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7th Circuit: AR-15s Not Protected by Second Amendment

7th Circuit is infringing on citizens SECOND AMENDMENT right to arm themselves against a treasonous government. There are no restrictions, per the Constitution, on gun ownership no matter what these treasonous judges rule.

In fact, this ruling looks like an actual act of treason. Just need two witnesses here to confirm the treason – just look at the court docs for a record.

Did the 7th Circuit Court INFRINGE on the people’s constitutional guarantee? If so, they are TRAITORS.

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The collapse of the Federal Reserve fiat note will be a good thing. Of course, if you are not prepared, it will be devastating. It’s this fake federal reserve money system – issued as printed currency or digits in your financial accounts – that fuels the evil in the world. Name any evil and you will find fake money fueling it.

The Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers have been around for thousands of years with their usury and currency control system. Fake money is the way they pay for their evil, and usury is a way to enslave us in their system through debt. The only type of money Christians should be using is God’s money – silver and gold. The only type of money the United States should be using is written in the Constitution, but TRAITORS have created unconstitutional laws and central banks to subvert our contract with the government.

Who is forcing us to use fake money? Who is forcing UNCONSTITUTIONAL systems and laws on us? Once two witnesses identify TRAITORS committing an unconstitutional act (like voting on public record), the offenders can be dealt with by using our God-given right to protect ourselves, enshrined in the Second Amendment, against traitors and invaders – no trial needed. Just do it.

When the system collapses….and it will, be prepared to use God’s money in future commerce. It may take a while to get the system in place, but real evil will happen when fake money becomes central bank digital currency.

Can you get one for hunting TRAITORS?

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Nurses have committed MURDER. If the law and order system is too broken to deal with this crime, karma certainly will.

Thank you Aquarius Skyclock who created this poster. It’s derived from one of my favorite memes and I see myself as this little girl pondering the same. I uploaded a 3 minute video and kept it up for the day, but then took it down after reading the comments. It seems that caterpillar people were discombobulated with my butterfly language. After I removed the video, I spotted this meme from Aquarius Skyclock.

I speak in pictures, memes, and cat reports. One image or meme can hold multiple dimensions of truth that A.I. can never fathom because I am human, full of creativity and imagination that surpasses ahrimanic logic and algorithms.

I push these leading ideas to others through social media networking that a good friend of mine invented but had it stolen by Satan’s demons to scale evil in the world instead of truth and light for which its inventor wanted it to be used. Cats know how we developed a grassroots downline system of distributing information through the internet; this system is showing itself to be more and more effective and faster in scaling intel to people around the world, lickity split.

Soon we will be offering additional comms security so that cats can interface with their teams with privacy.

To my doubters and naysayers who thought I was just another crazy cat lady, I told you that my purpose was to educate and enlighten others so that TRUTH would show you the lies and propaganda that we have all been subject to in a massive, global BRAINWASHING operation by Tavistock and the British Pilgrims Society. The AIM School of Truth is a re-education platform for the truth tellers of the future.

AIMCats are always ready to learn more!

I hope you have found Cat Reports to be valuable lesson plans in your re-education process.

Is it time for you to teach others, if you haven’t begun already? You, too, can help re-educate your contemporaries and educate newly incarnating humans about the truth of the world.

Let us thank you in advance: Thank A Teacher

Why do I do this work, day in and day out? Remember that time I told you about what happened to me when I was 28 years old? Tyla Gabriel Is Blinded by the Light, Overwhelmed with the Love

I have been “unpacking” that experience over several decades, and what you find in our books, blogs, videos, and memes are the prisms and glimmerings of this “light” experience.

Pachelbel’s Canon played softly in the background as the meditation started. This became my “marker” throughout my personal timeline as a reminder, each time I heard it, that I was steady on course. Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon) – Cello & Piano [BEST WEDDING VERSION]

Spiritual seed within you