2018: The Year Citizens Busted the Royals for Their Attempted Overthrow of Donald J. Trump

This headline will not come as a shock to followers of the American Intelligence Media as they have read and listened to our countless citizen intelligence reports, posts, audios, and videos on how American operatives of the Senior Executive Service worked hand-in-glove with British MI6 and Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council in a covert operation to overthrow Donald J. Trump.

These two videos below, produced by Declassified, are excellent summaries of what AIM has already uncovered. Of course, you will never get this kind of honest reporting from Fake Fox News because it, along with the other corporate media channels, are part of the coverup and coup d’etat that we have experienced in America for decades. From the false flag called 9-11 to the illegal spying on Donald J. Trump, the corporate media, as directed by the British Tavistock Institute and AVID Isis Management, have been brainwashing citizens around the world in a narrative of lies, deceit, and propaganda.

As we move into the next phase of disclosure, take a moment to review these video reports.

#SpyGate – Collusion Scandal Bigger than Watergate [Part 1/2] Those Involved to Take Down Trump
#SpyGate – Collusion Scandal that Weaponized Agencies [Part 2/2]


Jeff Carlson, from the Epoch Times, has written a summary of these events that every citizen should read as a primer in the British – SES Spygate Operation:

The SpyGate Scandal: What We Learned in 2018

Included in Carlson’s report is a timeline that gives the reader a map of the criminal activities of each of these TRAITORS who must be tried for TREASON.



This is not the end of the story!

Our researchers expose other international players who have contributed to this massive global corruption.


SCOTUS Scumbag John Roberts

John Roberts traitorWe have shown you how Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was an active part of the destruction and overthrow of America. The Chief Justice is the individual that verifies eligibility of candidates running for president. From the moment Roberts verified that Barry Soetoro was eligible to hold the Office of the President, he began his publicly-seen treasonous actions against America.

Most recently we showed you how Roberts used his position to load up the FISA courts with SES operatives who have been spying on citizens across the board:

Globalist Scumbag John Roberts is Responsible for All 11 FISA Court Judges and for the Illegal Spying Conducted on Trump and Other Americans

His globalist, sticky fingers are all over the U.S. Patent Office where inventors and entrepreneurs are ripped off constantly by this SERCO-run operation. Roberts is head TRAITOR and citizens must demand his impeachment and trial for treason. His treasonous crimes are many – just take your pick – from FISA abuses, to patent theft, to Obamacare legislation.


U. S. Patent Office and Justice John Roberts Support Lawlessness in America


Queen Elizabeth and Her Merry Band of MI6 Thugs

geoffrey pattieWe have shown you how Stefan Halper and Christopher Steele’s involvement with the overthrow of Trump goes right back to the Queen’s Privy Council.

The question that we will be exploring next is exactly who ordered the overthrow of President Trump – was it the Queen herself, or her lunatic son Prince Charles or the demented Nazi Prince Philip?

Or did members of the Privy Council, all of whom are named in the Deception videos and chart above, act outside of the Queen’s knowledge? When will the U.S. Congress recognize that the British Monarch is an enemy of the United States?

The Crown, Tavistock, and the Overthrow of Donald J. Trump


evil pope and queen

Tavistock Brainwashes the World

The British run sophisticated psychological operations all around the world through the Tavistock Institute. They use corporate media, advertising, social media, and other techniques to control the masses as well as their political puppets. Their goal is still the same as has been throughout history – a world controlled by one global governance headed by the Queen and/or the Pope.

Just recently we reported this blockbuster revelation:

Their exploitation of humanity is at an end

british Tavistock

(Dec. 28, 2018)—These are the latest findings in the ongoing investigation of Baron Richard Beecroft Allan, Facebook’s vice-president of policy for Europe, Middle East & Africa (appointed Jun. 26, 2009).

The C.I.A. MKUltra program emerged from Tavistock. Tavistock has now openly seized control of its creation: Facebook, via two British peers, one with direct ties to Tavistock which we describe in this post.

The C.I.A., with help from Facebook Baron Richard Beecroft Allan’s grandfather, organized stay-behind paramilitary units in each Allied country and others after WWII that re-purposed Tavistock’s mass mind control methodologies to promote fascist profiteering from terror via perpetual war and the cattle herding of public opinion. This is how the military-industrial complex sustains its power and wealth—by cheating and mass deception.

Full story.


Election riggingGlobal Election Rigging

How do these criminals stay in place in governments around the world? We have shown you how election machines are rigged, how software is used in these machines is owned by globalist interests, and how the U.S. Digital Service was weaponized in the 2016 presidential elections. Our reports are numerous, but here are a few (below) that still go unreported by the Murdoch’s FAKE FOX NEWS.

This election rigging doesn’t just effect American elections. This is going on worldwide and every nation needs to be alert to the globalist goal of stealing your elected offices.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Behind Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections

World Wide Election Rigging by the Queen’s Privy Council

Queen Elizabeth II and Privy Council Rig Elections Worldwide


Game Over for the U. S. Deep State & British MI6. Their Overthrow Donald J. Trump FAILED.

Citizens have grown weary of the lies, deceit, and destruction of our country by SES Nazi thugs lead by Mueller-Roberts-Brennan and demand that all documents regarding the Russia Collusion narrative be released, unredacted and complete, to the world. 


The reason the Brits begged Trump not to release unredacted documents is because they will show that MI6, the Privy Council, and the Crown masterminded the entire operation, using British controlled Senior Executive Service operatives and SERCO to carry out the details on American soil.

Citizens also demand that all Strzok-Page texts be released. Until we see otherwise, we believe these SES traitors were not “lovers”, but conspirators who were planning the assassination of Donald J. Trump. Citizens DEMAND proof that this was not the case.


Michael Horowitz has 55,000 of the texts and Christopher Wray has them all. Don’t forget that Horowitz permitted Strzok to pick and choose the texts that would be made public. Oh…and by the way, Horowitz and Wray are…drum roll pleaseSES

tt 12-29


Let 2019 be the year of trials and tribunals all around the world. The swamp is not just in Washington! There is one in your country, too, and the more each one of us takes on the task of cleaning up the corruption in our own nation-states, the faster we will become a world of peace and prosperity.

As Donald J. Trump reminds us:

peace is the prize