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Know Her. Know Thyself. Once hidden in HIStory, the being of Sophia has been resurrected for all to experience Her love and wisdom. Gospel of Sophia Trilogy

Like I keep sayin’, cats, the enemy knows we are here, but doesn’t know who we are. Our primary strategy in this INFORMATION WAR was to get years ahead of the lies and propaganda by literally researching TRUTH HISTORY ourselves. We have been consistently 2-3 years ahead of their lame narratives so that we could bust their lies swiftly before too many people were fooled.

We are stealthy cats (Christians Addicted to Truth) that hide in the grasses, ready to pounce when needed. We created a global network of cats that can scale intel across the globe lickity split, deafening the lies of our enemy and always aiming for truth.

The enemies are freaking out right now because they are seeing the results of some unknown force that is awakening people and despite billions of dollars spent for their propaganda, huge groups – even bigger than Trump crowds – are protesting the Israeli genocide, demanding the end of socialism, or calling for bankers to be hanged. The media reports pro-Palestine protests as citizens siding with Hamas – but how could that be when the media has pushed a different narrative – Israel good – Hamas bad. How did the people figure out that Hamas, via Israel, is an operation of the British Pilgrims Society?

Spanish patriots in Barcelona tonight: ‘Spain is Christian, not Muslim!’

“It’s going down in Madrid tonight as police take on nationalist protesters fed up of the country’s descent into socialism.”

People across the US join pro-Palestinian protests

Here is my tin foil hat analysis: They send out their CIA girl Sarah to try and find out who this entity is that is leading the people, all around the world. Is it an alien? some ancient cult? another dimension of consciousness? In the interview below, listen what she asks Paul Wallis (whoever he is). She is probing for clues for her befuddled CIA (Five Eyes) handlers who have absolutely NO IDEA who is out here in internet world leading the resistance. Meow.

Watch video on Rumble: “Old Testament tells Story of Alien Human Origins” w/ Paul Wallis – Part 2 (

After listening to CIA Sarah, you see the geo-spatial location of the enemy in the Information War. They do not have the consciousness to perceive cats. Sarah says as much when she insinuates a difference in timelines. (See this video for timeline theory Timewave Spirals – The Coming Separation of the Timewave Spiral Templates in Nov 2023).

We have a special language here in the cattery so it is difficult finding us using search words that they don’t even know exist. Like who at the CIA would have the awareness of searching for Babylonian Radhanites or Pilgrims Society. And think what would happen if they searched for our elusive network by using the word “cats,” or “cats in the internet.” Plus they keep blowing up our sites, requiring us to move quickly from platform to platform, so our trail would be hard to follow.


Irish people identify with Palestine’s cause, says satirist Tadhg Hickey

BTW Mike updated this for you:

So far all I see are mamby pamby soy boy Marines who haven’t removed DOMESTIC ENEMIES AND TRAITORS IN CONGRESS in handcuffs at gun point. The Marines are constitutionally allowed to take out domestic enemies, yet they have done NOTHING to remove the traitors in our country. Instead, they ignore their oath of office to protect the Constitution and watch their country fall into a heap of ashes.

Bunch of pussies.

Have you noticed that there aren’t other truther groups in the internet that use the cat theme? Well, the enemy vibrates at the level of reptiles – some even say that they appear as reptiles and lizard people. The last species on earth that REPTILE PEOPLE would want to deal with are CATS.

Wait until we roll out MySQIF to the cattery! Sarah and her cia/five eyes friends will never be able to find our private spaces in the internet.

Interesting video from Greg Reese….

Watch the video:

@Notadoc writes below:

There is much wisdom and information concerning the human body that has been gradually hidden for probably well over 150 years. Medical treatment of the human was captured by the Rockefeller and Carnegie institutes in 1910 after they sponsored the “Flexner Report.” Abraham Flexner visited every (155) medical schools in the United States to evaluate them and establish a basic curriculum, based on the “scientific method.” In 1913 Congress, using the Flexner report, decided to only give funds to schools that met the criteria. Only 31 medical school survived. They outright labeled as quackery, homeopathy, herbal treatment, electrical treatment, and chiropractic. Even though the osteopath schools taught the structural manipulation, they accepted the foundational pharmaceutical treatments of the Flexner report, and survived. Rockefeller followed up by giving million-dollar grants to the surviving medical schools with the stipulation that they allow him to designate people of his choice to sit on the school boards. (“Their golden rule”: He who has the gold, makes the rules.).

The AMA and the government would come down hard on anyone who “practiced medicine,” who didn’t adhere to the allopathic (Western medicine/ pharmaceuticals) treatments. The common arrogance that is frequently demonstrated by the “modern physician,” is actually nurtured and produced by the teaching system. (Another long story). They are trained and kept ignorant of any “alternative methods,” including some that worked very well (better) in the past (allopathic system), but were not as profitable.

In reality, as time went by, more and more of the medical treatment, moved further away from true science. The system built theory on top of theory; and research was supported only to those who maintain the system. From my perspective, the insurance companies started dictating available treatments around the 1990s. And in the early 2000’s, the electronic medical records captured and controlled the medical providers. (Note: in reality, fear of being sued was minimal because in most cases doctors would cover for each other. In the 2000s, the lawyers and insurance companies could easily find a doctor who would make any desirable claim, for the right amount of cash.).

But also around this time, it came out that iatrogenic (physician caused) death was the number three most common cause of death. (Note: that was only “Reported” causes. A couple of years later it appeared to move to #2, but that suddenly disappeared and it has remained as #3 ever since.).

But there are still some honest people in the industry. And many of them recognized the problems and/or were frustrated because the traditional treatments do not work. And they started looking and finding other viable treatments. This has greatly accelerated, especially over the last few years. The old system needs to be totally destroyed, keeping the few successful treatments. We are just beginning to discover new truths about anatomy and physiology that have been intentionally hidden from the clinical providers and population. The few doctors/providers that survive, will have to learn a whole new paradigm for the care of human beings. At the same time we need a complete overhaul of our food production.

There is hope. (For those who survive.)