WHO, and America as their proxies to fight against the Russians. In this article, offered by @notadoc, the U.S. War College is on the side of the British Pilgrims Society and prepping the narrative for the reinstatement of the military draft.

The War College casualty estimates per day


“….ranging from those killed in action [ground troops in the Ukraine meat grinder] to those wounded in action or suffering disease or other non-battle injuries [hiding vaccine deaths among troops].

For context, the United States sustained about 50,000 casualties in two decades of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. In large-scale combat operations, the United States could experience that same number of casualties in two weeks. Source

We posted a few weeks ago that the military reported it would not send transpeople into battle. The only folks going to fight this Russia proxy for King Charles the Turd and the Pilgrims Society will be healthy, able bodied men – all who will receive a series of vaccines once they are drafted, including the deadly genocide shots.

American and European men are slated to march into the Ukraine slaughterhouse for the cause of “war” and defeat of Russia.

Once the fighting age men are murdered, our countries will be defenseless against the hoard of unvaccinated fighting-age men pouring into our countries. Men, they intend to MURDER you by drafting you into the King’s war against Russia, injecting you with poison, then marching you to the slaughter fields.

Men, you will either die in the Ukraine or in your barracks from the genocide vaccine if you don’t defend America NOW. King Charles is leading his global army of globalist bureaucrats, politicians, and bankers against us. WAKE UP and see exactly who the enemy is.

FEMA is the SERCO infiltration of the British Pilgrims Society which overlaid the governance of our fifty states into their “FEMA zones”. Its purpose is to destroy America from within and turn the fifty states over to King Charles the Turd and the Pilgrims Society. FEMA is enemy.

KNOW IF YOUR First-DATE, Future spouse, Employment candidate – anyone! – HAS BEEN VACCINATED

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Laphonza Romanique Butler. (Oct. 03, 2023). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

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The “Interview With an Exorcist” series keeps getting better and better!, and the conclusion to the Babylonian banker series was absolutely astounding.  Almost everything that should be studied as an individual/family can be found through your printed material and online resources, including neo-anthroposophic initiation.  Thanks for caring about mankind and striving to restore our society to it’s highest ideals.  

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