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Cat Report

Meet America’s Hedge Fund Billionaires

BlackRock Silver ETF Adds Warning on Shortages as Investors Bail

Trump To Make First Public Speech Since Leaving White House At CPAC

The Centrality of the Human Heart by Douglas Gabriel

Why GameStop was going to cause a collapse of the entire market, and why it is still going to

Why more men are suffering from infertility than ever before

“Morally Grotesque” – Whistleblower At Smith College Resigns Over ‘Reverse-Racism’

Rich Business-Class Flyers Now Exempt From Wearing A Mask

The Secret Spells of Language & the History of Magic

Is the paper silver market starting to unravel?

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Cat Report

Silver lease rates are rising; here’s what it means

Silver Gold Update Across the Globe | #SilverSqueeze

Central Banker Admits Our Monetary System Is a Ponzi Scheme.

Is President Trump saving the children in the tunnels? Why has Dan Scavino released this video?

Who Bought the $4.5 Trillion Added in One Year to the Incredibly Spiking US National Debt, Now at $27.9 Trillion?

Next Up: Global Depression

Joe Biden’s ‘War on Women’: Equality Act to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex

Who’s to Blame for the Texas Power Crisis?

Important Distribution Material: Vaccine Bill of Rights

“Rise Up, Fight Back!” – Detroit Rent Protest Erupts Amid Nationwide Eviction Crisis

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Truth and Silver Set Humanity Free From the Globalist Great Reset

The demonetization of silver was used as a blunt instrument to impoverish the populace, and enrich the wealthy and bankers all the way back in 1873. We know that wealth is generational, so if you had family living in the United States prior to 1873, and they were not wealthy, it is highly likely that they were massively impoverished by banker related corruption at the time.

However, the tables have turned and SILVER is the weapon of choice of millions of citizens around the world who are breaking the shackles of debt enslavement, one precious metal ounce after another.

This is the most comprehensive report on the internet about why YOU need to join the movement, if for no other reason than to protect your family and fortune.

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Cat Report

We stack. They crack. #ActivistInvesters

INSANE Silver Demand #SILVERSQUEEZE | Andy Schectman

No Longer Consenting, Carlsbad California Restaurant Owners Defy Order and Open for Indoor Dining


“There Are No Tools Left” – Rubino Warns Its ‘Aristocrats’ Vs ‘We, The People’

The WOKE shall inherit the WEALTH

In Frigid Texas, Desperate Families Take Risks to Stay Warm

No Longer Consenting, Carlsbad California Restaurant Owners Defy Order and Open for Indoor Dining

Department of Energy Blocked Texas From Increasing Power Output Before And During Deadly Storm

‘We are not turning back:’ Gov. DeSantis calls CDC guidelines to opening schools a ‘disgrace’

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GameStop Congressional Hearings – Part 2

Enough is ENOUGH. The banks are robbing us and committing crimes in broad daylight


Fed In a Desperate Battle to Keep Commodity Prices Suppressed

Game Stopped For Griffin? Maxine Blasts “Financial Threat” Citadel For “Fleecing” Retail Investors

SEC Data Show $359 Million of GameStop Shares Failed to Deliver

Nikki Haley Wanted Meeting With President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Turned Her Down

Is This True?? Biden Was Never Invited Upstairs?!

German State Forbids Drivers From Wearing Masks, Sunglasses & Hats At Same Time

NYC Waitress Fired For Waiting To Take COVID Vax Over Pregnancy Concerns

Know your internet slang: G.O.A.T.

Man pleads for help as rescue cat becomes obsessed with him

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We Like the Stock!

Reddit trader ‘Roaring Kitty’ explains his GME investment theory

TEXAGEDDON: A False Flag Geoterrorist Operation With Multiple Nefarious NWO Goals

Facebook Blocks News From Australia – Yes, The Entire Country


Jaguar To Go Fully-Electric By 2025

Joe Biden Plans Second Coronavirus Package with $3 Trillion More in ‘Build Back Better’ Spending

Thousands of service members saying no to COVID-19 vaccine

Listen to Alexa explain who Bill Gates is

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President Putin just called for love and the scraping of the 120-year British-American Pilgrims Society “new world order” theory at the World Economic Forum

Putin called the “centralized and uni-polar world order” a moribund strategy that has embroiled Russia and the world in more than a century of war and godless, culture-destroying monopolies.

This same British-American Pilgrims Society, after deposing Czar Nicholas (1917), and then murdering his entire family by firing squad (1918), devastated Russia with a godless Pilgrims-financed Bolshevik terror, enslaved satellite nations too, and repressed the citizens for 70 years while murdering tens of millions of souls to suppress dissent.

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Everything is Rigged

Knowles groomed Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff at DLA Piper for the Pilgrims Society – now folks, start saying “Pilgrims Society” – the name that cannot be named!

Knowles conspires with major auditors to hide his global treachery on behalf of The Prince’s Trust, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, BDO, Ernst & Young and KPMG

Knowles runs The Prince’s Trust, including in America, and does the bidding of the Crown and the Privy Council, directed by the Pilgrims Society

Therefore, Knowles is the British imperial handler of the Pretenders in the White House

Knowles’ hidden family helped cement the treasonous intelligence sharing “special relationship” at the end of WWII

Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of Knight of Malta Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., is a personnel recruiter for DLA Piper controlled by Knowles

The so-called “great reset” should really be named “Build Back British”

Knowles’ DLA Piper employed Peter Comey, brother of FBI James B. Comey

Knowles was a founding director of SGO Smartmatic that controls all election systems, including Dominion, worldwide – the various company names (Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia, Premier, Diebold, ES&S) are a shell game since they all have common Optech software

Knowles’ family reaches back to the beginnings of mass communications, propaganda, Victorian satanic spiritism-scientism, fascist banking and resource stripping, and vaccines as a weapon of war in the mid-1800s

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Cat Report

Empty streets in Davos as World Economic Forum holds virtual meeting

Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Deportation Freeze

The Elderly Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine are Dropping Like Flies

Joe Biden Signs Executive Order to Make All Federal Vehicles Electric

Good News – Impeachment Will Fail, Bad News – Five Republican Senators Voted to Impeach President Trump, Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Sasse and Toomey

Joe Biden to Sign Executive Order Banning the Term “China Virus”

Bond Observations on Day Five of Hell

Cancel Culture Works Both Ways – check out these alternatives to Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, and More. What can you eliminate or switch?

Massive Internet Outage Hits East Coast Due To Fiber Cut In Brooklyn, No ETA On Recovery

Why is Google all of a sudden in the vaccine business?

Is the Biden Administration “show” a Rob Reiner production?

YouTube extends Trump suspension and bars Giuliani from monetizing account