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American traitors met with Xi Jingping in San Francisco after Biden meeting

See hard evidence photos of these traitorous relationships since at least 2015

Katelyn Caralle. (Nov. 16, 2023). Chinese dictator Xi Jinping meets Elon Musk and dines with American tech criminals at at $40,000-per-seat soiree. Daily Mail.

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US Army sending letters to former troops saying that in light of the removal of the Covid-19 vaccine requirement, they can now apply to get their reasons for discharge changed

This means derogatory remarks or dishonorable discharges can now potentially be removed or reversed

The Army is also inviting unvaccinated troops back into the military

This is a huge reversal of Biden’s tyrannical military vaccination policy that was finally put to an end by Republicans in Congress.” Tweet

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Holton Township, Michigan establishes its own MILITIA to protect second amendment and declares it will not enforce new red-flag laws restricting gun ownership

Judge Issues Huge Decision On Georgia Voting Machines

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How Long do the Vaccinated have to live?

“The Power of Simplicity,” he said. “There is a maximum cycle of ten years from injection to End of Cycle,” (or death), he elaborated.

“And it is extremely easy to determine.”

He said any hematologist can see it within seconds under a microscope, and even more readily under an electron microscope.

“The percentage of blood affected (or contaminated) by or with Graphene Oxide is the reciprocity of the End of Cycle calculation,” he divulged.
In other words, an “inoculatee” (as he calls anyone jabbed with the Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon) having 20% Graphene Oxide deterioration in their blood will, barring any other input criteria, live for 8 years (10 years less 20%).

Someone with 70% Graphene Oxide deterioration will not live more than 3 years. (10 years less 70%). SOURCE

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Canada’s Carbon Tax —- WOW — Nothing Like Being Slaves To the Gov’t Slaveowners

Hostage Tape. What the heck is this product which looks like it might be another consumer product made from poison graphene oxide?

Hostage Tape Application Tips

See for yourself. In your app store, type “insect food scanner”.

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The Medical Military Mind

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The reason that the military requires everybody to be vaccinated, is that the military “carries” their own blood supply. And the blood supply is not kept in the refrigerator. It’s kept within the bodies of the personnel, to be utilized when needed. The military has chosen to only use “vaccinated blood.”

During basic training (1969), intermittently you would find your entire company (220 — 240 individuals) being marched to one of the medical clinics. You would be positioned in single file, behind the clinic and around the corner toward the front. On the front porch would stand a corpsman equipped with two air guns each connected to a vile of at least two different vaccinations. A corpsman would be hidden behind one of the clinic walls, with a small platform on the ground in front of him. In sequence, each “trainee” was instructed to step onto the platform, and “Do Not Move!” (You were in T-shirts with the sleeves rolled above the shoulder.). As soon as the “trainee” stepped onto the platform, you would immediately see two air guns come into contact with the “trainees” shoulder.

It felt as if you were slugged in that shoulder. If you happened to move or flinch, the air guns would tear your skin resulting in two blood flows down your arm. You would step off the platform and proceed about 20 feet forward where there were two more corpsman, one with a large stainless steel bowl, full of loaded syringes. You would walk around these two corpsman, turn to your right, and head back the way you came. You were instructed to stop in front of each corpsman, now exposing your right shoulder. The first corpsman would remove the needle cover on a syringe, and literally throw it into your deltoid muscle. It would go in like a dart, and then from the weight of the syringe, hang toward the ground. You would take one more step forward, where the second corpsman would elevate the syringe and inject its content into your deltoid. They could vaccinate 220 — 240 men with five various vaccinations (+)within 10 — 15 minutes. Efficiency! (You never had an opportunity to reject.).

One day we found ourselves approaching the clinic. We passed a returning company who told us that they were vaccinating only “number threes.” (It was frequently common practice for the drill sergeants to have us count out, up to a certain number. They would then select a certain number in the series, for a specific task.). The men in our company rapidly calculated what number they would be, and suddenly money was being switching hands as people were buying and selling their positions. (The going rate was $20, and our monthly salary at that time was less than $100.). We ended up in formation in front of the clinic, where we were told that they had a new vaccination for meningitis. (That was “plaguing” military bases at that time.). We were told that they did not have enough vaccination for everyone and that the statistics had shown that one third of all new recruits, carried the meningitis organism. Therefore: “Count off by threes!”

They vaccinated one third of the new recruits. It’s known as “Military Intelligence.”

To everyone’s surprise, the lucky number was two. There were many arguments between the buyers and sellers, and I don’t believe any of the buyers returned the money. A Band of “Brothers.”

I was a hospital corpsman in the Army reserves during the “Vietnam era.” I was separated from my unit with a small group that were sent to the desert in Southern California as backup support for the Army National Guard and reserves conducting their summer camp (tank warfare). This remote desert location, just happened to have a top notch nine hole golf course. The enlisted men who ran it, were all drafted after they completed college scholarships as members of their universitie’s golf team. Because of this, almost every week a group of generals would arrive to “inspect the troops.” After inspection, they would spend most of their time playing one or two rounds of golf utilizing these “expert college golfers” as their caddies and personal instructors.

On the day of their arrival, the sick call clinic was inundated with personnel attempting to avoid having to stand in the heat for the typically delayed “inspection.” With the waiting room packed, the sergeant came to us and ordered that we “updated “everybody’s vaccinations before they could be seen for their “medical problem.” We had many angry men when they were told that they needed two or three injections before they could be seen. We basically had a world map on the wall, and within each country or region there would be a list of the required vaccinations. We were not given a choice, therefore they were not given a choice. Most refused and left without being seen. The word spread rapidly and the waiting room rapidly emptied. We did give them a warning. They would never make it out of the military without a fully updated shot record.

Around 2008, as a civilian PA, I applied for a job at a Washington state Air Force Base. I was given an interview, and they were impressed with my experience and pleasantly surprised to know that I already had security clearance for access to military bases and other government facilities. I was selected to complete the processing through my “headhunter agency,” until they told me I needed an updated “influenza vaccination.” I informed them that that was not necessary, seeing that I’m a civilian and will not be going to any war zone. They tried multiple times to get me vaccinated without success. Eventually the agency stopped accepting my correspondence or calls.

I could say more, but that’s enough to give you an idea of what you’re working against.