Mitt Romney: Just Another Corrupt Bush Son

The idea that the corporate media is floating about Mitt Romney “assuming” the senate seat of Orin Hatch is disheartening and underscores the short memories of political pundits who have forgotten the cloud of corruption and crimes that surround Unfit Mitt.

We are going to remind you of that history and put into perspective the crimes that Unfit Mitt carried out with seeming impunity. Mitt’s true history cannot be told unless the criminal milieu that he worked within is described beforehand. Only when you get the picture of this crime syndicate and their incredible power and political reach, will you see where Unfit Mitt fits into the puzzle of corrupt bankers, rogue CIA, and the underbelly of politics. Mitt’s crimes have often been aligned with the big dogs on the global block — the Bush Criminal Cartel.

Mitt Romney worked closely with the crooked director of Riggs Bank, Jonathan Bush, the son of Prescott Bush, the man they call Hitler’s banker. Prescott’s other infamous son is George H. W. Bush, who practically adopted Mitt and made sure that his political path was free and clear. George H. W. Bush and Mitt Romney were part of the team that fleeced the former Soviet Union through Riggs-Valmet Bank and then laundered the money through Romney’s Bain Capital.

Mitt was so helpful to Jonathan Bush and George H. W. Bush that they cleared the way for Mitt again and again, grooming him to become president of America so that the CIA could maintain control of the White House through a Bush Criminal Cartel adopted son. When Mitt failed repeatedly to win the White House, they finally had to dip low into their gene-pool to put Jeb up for the job.

Romney became wealthy ($250 million that we know about) through his association with the Bushes, especially through Jonathan’s Riggs Bank. Undoubtedly Mitt has many off-shore accounts to hide his personal spoils from the Soviet Union theft and the deals that were made during the Bush-designed economic collapse and fleecing.

When Mitt ran for president, many people came out and bashed him with political hijinks, showing his lies and contradictions in his own public statements. The article below is one such bashing that should make everyone aware that Mitt is a fraud, liar, and political tool for the Bush Criminal Cartel. The new movement to crown Mitt the Mormon Senator from Utah who will “stand up” to Trump is also accompanied by a #NeverRomney movement that has not forgotten his lies, crimes, and political maneuverings.

Is Mitt the Next McCain?

From Bain to Presidential Nominee

Willard Mitt Romney became a management consultant at Bain & Company in 1977, later serving as Bain’s chief executive officer. In 1984, he co-founded and led the spin-off company Bain Capital, a highly profitable private equity investment firm that became one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Romney’s considerable net worth, estimated in 2012 at $190–250 million, helped finance his political campaigns prior to 2012.

Romney served as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election, becoming the first Mormon to be the presidential nominee of a major party. He was defeated by incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama.

Mitt’s Bain Capital Crimes and Unethical Deals 

To fully appreciate Mitt’s resume, one need only look at a short list of crimes that Bain Capital has been charged with and some of their many unethical deals. Mitt was personally responsible for most of these when he was the CEO.

  • Liquidated Key Airlines in 1984-85 by unlawfully suppressing the pilots’ union.
  • Made $34 million, 34 times its 1986 investment, in mobile medical equipment manufacturer Calumet Coach.
  • Brokered a merger for Stage Stores in 1988, knowing that the Milken junk bonds were bogus; Bain’s $10M investment gave $175M profit by 1997; Stage Stores filed bankruptcy in 2000.
  • Purchased the Damon International medical lab in 1989; company went public in 1991, then was sold to Corning in 1993. Romney hired Joseph Isola as Damon’s president & CEO in January 1990; Isola pled nolo contendere in July 2000 to federal charges of conspiracy to defraud Medicare.
  • Made $55 million, 16 times its 1990 investment, from the Gartner Group.
  • Bain Capital’s Bank of New England investment was failing in 1991, so CEO Mitt Romney got the F.D.I.C. to agree to a $10M write-off while Bain executives collected fat bonuses.
  • Purchased Duane Reade in 1992, a chain of family-owned New York City pharmacies. The company was twice fined for selling expired non-prescription drugs, baby formula, and other products. A new owner in 2005 quickly fired the lead attorney, who was sentenced in August 2011 to three years in prison for falsely inflating Duane Reade’s income and misleading investors.
  • Took over Ampad (American Pad & Paper) for $5M in 1992; laid off 200 union workers in 1994 and hired them back at reduced wages; the union struck; Bain closed the plant, and then walked away with $100M in profits.
  • Purchased the G.S. Industries steel plant in Kansas City, Missouriin 1993, for $8.3M; in 1994, G.S.I. borrowed $125M to pay off debt and modernize and to pay Bain Capital executives $36M; G.S.I. went bankrupt and the plant closed; the P.B.G.C. (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) government agency covered $44M in G.S.I. pension losses in August 2005.
  • Bain Capital (initial investment $30M) and Goldman Sachs bought Baxter International in 1994 and renamed it Dade International; Dade bought a chemical division from Dupont in 1996 and Behring Diagnostics in 1997; failing to get a decent buyout offer in 1999, Dade management took out loans to buy out half the stockholders (the Bain half) with $242 million to Bain and $121 million to Goldman Sachs and $55 million to top Dade executives, for a total payout of $420 million; in all, the company racked up $1.5B in debt; Bain took $100M in fees and $242M in profits; Dade filed bankruptcy in 2002, 1700 U.S. workers lost their jobs; Dade was sold in 2007 to German conglomerate Siemens for $7B.
  • In 1998, Domino’s Pizza co-founder and sole owner Tom Monaghan sold 93 percent of the company to Bain Capital for $1.1B; Bain added $1.5B in debt, and took away five times their investment. The pizza company is thriving, but has assets of only $425M and long-term debt of $1.57B, which computes to $23.64 negative book value per share.
  • Bain Capital formed Sensata Technologies in 2006, in Freeport, Illinois to develop, manufacture and market sensors and controls for major auto manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors. Despite rising profits, the company has plans to shut down the factory; American workers were made to train their Chinese replacements, who were flown to Illinois by the company.

Mitt’s Bankruptcy from Bain Capital

There is still a question plaguing Mitt’s corrupt career about exactly when he left his position as CEO of Bain Capital. There are conflicting state and federal SEC and FEC filing statements contradicting his retroactive retirement contention. It is pertinent to know why he fled Bain Capital in August 2001, and why he cited February 1999 as his official separation date when he was CEO the entire time. filed a complaint with the DOJ over Romney’s disclosure, claiming he was 100% stock holder and was paid as a Bain Capital executive in 2002 despite his contention that he left active management in 1999.

The period between Feb 1999 and Aug 2001 is when Romney, Bain Capital, and their corrupt operatives conspired to commit bankruptcy fraud guaranteeing Bain Capital could plunder a company they managed with impunity.

Despite the fact that Bain’s secret law firms (MNAT and Paul Traub) admitted lying, there was no Department of Justice investigation into Bain Capital, Romney, or their surrogates’ fraud and perjury because in August 2001, George W. Bush nominated another MNAT partner, Colm Connolly, as Delaware United States Attorney. Consequently, as Bain Capital’s friend, he refused to investigate and/or prosecute the confessed acts of perjury and admitted intentional crimes.

Romney was head of Bain Capital while his team of conspirators committed fraud on the court, and when they were reported to the Department of Justice he “retroactively retired” to conceal his involvement and avoid a Department of Justice investigation.

George W. Bush’s appointment of a lawyer from Bain Capital’s secret law firm as U.S. Attorney guaranteed Romney would not be investigated, but retroactive retiring does not change public docket records or FEC and SEC filings showing he profited from corruption, fraud, and racketeering (RICO) as head of Bain Capital, and as he was a corrupt vulture capitalist.

Romney’s fortune would not have been possible without the direct assistance of the U.S. government. He has done well at milking the government when it suits his purposes, the most obvious instance being the incredible $1.5 billion in aid he siphoned out of the U.S. Treasury as head of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake – a sum greater than all federal spending for the previous seven U.S. Olympic games combined. Romney, the supposed fiscal conservative, blew through an average of $625,000 in taxpayer money per athlete – an astounding increase of 5,582 percent over the $11,000 average at the 1984 games in Los Angeles.

In 1993, right as he was preparing to run for the Senate, Romney also engineered a government deal worth at least $10 million for Bain’s consulting firm, when it was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. This debacle was called; The Federal Bailout That Saved Romney.

To see a video on Mitt Romney’s lies and corruption, you can visit this site:

Breaking: Romney’s “Bain Capital” Drug Front For Bush Cartel


To what degree the attention on Bain Capital helped defeat the Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012 is subject to conjecture; in any case, Mitt Romney lost all of his various home states, and Paul Ryan (his running mate) did not even carry his home town of Janesville, Wisconsin.

romney orin hatchAfter all this corruption, deceit, and economic terrorism, Mitt Romney walks free and continues to do the same greedy evil to this very day. Orin Hatch, retiring from the U.S. Senate, says he will endorses Mitt if he runs for the vacant seat.

You might ask how Mitt can commit so many economically unethical deeds and get off without prosecution, or without having the public know about his true nature – an economic predator driven by corruption and greed. Mitt is protected by the Bush Criminal Cartel, just like Bill and Hillary and Barack Obama. The White House was taken over by a rogue CIA agent, George H. W. Bush, and has been under his control until the election of Donald Trump which is shaking the corrupt foundations of George H. W. Bush’s rogue CIA control of government.

Mitt Romney’s Criminal Pedigree

The Bush criminal family saga goes back generations to Samuel Bush, who was the sole individual controlling the creation of weapons and arms for World War I, was an arms dealer. The practice of appointing a single industrialist to manage large parts of the war was common in those days. An example of this is John D. Rockefeller who was in charge of oil and gas through a presidential appointment, then becoming a world monopoly This was true with many of America’s robber barons.

Samuel Bush was cut from the same cloth and that is how he became the biggest gun runner in the world and profited from his evil dealings.

During World War I, one person was put in charge of almost all spending for the U. S. military and America in general. Charles Dawes, who later wrote the Dawes Plan, controlled almost all commodities after the war and established German reparations. He later became the Vice President, received the Nobel Peace Prize, and was single-handedly responsible for the economic collapse of Germany.

Learning well from his warlord father, Prescott Bush developed banks and investment corporations that eventually led to Union Bank, the bank they called “Hitler’s Bank.” Bush and Union Bank were investigated, indicted, convicted, and closed. Prescott Bush came out unscathed and continued for the rest of his life as a crooked warlord banker and broker and fostered this criminal behavior in his children.

Jonathan Bush took up where his father left off in corrupt warlord banking. Bush bought Riggs Bank in Washington D. C. where all the crooked political money was laundered for politicians and foreign countries. Jonathan became the king of illegal campaign financing for the Republican party. Jonathan also became the bank kingpin for his brother George’s huge geopolitical plans to topple the USSR and steal their assets.

George created a group of economic pirates he called “The Vulcans”, a ruthless team of economic terrorists who fleeced the Soviet Union and its satellite countries and ran the money through Jonathan’s Riggs-Valmet Bank in Russia and its counterpart Riggs Bank in America. Bush also had numerous funds, asset management corporations, and other financial tools to hide the money as it came into America from the evil crimes of the Vulcans.  Essentially, Jonathan was a de facto member of the Vulcans.

These types of criminal economic and political activities are a pride and joy of the Bush Criminal Cartel and its adopted members, which includes Mitt Romney. Mitt became a Bush “blood-brother” through laundering George and Jonathan’s stolen money through Bain Capital.

After all Mitt Bush has done, it is hard to believe that Unfit Mitt is not an adopted child of Prescott Bush because he fits in perfectly with the multi-generational characteristics of a “Good Bush.”

Bush line

Prescott Bush – Hitler’s Banker

Prescott Sheldon Bush Sr. (May 15, 1895 – October 8, 1972) was an American banker and politician. After working as a Wall Street executive investment banker, he represented Connecticut in the United States Senate from 1952 to 1963. He is the father of President George H. W. Bush and the grandfather of President George W. Bush.

Prescott’s father, Samuel Prescott Bush, as outlined above, was a federal government official in charge of coordination of and assistance to major weapons contractors.

Prescott attended Yale College, where his paternal grandfather and his maternal uncle Robert E. Sheldon Jr. had matriculated. Prescott Bush was admitted to the Zeta Psi fraternity and Skull and Bones secret society. George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are also members of that society.

In 1924, Prescott became vice-president of the investment bank A. Harriman & Co. where his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker was president. Prescott Bush’s Yale classmate and fellow Bonesmen was E. Roland Harriman.

In 1931, Prescott became a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., which was created through the 1931 amalgamation of A. Harriman & Co with Brown Bros. & Co., and with Harriman Brothers & Co.

From 1944–1956, Prescott was a member of the Yale Corporation, the principal governing body of Yale University. He was on the board of directors of CBS, having been introduced to chairman William S. Paley around 1932 by his close friend and colleague W. Averell Harriman.

Prescott was a founding member and one of seven directors (including W. Averell Harriman) of the Union Banking Corporation, an investment bank that operated as a clearing house for many assets and enterprises held by German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen. In July 1942, the bank was suspected of holding gold on behalf of Nazi leaders. In October 1942, the United States seized the bank under the Trading with the Enemy Act and held the assets for the duration of World War II. Prescott was a director and shareholder of a number of companies involved with Thyssen and the Nazis.

Bush Cartel Pedophilia and Riggs Bank

Nebraska’s GOP Senator, Ben Sasse, was a proctor and tutor for the House of Representatives pages who helped cover up a sex scandal involving Representatives Mark Foley (R-FL) and Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) in the late 1990s. Sasse comes from a state with a long history of promoting pedophilia and child prostitution involving top Republicans. In the 1980s, Nebraska and its iconic Boy’s Town orphanage were “ground zeros” in the infamous Franklin Credit Union scandal involving rising GOP African-American star Lawrence King.

King was later convicted for embezzling funds from the minority-owned Franklin Credit Union, but thanks to pressure from George H. W. Bush, there were never any prosecutions for child molestation and trafficking across state lines. Several witnesses came forward to accuse King of running a virtual underage teen prostitution service for top GOP officials in Omaha and Washington, DC.  These crimes happened in the White House and were front page news for months.

Ben Sasse also worked for the Boston Consulting Group, Mitt Romney’s and Benjamin Netanyahu’s firm. Mayo Shattuck was the president and chief operating officer of Alex, Brown & Sons under the chairmanship of A. B. Krongard who would be appointed executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency in March 2001. Krongard was later accused of profiting on the 9/11 attack by placing “put options” on American and United Airlines stock, as well as on other companies adversely affected by the terrorist attack.

Sasse was also a former commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and director of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation under George H. W. Bush. From 1994 to 1997, Sasse was chairman of Alex, Brown, a company close to three generations of the Bush political dynasty. Sasse also served as vice chairman of the CIA-connected Bankers Trust and president of Riggs Capital Partners, a division of Riggs Bank. Sasse was appointed by George W. Bush to the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee.

The President of Riggs Investment from 1997 to the sale of Riggs Bank to PNC in 2005 was Jonathan Bush. Jonathan provided “services” for a number of embassies in Washington, and he assumed control of Riggs during its acquisition by PNC after Riggs was accused of laundering money for such CIA clients as the Saudi royal family, President Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea, and former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Perhaps it was the knowledge of Riggs Bank’s corruption that lead to the “suicide” of Sasse.

Jonathan J. Bush and Riggs Bank

Jonathan James Bush was born in 1931 as the son of the notorious criminal banker Prescott Bush. He is the brother of George H. W. Bush is an uncle to George W. Bush.

Jonathan Bush is head of the Riggs Investment Management Company. founder of J. Bush & Co. (1970) which was later bought by Riggs Bank in 1997. Riggs provided discreet banking services for the Washington, D.C. embassies of foreign governments for many years. On May 31, 2000, Riggs Bank elected Jonathan J. Bush President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director. Located in the nation’s capital, Riggs Bank has 53 branches in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

On May 15, 2004, The Washington Post published an article that said, “President Bush’s uncle, Jonathan J. Bush, is a top executive at Riggs Bank, which this week agreed to pay a record $25 million in civil fines for violations of law intended to thwart money laundering.”

In July 26, 1991, Massachusetts securities regulators fined the stockbrokerage firm owned by Jonathan J. Bush $30,000 and barred it from trading with the general public for one year because the company and Bush violated state registration laws. Bush reimbursed his clients in Massachusetts for stocks it had sold them since January 1988. Bush had never registered as a broker-dealer in Massachusetts but continued to carry out transactions even as state regulators were negotiating a consent decree with him. Once the Bush Criminal Cartel controlled Massachusetts and could not be prosecuted there, it was a great place to position Mitt Romney there as Governor.

Money Laundering Through Riggs

In the mid-1970s, members of the Saudi royal family set up covert accounts at the Riggs Bank in Washington, amounting to tens of millions of dollars. This money was used by the so-called “Safari Club” to run intelligence operations.

A Saudi named Omar al-Bayoumi opened bank accounts at Riggs Bank for two of the 9/11 hijackers. About two weeks after the account was opened, al-Bayoumi’s wife began receiving monthly payments totaling tens of thousands of dollars from Princess Haifa bin Faisal, the wife of Saudi ambassador Bandar bin Sultan. Upon discovery of these transactions, the FBI began investigating the bank for possible money-laundering and terrorist financing. Several Saudi accounts were discovered to have financial improprieties, including a lack of required background checks and a consistent failure to alert regulators to large transactions, in violation of federal banking laws.

Many of these transactions involved Prince Bandar personally, often transferring over $1 million at a time. According to British investigations on the Al Yamamah deal, Bandar received over $1.5 billion in bribery from BAE Systems, laundered through the Riggs Bank.

Riggs Bank was fined $25 million in May 2004 by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for violations of money-laundering laws. A long running Justice Department investigation was wrapped up in February 2005 with Riggs pleading guilty and paying a $16 million fine for violations of the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act after a Wall Street Journal article reported December 31, 2004, that Riggs had extensive ties to the CIA, including the fact that several bank officials held security clearances from the CIA.

In February 2005, the bank and Albritton family agreed to pay $9 million to Pinochet victims for concealing and illegally facilitating movement of Pinochet money out of Britain. Riggs admitted criminal liability for failing to prevent money laundering. Members of the Albritton family resigned from the bank board. The operation was acquired by PNC, which phased out the scandal-plagued embassy business. On February 10, 2005, PNC Financial Services agreed to acquire Riggs.

The merger was completed on May 13, 2005, and the Riggs name was retired and all Riggs branches became PNC Bank branches three days later.

Riggs Valmet Bank

The answers to the questions surrounding the cause of the WTC attack will be found in events during the presidency of George H. W. Bush and earlier. Insight into the activities of that period are cloaked by the Executive Order of George H. W. Bush’s son, President George W. Bush, who on November 1, 2001 issued Executive Order 13233. As a result, public records which might have shed light on the seminal activities of 1990 and 1991 remain shielded from public access.

What the public record suggests is that with the beginning of the first Bush Presidency in 1989, George H. W. Bush initiated a program of covert economic warfare to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union. The name of this program appears to be Project Hammer – a multi-billion dollar covert operation, whose actions remain shielded to this day.

In an effort to clean house, President Jimmy Carter ordered the retirement of over 800 covert operatives. Many of these operatives moved into private consulting and security firms and were employed as subcontractors for covert operations. This began a loose association of private operatives that would be referred to as “the Enterprise” in the years to come. George H.W. Bush, having been CIA Director, had many acquaintances in this group, and would work with them to restore their influence and control over U.S. foreign policy and the foreign investment opportunities it created for their benefit.

In 1986, Vice President George H. W. Bush took over the gold taken from Ferdinand Marcos and the gold was removed to a series of banks, notably Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, UBS and Banker’s Trust, and held in a depository in Kloten Switzerland.

What happened to the Marcos gold after it was confiscated by U.S. agents in 1986 has never been reported, but throughout the early 1990s, the world gold market would be befuddled by the mysterious appearance of thousands of tons of gold which appeared to suppress the price of gold.

In South-east Asia, rogue CIA operations were financed through Nugan Hand Bank in Australia, which would be one of the many banks used for transferring the Marcos gold from the Philippines into covert operations. Frank Nugan’s family ran the primary supply shipping operation between the U.S. Navy base in the Philippines and Australia.

Frank Nugan’s business partner, Peter Abeles, and Henry Keswick, together with Canadian businessman Peter Munk, would link with Adnan Kashoggi, Sheikh Kamal and Edgar Bronfmann in a series of operations which ultimately would evolve into Barrick Gold.

In 1992, George H. W. Bush served on the Board of Barrick Gold. The Barrick operation would create billions of dollars of paper gold by creating ‘gold derivatives.’ Enron became a major distribution channel for the sale of Barrick’s gold futures. Enron would also become the vehicle by which oil and gas contracts from the former Soviet Union (vehicles for Soviet money-laundering) were processed.

Barrick Gold would become a quiet gold producing partner for a number of major banks, and its activities became subject to an FBI investigation into gold-price-fixing.

The records on this investigation were kept in the FBI office on the 23rd floor of the North Tower of the WTC.

The records of many of those transactions disappeared when Enron collapsed and the trading operation and all its records were taken over by UBS, another major recipient of Marcos gold and CIA affiliated bank.

The FBI was conducting an investigation into those transactions, and the investigation files were kept on the 23rd floor of the North Tower of the WTC.

Another key player in the Marcos gold was Banker’s Trust, which was taken over by Alex Brown & Sons, after Banker’s Trust floundered financially on its Russian loans in the mid-1990s. These Russian loans were facilitated by Enron, starting in August of 1993, and were part of the Project Hammer takeover of Soviet industry. Amongst those brought into the picture by the involvement of Alex Brown was J. Carter Sasse who was Executive Director of the CIA at the time of September 11.

J. Carter Sasse was appointed by George H. W. Bush to the board of directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation in 1992. Since 1992, OPIC has provided more than $4.5 billion in finance and insurance to more than 140 projects in Russia. He was also Chairman of Riggs Bank and also President of Riggs Capital Partners.

Riggs controlled the famous Riggs-Valmet consultants who set up the international financial apparatus for the Russian oligarchs and rogue KGB allowing them to steal the Soviet treasury and destroy the Russian economy. J. Carter Sasse’s death was reported as a suicide in 2006.

In September 1991, George H. W. Bush and Alan Greenspan financed $240 billion in bonds in a buy-out of the Soviet Union as part of a broader program to attack the economy of the Soviet Union. In addition, President George H. W. Bush had initiated a number of related covert operations to take over certain sectors of the Soviet economy. The covert business dealings would provide an opening to the Soviet KGB that would allow the U.S. to fund a coup against Gorbachev in 1991.

George H. W. Bush’s efforts would grow into a larger covert operation over the years, and be overshadowed by the larger Iran-Contra operation. Members of Bush’s covert intelligence cadre sold weapons to Iran, an avowed enemy of the U.S., and illegally used the profits to continue funding anti-Communist rebels, the Contras, in Nicaragua.

The entire Iran-Contra operation fell apart in 1986 and became public when the Nicaraguan government shot down a U.S. plane carrying weapons to the Contra rebels. However, the Iran-Contra team continued to violate the law even while being investigated by Congress.

Emboldened by the lack of consequences for subverting the U.S. constitution and breaking international law during the Iran-Contra scandal, the Vulcans planned a bigger drive to crush Soviet Russia. The program also seems to have lined the pockets of the individuals that executed this policy, at US taxpayer expense. This was done to the tune of the $240 billion dollars in covert and illegal bonds, which appear to have been replaced with Treasury notes backed by U.S. taxpayers in the aftermath of September 11.

The Vulcan’s Covert Economic War on the Soviet Union

In 1988, Riggs Bank, under the direction of Jonathan J. Bush and J. Carter Sasse, would purchase controlling interest in a Swiss company named Valmet. In early 1989, the new subsidiary of Riggs, called Riggs-Valmet, would initiate contact with a group of KGB officers and their front-men to start setting up an international network for moving money out of the former Soviet-bloc countries.

In the first phase of the economic attack on the Soviet Union, George H. W. Bush authorized Ambassador Leo Wanta and George Soros to destabilize the ruble and facilitate the theft of the Soviet/Russian treasury. This would result in draining the Russian treasury of 2,500 tons of gold bullion. This step would prevent a monetary defense of the ruble and destabilize the currency. The gold was ‘released to Singapore’ in March of 1991, as facilitated and purchased by Leo Wanta, and signed off by Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man.

The theft of the Russian treasury was a KGB and Communist party operation that had the help of Boris Yeltsin, the U.S. CIA and the U.S. banking industry all orchestrated by the Vulcans.

In November 1989, George H. W. Bush arranged for Alton G. Keel Jr, a minor player in the Iran-Contra scandal to go to work at Riggs Bank, which would become the controlling owner of a small Swiss bank operation known as Valmet. The Riggs-Valmet operation, would become the ‘consultants’ to the World Bank and to several KGB front operations run by future Russian oligarchs.

These soon-to-be Russian oligarchs had been set-up as front men by KGB Generals Aleksey Kondaurov and Fillipp Bobkov, who previously reported to Victor Cherbrikov. Cherbrikov worked with Robert Maxwell who was a British financial mogul, an Israeli secret service agent, and a representative of U.S. intelligence interests. Maxwell had been introduced to George H. W. Bush in 1976 by Senator Tower for the sole purpose of using Maxwell as an intermediary between Bush and the Soviet Intelligence agencies.

Maxwell assisted Cherbrikov in selling military weaponry to Iran and the Nicaraguan Contras during the course of the Iran Contra deals, and made hundreds of millions of dollars available to Cherbrikov’s Russian banks. These two would bring a previously unknown politician and construction foreman named Boris Yeltsin from the hinterlands of Russia to the forefront of Russian politics through providing 50% of Yeltsin’s campaign funding.

There were two major operations going on at once. The largest was coordinated by Alan Greenspan, Oliver North, and implemented by Leo Wanta, George Soros and a group of Bush appointees who began to destabilize the ruble. They fronted $240 billion in covert securities to support the various aspects of this plan. These bonds were created from a secretive Durham Trust, managed by ex-CIA officer, Colonel Russell Hermann.

Shortly before the attempted coup of 1991, Maxwell met Viktor Kruchkov, another Russian operative, on Maxwell’s private yacht. Shortly afterwards, Maxwell died mysteriously on his yacht, while Senator Tower died in a plane crash under suspicious circumstances in April of 1991.

In the meantime, Riggs Bank was quickly solidifying banking relations with two of the old Iran-Contra scandal participants: Swiss bankers Bruce Rappaport, and Alfred Hartmann. Through this group, George Soros opened a second front assault on the ruble. It is at this stage of the operation that three more groups would be brought into the plan by Rappaport and Hartmann: The Russian Mafia, the Israeli Mossad, and the Rothschild family interests represented by Jacob Rothschild.

Soros and Rappaport would ensure that the Rothschild financial interests would be the silent backers for a number of the undisclosed deals. The Rothschild interests would also be seen on the board of directors of Barrick Gold.

The Enterprise (Bush rogue CIA) worked on several fronts to take over key energy industries. On the Caspian front of this economic war, James Giffen was sent to Kazakhstan to work with President Nazarbayev in various legal and illegal efforts to gain control of what was estimated to be the world’s largest untapped oil reserves – Kazak oil in the Caspian.

The illegal flow of money from the various oil companies would reach a number of banks. These same oil interests would engage Marc Rich and the Israeli Eisenberg Group, owned by one of the Mossad’s key operatives, Shaul Eisenberg, to move the oil.

Like the other events linked with Project Hammer, the coup was all about the money. The coup began the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the reign of Boris Yeltsin and his ‘family’ of Russian Mafia Oligarchs, and President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan.

In the final phase, a series of operatives assigned by President George H. W. Bush would begin the takeover of prized Russian industrial assets in oil, metals and defense.

This was done by financing and managing the money-laundering for the Russian oligarchs through the Bank of New York, AEB and Riggs Bank and eventually Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.

The Central European Development Corporation combined forces with George Soros and the NM Rothschild Continuation Trust and this group ended up controlling Gazprom, the Russian natural gas giant, while the Riggs group ended up controlling Yukos, the oil giant. Ownership for both remains largely hidden to this day. Meanwhile, across the Caspian Sea, Bush had assigned a wide array of former Iran-Contra operatives to take a role in Azerbaijan.

Initially, Bush sent in the covert operatives Richard Armitage and Richard Secord who worked with their old colleague from the Mossad, David Kimche, and their old arms running colleagues Adnan Kashoggi and Farhad Azima to hire, transport, and train several thousand Al Qaeda mercenaries to fight on behalf of the Azeri freedom fighters. Osama Bin Laden was part of this mercenary force. Eventually, Azerbaijan would become the home of the Vulcans and the headquarters for much of the rogue CIA operations.

As a result, investigative agencies from Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Philippines put pressure on Congress and the U.S. Department of Justice to open up the accounts in these crooked banks that were used to finance these covert activities. 

The Vulcans

Emboldened by the lack of consequences for subverting the U.S. Constitution and breaking international law during the Iran-Contra scandal, Bush’s Vulcans planned a bigger drive to crush the Soviet Union.  They waged war against the Soviet Union and Iraq under George H.W. Bush, and against Iraq and Afghanistan under George W. Bush.

Members belonging to this group were:

Dick Cheney

Don Rumsfeld

Colin Powell

Paul Wolfowitz

Richard Armitage

Condoleezza Rice

Jonathan Bush and Mitt Romney were “junior” Vulcans who worked in America to launder the fleeced funds from Riggs-Valmet.

The Vulcan’s drive to bring an end to the Cold War was fueled by a covert war chest invisible to congressional oversight known by the names, the Durham Trust or Project Hammer. These same Vulcans would be brought back to power in 2000 under the administration of President George W. Bush.

The covert operations conducted by the Vulcans involved securities fraud, money laundering and violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices act. While accomplishing its objective – bringing about the demise of the Soviet Union – the program also seems to have lined the pockets of the individuals that executed this policy, at US taxpayer expense.

The covert securities used to accomplish the original national security objective of ending the Cold War ended up in the vaults of the brokers in the World Trade Center, and were destroyed on September 11, 2001. They came due for settlement and clearing on September 12th. The federal Agency investigating these bonds – The Office of Naval Intelligence – was in the section of the Pentagon that was destroyed on September 11.

Bush Criminal Cartel Still Rules

The preceding picture that we have painted for you is sick and disgusting. It is little known by the average citizen, but it is well-known by career politicians who hope to join the Bush Criminal Cartel that acts with complete impunity while being guarded from prosecution by their cronies in the DOJ, FBI, and the justice system. Bill and Hillary were chosen early on to be “family members” because of their enthusiastic participation with the Iran-Contra Affair that ran planes and drugs through Arkansas with the help of Governor Wild Bill Clinton.

The Bush family “adopted” the Clintons in the 1970s and have been bonded ever since. Bill and Hillary were reckless and careless in their grab for power. Many people have been murdered to cover their trails of crime. Obama was co-opted when George Soros chose him over Hillary to become president. Obama showed his loyalty by continuing the Bush agenda while preparing the now-failed coronation of Hillary Clinton as Queen of America and the world.

When you say Clinton, Obama, or Romney you might as well say Bush! 

George H. W. Bush was indoctrinated by his criminal father and grandfather and was well-trained by Allen Dulles (CIA) and his brother John Dulles (Rockefeller attorney, Secretary of State) and Edwin Pauley (oil baron) to be a refined and hidden corporate warlord CIA operative. The Clintons and Obamas showed no class at all and let all the secrets out, while Mitt Romney seems to be trying to draw attention to the crimes that have ruled the White House for decades through the Bush Criminal Cartel.

The newest adopted members of the Bush family just don’t have the criminal finesse that George H. W. Bush did when he proudly told the world in his United Nation’s speech that a New World Order would rule the globe and that he would personally make sure it would happen.

Do not be surprised that Mitt Romney may win the rigged Utah election for Orin Hatch’s senate seat.

If he wins, do not be surprised when Mitt becomes Trump’s number one enemy in Washington.

And don’t be surprised if later, Unfit Mitt runs for president against Trump. The Bush Criminal Cartel is losing grip since Trump came to power. They are desperate and have even called up their step-child, Unfit Mitt, to try to turn the tide of Trump victories over the globalists, the shadow government, the Clintons, Obama, and the so-called Deep State.

Unfortunately for Mitt – the Anonymous Patriots don’t forget, we know how to do deep research, and we are very committed to winning the Second American Revolution. Most important we now have an influential and global audience for our citizen intelligence reports, something that we didn’t have when Unfit Mitt ran for election in 2012.

This citizen intelligence report was just one of the many things we know about Mitt. Make sure to share this meme with your audience so that we can keep the Romneys on Google Page One.

Mitt and Ann Running for Senate 2



We ask that alternative media outlets repost this article on their blogs and websites. We have noticed that the internet might be getting scrubbed of unsavory references to Unfit Mitt….probably in preparation for his Utah Senate run. He needs to get his squeaky clean Mormon look on again.

You see, scrubbing the net can actually backfire on you. Let’s say they scrubbed Romney’s name in connection with Riggs Banks so that we could never find out this information in an internet search.

What they actually did is to clear the space for all of us to drop a ton of truth bombs into cyber space. We all post this article in a hundred different locations – on your blogs, websites, threads, etc. Same article. Reposted. Then these multiple truth bombs will just “lay in wait”, landmines in digital space, for the time that a truth seeker searches ‘Romney – Riggs Bank’.  Then.


Google Page One.

We win the information battle because we own page one with the same article in hundreds of locations. They will never recover from the strike.

But each of you has to get off your butts and put the plan in place in your social network. Don’t have a blog? Then get a free, basic one on WordPress and start drawing an audience. People are hungering for truth. Use our headline suggestions, repost our audios or articles. Repost every single one of our highly researched citizens intelligence reports that is on our site.

Since we are all now addicted to the computer screen, smart phones and tablets, we might as well use it to fight for our freedom and liberty, instead of succumbing to our digital enslavement.

Trust us. An audience will come. You came to us…now didn’t you?

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