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The video below was uploaded 2 years ago (2021) and points to a split in the timeline for November 8 and 9, 2023. When the narrator gives time stamps, his date is 2021 so adjust the math by 2 years. You may not agree with the words or images he uses, but I think the content is relevant for where many of us are in our thinking about humanity’s future and individual ascension journey.

Timewave Spirals – The Coming Separation of the Timewave Spiral Templates in Nov 2023

Did the message resonate with you that we are experiencing a shift in timelines? Your comments might be helpful to others that pass this way. Is this where butterflies and caterpillars go their separate ways?

Are you like an emerging butterfly, reading to evolve into a higher state of beingness?

Then a marvelous thing happens for some fourth generation butterflies.

“This is a perfect metaphor of human evolution through the seven stages of incarnation and ascension. In this analogy, spiritual initiates are the butterflies that don’t really come “into existence” until the fourth generation butterfly. The mineral stage (zero dimension) is likened to the egg, the plant stage (one dimension) to the caterpillar, the animal stage (two dimensions) to the chrysalis, and the butterfly stage (three dimensions) to the human. The spiritual initiate is a conscious human who observes his three dimensions and, by so doing, begins to awaken to his fourth dimension existence, like a fourth generation butterfly who is capable of living longer (transcending time) and flying great distances (transcending space).

The butterfly example is an excellent metaphor of the seven stages of evolution that man has gone through (Saturn, Sun, Moon), is currently in (Earth), and will become (Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan).  It is also a metaphor for the unfolding of the complete human being: mineral, plant, animal (past); ego-human (present); Spirit Self, Life Spirit, Spirit Man (future).”

If we are asking brave men to help us remove TRAITORS, we need to let them know that we support them and have their backs. What are ways that we can do this? How do we communicate our support in having oath takers and keepers defend our Constitution and remove domestic enemies and traitors?

This video below, posted in March, will be even more meaningful today than it was several months ago. Israel was reported to have one of the highest percentage of vaccinated in the world.

BTW the reason it doesn’t make sense that Andrew Bourla (Pfizer) and Netanyahu would heavily vaccinate their very own Jewish people is because Bourla and Netanyahu hide themselves as Jews, but are not. They are really Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers, aka the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9, 3:9) who want to destroy all of God’s people – Jewish and Christian.

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CAT REPORT 11/5/2023 MEOW!!!


We did the research. If you are looking for hard evidence of TRAITORS in our government, use the search bar on the left side of this page and type their name. For example, try James Comey or John Brennan.

There is no such thing as “hate speech” in the Constitution. All speech is protected. If a lawmaker or judge tries to restrict your FIRST AMENDMENT rights by making or enforcing laws that are REPUGNANT to the Constitution, he/she has identified themselves as an enemy and is a TRAITOR to the country.

Just making it clear again to the English cats in our cattery. We LOVE our English cousins and know that you are as much victims of the British Pilgrims Society and the swamp called City of London as we are in our own D. C. swamp filled with crown agents.

A few centuries ago, many of us set sail from England, Scotland, and Ireland to flee the tyranny of the British monarch – but over time we began to realize that the Constitution was not being followed and Congress was/is filled with dual citizens and crown agents. Then we discovered, through our amazing research here on AIM, that we never won the American Revolutionary War. Seriously!

The British monarchy tricked us and infiltrated themselves into our government and then the Babylonian Radhanite merchant bankers took over the U. S. Treasury and here we are today …. with all of humanity .… fighting against the same evil that we tried to escape back in the 1700s … and even way before then.

Time to unite all of humanity against the EVIL BRITISH EMPIRE. Where we go with one TRUTH, we go as all humanity for freedom from tyranny.

Here we go again: Scots vs Brits and the Sangreal Line to Jesus-Mary

From the post: “Since Hallett is claiming his lineage to Jesus-Mary through the royal blood line of King John, here’s mine through the lineage of the Kings and Queens of Scotland.

I [Tyla] am a direct descendant, through multiple lines, of Robert Bruce of Annandale, whose descendants included the Robert Bruce lineage, King Robert 1 Bruce, Henry David I King of Scots, the Stewarts, Mary Queen of Scots. Our records of sangreal lineage are recorded and certified by these following genealogy societies.

National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, (Record #35949)

Daughters of the American Colonists (Record #37481)

Daughters of the American Colonists (Record #37481)

National Society of the Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century (Record #3188)

National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (Record #11189)

Daughters of the American Revolution (Records # 842387, A922)

Additionally, three of our ancestors – Hugh Bigod, Richard de Clare, and Gilbert de Clare – were among the Council of 25 Barons that signed the Magna Carta. Our lineage records were officially accepted by the Magna Carta Dames on June 26, 2006. Our family of Scottish decedents has been fighting the long war against the British for CENTURIES! We fought them at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, then at the Battle of Lexington. Today,  we fight the British Crown Agents who have infiltrated our nations everywhere on the planet….

….We still claim as Scots that our right to throne is certainly more valid than the present Queen of England [now, King of England]. We need the Scottish line reinstated that claims association with the children of Jesus and Mary who ended up in Scotland – protected by the Stewart line. Many died to install the true lineage of Great Britain but failed in their attempts….

…So the true lineage of the Jesus and Mary “stream”, the holy blood lineage, is much more founded in the Scottish peerage that actually have an historical relationship to the divine through the holy blood of Scottish descent. Additionally, one must look for “the works” of the person claiming to be the bridge to the divine through the ancient claim of the Divine Right of King. The British monarch has bastardized that spiritual connection and sold out to the devil instead.

If one were to seek and find that divine lineage of the British monarchy, the first place to look is to Scotland. Then, one would need to look to see what spiritual lineage and heritage accompany the claimant. ‘By their works you may know them‘ is the ultimate test. Finding the holy grail is a part of the process of recognition of the true spiritual monarch of the British nation. The grail appears in blood lineage, holy blood relics, and the spiritual work of the claimant. It takes genealogical proof, the holy grail or relic, and the track record of spiritual work to further the work of Jesus and Mary and their “holy blood line.””

Tim Wallace Murphy Interview on Yeshua