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“If I may add another dimension. It’s time to target and shun all complacent and willing order followers. The Pilgrim Society would not be able to implement their evil agendas without their loyal order followers. Time to end relationships with them, give them no quarter, call them out, shun them. They are as guilty as the traitors and they walk amongst us!” posts Ron Spence@7seven7

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

The video below is worth a watch so if you don’t have time now, bookmark it for later. Too bad the rabbi doesn’t know about the Synagogue of Satan, aka Babylonian Radhanites. He’ll figure that out at some point, but his testimony and pictures are point on.

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Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. (Nov. 12, 2023). Judaism vs Zionism. Rabbi explains. [Good, but better rounded if he tied Zionism to British Pilgrims Society imperialism and Babylonian Rādhānites]. RT.

This should come as no surprise for Bible students and followers of Jesus Christ. The Synagogue of Satan have been hiding themselves as Jews for thousands of years. In modern times, we call this Synagogue – the Babylonian Radhanites.

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Video: 0:13

More lies and propaganda in this ZH (from WaPo) article. Cats know who’s behind the Nordstream destruction – this vile pedo creep with his ass wiping Privy Council, blood-thirsty Pilgrims Society, and usury-death cult Babylonian Radhanites.

WaPo Drops Bombshell On The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Narrative: A Ukrainian Colonel, Covert Ops, & The CIA’s Shadow

Netanyahu: Israel to take over “security” in Gaza after the Israel-Hamas war

They are having to bring back the old team – David Cameron and Tony Blair – to manage their British-created Israel problem.

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron made foreign minister in surprise political comeback

In the meantime, the British Pilgrims Society has to give themselves cover for all this evil so they throw Obama narratives to the people. This report, coming from main stream media, is supposed to placate our growing movement to execute the traitors.

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The globalists are absolutely freaking out about the size of the pro-Palestine protests all across the world. They are going to use UNESCO to control social media networking. Good luck with that. We know how difficult it is to herd cats.

UNESCO’s Director General unveils a “multi-stakeholder” plan to “safeguard” social media platforms from “dis- and misinformation, hate speech, and conspiracy theories” for the “common good.” See report.

Read report:

Will we soon hear stories like these, but in reference to TRAITORS in Congress?


@valentinas posts:

“I am convinced now that the ONLY way to make sure the PTB never succeed is by educating their army of law enforcers at every level, from local security and police to the military and the cyber facilitators. Without them they are meaningless. We must make sure their enforcers know what awaits them and all humanity by playing their game for a paycheck that won’t last. We must all do our part and educate whoever of them is within our reach; target these people specifically and turn them back on the side of WtP as it was meant to be.

Every single one of us has access to someone, either an IRS agent, a programmer, a doctor, a police officer or sheriff, a marine or a soldier, even a banker who might refuse to give you your savings or a store owner or manager who refuses to take your cash. There are many types and levels of “enforcers” they need to impose their agenda and they simply can’t do it without them. Forget about politicians and the media, they are only minions, the useful idiot talking heads.

What say you??? We can all do a little or a lot and even cover all the bases and literally DISARM the enemy by specifically targeting their “army” of “enforcers” who will always be one of us and never one of them.”

Yeah… NO! There is no safe way to do this technology.

Implementing digital public infrastructure, safely and inclusively

Just making it easier for you to spot the TRAITORS in Congress. Are they making and passing laws that are repugnant to the Constitution? If so, put your (s)elected “representative” on notice.

Thomas Jefferson called the 10thAmendment the foundation of

Tenth Amendment: The Foundation of the Constitution

Before you place one of these wireless devices on or under your skin, do your research on WBAN. 802 15 6 5 4 IEEE WORKING GROUP WIRELESS BODY AREA NETWORK WBAN WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT

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Gold and silver are constitutional money for a reason. Synagogue of Satan tricked us into using fake money loaded with usury bombs. Jesus Christ warned us of the Synagogue of Satan when he overturned the tables of the money changers.

The Second Amendment Doesn’t Just Cover Firearms

This is a good first step. Second step is to take out the TRAITORS AND INVADERS. Protect your family, your homestead, and America because the U.S. Marines are AWOL.

A glass bead from Ron Spence @7seven7

OneRepublic – Truth To Power (Lyric Video)