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Bill Gates sets up a charitable trust for Jeffrey Epstein

Ancient Mysteries: Quest for The Holy Grail

George Soros ran the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine as his practice run. Now he is running a purple revolution in America.

Dems Want USPS to Be ‘Ballot-Harvesting Service’

Report: USPS improperly enabled workers who helped Clinton campaign

Fields of human cages discovered in Caruthers California: Video

Watch out, Alexa! Amazon is releasing :’The Biden’

Got Wood? Lumber Prices Explode To Record Highs Amid “Supply Chain Screw Ups”

California Set To Pass The Nation’s First Wealth Tax Targeting The Ultra Rich

New Zealand delays general election by a month amid Auckland Covid-19 outbreak

John Roberts Destroys American Court System for the Queen

Whole Foods Bans Colloidal Silver

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UNITED STATES CODE: Joe Biden is permanently disqualified from holding any public office in the U.S. Federal Government


Virginia: School Is Deemed Non-Essential

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Judge Orders Texas Father to Pay $5,000 a Month So His Ex-Wife Can “Transition” Son James Into a Girl Named “Luna”

Minneapolis Requiring Businesses Destroyed by Riots to Pay Property Taxes Before They Can Rebuild

Lockdown Restrictions Are A Test To See How Much Tyranny Americans Will Accept

Now the World Health Organization is meddling with our teeth

Joint Statement of the United States, the State of Israel, and the United Arab Emirates

Kamala Harris is an illegal alien. She is committing immigration fraud and must be immediately arrested. She is a foreign actor and security threat to the United States Senate and must be removed as a senator.

The Vortex — Kamala Family, Slave Owners

Basement Biden calls for mandate requiring all Americans to wear masks

Democrat Operatives Warn Media That Criticism of Harris Will Be Deemed ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ — In Other Words, Business as Usual

Number of Americans filing for unemployment falls below 1M for first time since pandemic started

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New Zealand now has “Quarantine Camps”

When your AIM CAT is a trained assassin