Can you become fully human in a world full of robots?

Robotic labor frees humans to engage in higher order thinking, finding meaning and understanding in seemingly random information, and imprinting wisdom upon our environment that is balanced with all that humans may become in the future. Robots don’t dream about the future and yearn for what could become the goal of the quest, the intent of human evolution.

Some humans will devolve when robots take over all repetitive work because they haven’t learned to “reflect” upon information and knowledge, turning these into wise action that integrates with all that a human ever has been or ever will be. They lack a cosmology wherein the human being stands as the key factor of evolution. When robots do our work, as a a slave or low paid worker might, we need to know what meaningful activities we can embrace to make sure we continue to evolve as humans.

Just as 3CPO and R2D2 had a critical role in the Star War’s saga, George Lucas believed they were the true stars of the movie. (See Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration.) So, too, the robots of our future will be exactly what we imagine they will be. Every extension of the human being that robots embody, including seeing, hearing, touching, and processing, will never lead to true human thinking or synthesized wisdom gleaned from experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just that, artificial. But human intelligence (HI) is alive and growing in relationship to evolution in conjunction with the earth’s changing environment, including robots.

Humans need to evolve into another entirely new condition of consciousness to appreciate what a world full of robots means in gaining freedoms that can lead to higher intelligence.

Herman Hesse envisioned a new world where people who were freed-up from common tasks could reflect upon the combined history, art, architecture, science, religion, and aspects of the developing human consciousness and find a new synthesis that reveals the higher forces behind creativity. Hesse called the concerted efforts of these philosophers, Glass Beads 1The Glass Bead Game. These philosophers developed refined human intelligence (HI) that studied the effects of thinking, feeling and willing over the entire course of history making that information metamorphose into a living symphony of wisdom that unveils the mysteries of life working through evolving human consciousness.

Once a new synthesis was found, greater meaning and wisdom became self-evident to the beholder of the Glass Bead Game and the light of the past became a torch that illuminated possible futures for human creativity in relationship to the whole – a Glass Bead Game synthesis of human intelligence. This is a “game” that robots and AI will never embody, but their work makes possible for those philosophers, artists, musicians, and creators who choose to play the game.  

Humans dream, and from that dreaming comes the future that sheds light on all meaningful human endeavors that build a better day. Only humans can “dream up” the robots of today and from that well-spring of “human intelligence,” mixed with the dreams of future worlds, we can find the true place of robots in human development and appreciate them for what they are – an extension of human willpower that frees the soul and spirit to reach for a future filled with wisdom and the one thing a robot will never have – love.

Will robots and AI enhance or enslave humanity?

rosie robotOne theory for the growing use of robots is that once the global elite wipe out most of humanity, they will use robots to do the work that their human slaves and underclass once did. Engineers and mechanics will be highly desired in their New World Order as somebody has to keep the robots operating.

But for now, let’s look at the optimistic ways robots are relieving us from drudgery work and assisting us as we age. Robots, when properly integrated in our lives, can free us to become fully human.

By the way, you might encourage the young people in your life to join the school robotics program or choose a career in robotic programming or engineering. The future is populated with robots.

Look at some of the ways robot and AI technology are being used to positively enhance our lives:

These robots fetch stuff.

Here is a farming chore that could use a helping hand.


These robots can give you a boost. 

Need help in the backyard garden?

No need to move to warmer climates when you have this kind of help in the winter.

From picking fruit to herding cows, this is one hard working, efficient farm tool.

These happy cows look quite content with their robot handlers. 

Bricklaying is a back-breaking job that is done in full sun. What a great place to use a robot.

Now, this is a luxurious big rig.  Drive this vehicle with one of the free energy devices we showed you in The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun, fill it with products that have been built, sorted, and loaded with robot assistance, and watch prices for products and goods start falling.

Nobody around to play a game with you?

Would you lie down for this?

Feeling lonely and need someone to talk to?