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How a “False Flag within a False Flag” Operation Unfolded in San Bernardino

The use of false flag events to trigger war or armed aggression has been used throughout all time—from the days of Nero to Sandy Hook. America is no longer just one nation of fifty states; it is two sub-nations fighting a bloody turf war between patriots who believe in the rule of law and Constitution and the globalists and their marionettes who wish to destabilize and turn America into the same no-border, no-culture mess that Europe has become. President Obama seems to be more interested in turning control of America over to international corporations through the TPP and other agreements that are non-constitutional and bent on chaos and the dismantling of constitutional American rights.

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CERN: Biggest Science Scam in History False Flag of All Time

CERN indicates three things that will tip you off to an internet fraud or hoax: technical sounding language, credibility by association, life or death questions concerning a human. As you can see, CERN meets this criteria exactly. What project is more technical than CERN? It continuously creates new theoretical particles that no one, even the NSA, can “find.”

We were beyond disbelief when we discovered that the US Congress had passed laws, post 9-11, that makes state-sponsored propaganda legal. We are all being treated like enemy combatants whose “perception” must be managed to come in line with “national security” policies.