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Vanguard is a common denominator in the East Palestine, Ohio vinyl chloride poisoning disaster

Vinyl chloride is a flammable gas that has a sweet odor and is carcinogenic (causes cancer)

Data Centers in Chicago are tied to Earthlink and Enlite Internet fiber cables* that run along the train right of way through the center of East Palestine, Ohio

These cables help connect Chicago with Washington, D.C. and New York

Vanguard controls all the Earthlink and Enlite Fiber Internet trunk line cables running through East Palestine, Ohio.

Vanguard also controls the Norfolk Southern Railroad that derailed 52 cars in East Palestine, Ohio, releasing toxic vinyl chloride into the air and water

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Something stinks about the East Palestine derailment and HAZMAT handling

Where are the HAZMAT applications by the rail company they are required to file before carrying this material at high speed through East Palestine OH?

At 30 mph, the East Palestine OH train simply would not have the kinetic energy needed to derail 50 railcars and cause them to explode! They should have been going slow while passing through East Palestine.

This is an evident sabotage of the rail lines (human induced disturbance of the tracks) to wreak this much havoc.