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The American banking world’s smoking gun

This newspaper record proves that Alexander Hamilton and his former St. Croix slave-opium boss Henry Cruger were conspiring with John Barker Church to turn over America’s emerging banks to the Bank of England.

Cruger was evidently running Hamilton’s backchannel to the Bank of England in London via people like Benjamin Vaughn, who then took his cash to America once the First Bank of the United States (proposed in 1784, charted in 1791—modelled on the Bank of England) was set up by Hamilton and Church.

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Queen Hillary Clinton is effusive in her praise of the Hamilton musical. So much praise, in fact, that Shakespeare might be tempted to re-write Queen Gertrude’s observation in Hamlet: ‘The lady doth praise too much, methinks.’ She said in her last campaign that “we may not live to see the glory” as the song from the musical Hamilton goes, “let us gladly join the fight.” Let our legacy be about “planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”

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Philip J. Venables: Hidden King of Cryptocurrencies

Given Philip J. Venables’ psycho-bio life, and Brother Sir Tony Venables’ carbon credits advocacy at Oxford, Phil J. Venables’ control of Goldman Sachs and Google clearly reveal their agenda to implement the British Pilgrims Society’s “new world order” replete with sociopathic digital control of all financial, social and carbon-based life-form transactions on planet earth.

Pilgrims Society and Boston Brahmins Rule America. Period.

The British monarch plot to undermine the property grants claimed by the Plymouth Pilgrims

Hiding American opium trade by the Boston Brahmins

Ketanji Jackson ancestral corruption


The Masked Boston Brahmin Elitist

Boston Brahmins beneficiaries of British opium and white slave trafficking

Boston Brahmin Russell Sturgis and Baring Brothers of London

Boston Brahmin Russell Sturgis and Baring Brothers of London

Francis Barings owned a slave plantation, and directed The British East India Company through Francis, and even The Bank of England through Alexander.

Alexander Baring negotiated and financed The Louisiana Purchase. At the time Louisiana covered the whole of the middle of what is now the USA.

Barings financed the annexation of Texas from Mexico, and the purchase of Alaska from Russia. 

Barings financed the purchase by the United States Federal Government, i.e. Lincoln and the north, of Ironclads, which were the new military ships of their day, as well as arms!

Benjamin Moran, at the American Legation, noted with approval a speech that Baring made in the House of Commons in May 1864: The man is a gentleman…It is mortifying to me that while he is loyal to us, the only citizen of the United States belonging to his firm, Mr Russell Sturgis, is a rebel sympathizer.’ Sturgis was indeed a considerable embarrassment to his colleagues.

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Hiding American opium trade by the Boston Brahmins

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld has common Boston Brahmin opium/slave trafficking ancestors with Ketanji Jackson & John Kerry

Rothschild and Barings financing of American opium and black, brown and white slave trafficking

Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents. (1492-1778). General, CT, DE, GA, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA.

Tech venture capitalist Kleiner Perkins (Google, Walmart, Twitter, Sun, First Boston, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, etc.), Malcolm Forbes, John Forbes Kerry, Ketanji (Gardner-Weld-Russell-Perkins-Amory-Lowell-Pickering-Peabody) Jackson all gained their wealth from the 19th century British opium trade of the Boston Brahmins