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It’s GO Time!!

Nothing that I write below is directed to innocent individuals, but to political, elected, bureaucrat and crown agent actors who attempt to revive THE MILITARY DRAFT of our fighting-age citizens (18-60) into BANKERS’ WARS in Ukraine and Israel for the purpose of hiding their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by depopulating the earth through their Great Reset/Carbon Neutral schemes.

Under the People’s contract with the government (the Constitution), we have an obligation to prevent our nation from falling to tyrants.

The SECOND AMENDMENT guarantees our right to take up arms and shoot the TYRANTS AND TRAITORS dead.


We only need a few examples of actions that WtP are willing to take against elected officials who begin to dialogue about THE DRAFT. Target them early, rattle your sheathed sabers, and mob their offices en masse. Make sure they know that we will not fight their bankers’ wars, sacrifice our young people to Moloch, and are willing to use our SECOND AMENDMENT rights to protect ourselves, our families, and our country.

Brave fighting men, veterans, protectors of America and the Constitution, on behalf of civilians who rely on your protection, eliminate the tyrants before they eliminate us. BTW it’ll be a turkey shoot as we know where each of these traitors works and lives.

P.S. Our elected officials are pussies so they will run for the hills at the sound of you coming for one of their colleagues. Like turkeys.

If THE DRAFT is re-instated, our male protectors of the homeland will be sent to the Middle East, offered up for slaughter by the MERCHANT BANKERS who need war to keep their Ponzi scam going. We have a right and a responsibility to take down a tyrannical government and complicit politicians.

Rattle your sabers here in the homeland rather than becoming Moloch fodder in faraway lands. A good start is to voice yourselves LOUD AND CLEAR against any elected official who suggests a draft, and if that elected official keeps pushing for your murder by military draft, you may need to protect your life against them. A few examples may shut up other politicians from supporting THE DRAFT.

At this time in history, burning your draft card may not be enough to register your complaint.

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Sounds like TEAM SATAN is having to drop back and punt. They must be very concerned that the global protests they see going on right now over Israeli aggression in Palestine will soon be turned on them – in meaningful and strategic strikes from disgruntled earth beings to individual members of the Babylonian Radhanite front. Listen on Gab post.

Below are some more globalist thugs, seeming to walk back their evil narratives and heavy-handed policies through capitulation. Too late, boys. We the People know who the enemy are, precisely, and how far they will go to depopulate humanity and steal the planet from humans.

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Protestors Get STRATEGIC

Instead of marching single file holding placards for a single day or two, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH are targeting Israeli and U.S. embassies around the world 24/7. Why waste your time protesting when you can open up a can of whoop ass and scare the bejeebers out of these demonic political officials, SES bureaucrats, and crown agents by gathering at their work places?

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Hey, Rep Mike Simpson…you haven’t seen anything yet. Open your mouth about supporting a MILITARY DRAFT and see how your constituents respond.

Idaho Republican Rep Mike Simpson Views Constituent Contacts as “Intimidation and Threatening”

Note to cats: Here’s how we break down the job at hand. Pay attention to the elected officials in your states and districts and what they are advocating, especially in regard to the MILITARY DRAFT. Pull together a small, trusted team to decide how to respond to the traitor in a coordinated, effective manner. If you don’t trust anyone, do your own thing. Many cats like to prowl by themselves.

Sometimes it can be as easy as heckling them (with others) at a public event while your camera phone is recording… but for some, you might need to use your SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

It’ll only take a few examples to make our point and the others will run back to their home districts crying for mommy.

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Israeli Politician Says The Quiet Part Loud

Wonder if They’ll Keep Holding Conferences, Bragging Like Bond Villains?

They will all have to be rounded up and tried for TREASON and/or CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, from his UN perch, was certainly directing Olivetti to handle European election rigging while he focused on Venezuela and Philippines to build Dominion/SmartMatic for South America and Southeast Asia as well as the US and Canada.

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We didn’t say it would be easy… but it can be done. Keep up the good work, cats, here and everywhere.