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All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

This is a massive psyop – just listen to Bebe’s warmongering – to cover up the quadrillion $$ derivative exposure by the CENTRAL BANKERS who need a huge distraction (war) to reset the currency (digital) in order to enslave any surviving humans. Billions of humans have been shot (vaccine weapon) and will die prematurely if they aren’t already dead (war causalities).

Powerful National Address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

All wars are bankers’ wars. Reinstating the draft will provide the Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers with flesh and blood fodder for their war machines of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, BAE, Northrop Grumman and a wide array of second tier suppliers for the defense industry… all controlled by Charles the Turd’s VANGUARD.

Why The US Military Is Running Out Of Soldiers

America first. Don‘t be distracted as Congress is on a trajectory to reinstate the DRAFT and send American fighting-age men to die in either country as a part of the WHO’s depopulation agenda. First, the reservist will be deployed after the enlisted are. Then SCUMBAGS like Jim Jordan and his Pilgrims Society crown agents in Congress will vote for reinstating the DRAFT…. Because… you know… they stand with Israel.

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Israel Orders ‘Complete Siege’ of Gaza Strip Following Hamas Terror Attack

@rickruffin posts: “After witnessing our “leaders” reflexively supporting Ukraine, it comes as no real surprise that the reflex would be even stronger for Israel. But that is the plan…”

It’s the Synagogue of Satan vs Russia and humanity. Zelensky is a puppet for the British Pilgrims and the Babylonian Radhanite merchant bankers. The central bankers need a reset to hide their quadtrillion derivative exposure and their master plan is always WAR. The bigger, the more lucrative.

Watch: Zelensky Blames Israel’s War On Terror On Russian President Vladimir Putin

Revelations 16:13

Is the US Prepping for a Military Draft?

Army War College Report Predicts Mass Casualties in Near-Peer Fight Against [Russia] – Analysis

This fake phony “wars” in the Ukraine and now Israel are proxy actions by the British Pilgrims Society and Babylonian Radhanite Merchant-Bankers to genocide the human population. The Pilgrims use NATO, EU, UN, WEF/WHO, and America as their proxies to fight against the Russians. In the article above, the U.S. War College is on the side of the British Pilgrims Society and prepping the narrative for the reinstatement of the military draft.

The video below, although a year old, is still relevant on how a military draft gets reinstated. With U. S. military recruitment numbers so low and vaccine deaths among existing troops increasing, Congress will need to force conscription to bring men into the military… This is all headed towards a huge depop agenda of our military-age (and reproductive) males. If you hear SCUMBAGS Congressmen Gaetz and Jordan hinting that we will need to support Israel with troops…. Know where this is headed and alert your downline to call out this slaughter.

The War College indicated that we would lose 3600 troops PER DAY IN UKRAINE…now add as many to Israel along with conscription of men 18-60 and you have the total extermination of the American male.

Could The U.S. Draft Be Reinstated? Here’s What Current Law States

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Rick, another strange thing Mike notices is the constant smell of sulfur around the big Chase headquarters – he’s always telling us about the stench. We think they are brewing up demons over in Jamie Demonland.

Basically, this is a list of propaganda rags and sources that you should ALWAYS MISTRUST.

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