Patriots Expose the 100-Year Anglo-American Propaganda War That Has Terrorized the World with War, Strife, and Poverty

Proof the 1917 British War Cabinet (WWI) created modern day weaponize propaganda

George Soros and the formation of the C.I.A. are linked to the 1917 British war propaganda minister MP, banker, railway director, Eric Hambro

Barack Obama copied the War Cabinet’s organization, propaganda, purposes and methods to promote continuous war from the White House.

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(JAN. 08, 2019)—On Dec. 09, 1916, new British Prime Minister David Lloyd George formed a five-person War Cabinet.

Over the next year, the War Cabinet failed to provide promised military assistance to Russian Czar Nicholas II – Queen Victoria’s grandson. This resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution within three weeks of War Cabinet Lord Alfred Milner’s return to London.

Many historians suspect Milner’s globalist treachery in failing to provide Russia the needed resources that the British government had already approved. Vladimir Lenin had just made his banker-financed and visa-waived train trip back to St. Petersberg from Switzerland and immediately arranged the execution of the Czar and his family (Jul. 17, 1917) as one of his first acts of treachery.

Milner was chairman of the Monarch’s vast Rio Tinto mining holdings (including uranium—controlled by the Queen to this day). He was also a director of the Midland Bank’s precursor, the Joint Stock Bank.

Along with Lloyd George and Alfred Milner, the other three War Cabinet members were Lord Curzon (Viceroy of India, Lord Privy Seal), Andrew Bonar Law and Arthur Henderson. Bonar Law became Lord Privy Seal in Jan. 1919.

Lloyd George’s War Cabinet totally reorganized the traditional operations of a British Cabinet. Instead of consisting of Members of Parliament, he largely iced out Parliament, and instead invited hundreds of unelected advisors and consultants, as needed, from all over the Empire.

Barack Obama mimicked this organization on Dec. 31, 2009 in Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information, when he consolidated all security classification powers into a committee of seven that he chaired comprising the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Homeland Security, Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence (C.I.A.).


As MP Leifchild Jones told Parliament about the Propaganda Ministry of Information on Aug. 05, 1918: “we have been kept in the dark as to its constitution.”

Tellingly, Lloyd George hired more than a dozen scriveners to meticulously document their meetings. Practically speaking, this guaranteed that the contents of these meetings would be leaked. But to whom?

Hindsight shows this Cabinet was consolidating British government power into unelected bureaucrats and bankers loyal only to the Crown’s Privy Council, and not Parliament. These people used this insider information to purchase stock in companies employed by the government to supply their war machine.


On Jan. 20, 1914, Sydney Buxton (“S.B.”), President of the Board of Trade proposed compulsory Marconi wireless telegraphy on all British steamships (later approved). Years later it was discovered that some of the approving ministers purchased stock in Marconi America.




On Aug. 05, 1914, in the early hours, British submarines cut the undersea telegraphy cable between the United States and Germany allowing messages to be intercepted and blocked. This act essentially started World War I.

On Aug. 05, 1914, Britain declared war on Germany. The uniformly pro-British details that appeared in American newspapers, in hindsight, is all too perfect and all too obviously backed by American and British war profiteer banks and “Robber Baron” industrialists. These people considered the loss of millions of souls as mere collateral damage.


Editor. (Aug. 05, 1914). ENGLAND DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY (Full article text). The New York TimesWas the NYT managing editor on this day, Carr Vattal Van Anda, a little too prepared with this headline? As our awareness of psychiatry and fake news increases, a fresh read of this article shows too much convenient detail designed to brainwash the public. The British War Propaganda Bureau (WPB), known as “Wellington House” under Charles Masterman became official one month later on Sep. 05, 1914. Source: The New York Times, Aug. 5, 1914.


masterman-charles-frederick-gurneyOn Sep. 05, 1914, Prime Minister Lloyd George ordered Charles Masterman (Privy Counselor) to form the British War Propaganda Bureau (WPB), known as “Wellington House.” He enlisted well-known writers including John Buchan, Arthur Conan Doyle, H. G. Wells, as well as artists like Francis Dodd, Paul Nash, William Orpen, and C R W Nevinson.

Wellington House was replaced by the Propaganda Ministry of Information on May 18, 1917.

Writer John Buchan, one of Masterman’s chief propagandists, would take charge. See examples of their propaganda works.



On Sep. 20, 1916, Charles Masterman and the British War Propaganda Bureau (WPB), known as “Wellington House,” presented a 125-page report (some pages describing American propaganda activity are missing) that they had published 300 books and pamphlets in 21 languages, distributed over 4,000 propaganda photographs every week and circulated maps, cartoons and lantern slides to the media.

This activity was absorbed exactly five months later as one of four departments within the newly-formed Propaganda Ministry of Information directed by John Buchan.



Jan. 04, 1917, War Cabinet member Lord Alfred Milner met with Czar Nicholas II supposedly to deliver military aid against the revolutionaries, but Milner refused to authorize the aid even though Parliament had already approved it (Note: Milner was never censored for this insubordination to Parliament. Milner was also a political ally of Cecil Rhodes.)

On Feb. 20, 1917, the War Cabinet established the Propaganda Ministry of Information and appointed novelist John Buchan as its director. The ministry targeted all countries, except Britain.

Mar. 03, 1917, the War Cabinet member Lord Alfred Milner arrived back in London having promised Nicholas II nothing. No guns for Russia; three days later his formal report to the War Cabinet about the events that took place at the Allied Conference in Russia; tellingly, no minutes were taken, which was contrary to the newly-initiated Lloyd George scrivener policy on meeting minutes.

On Mar. 17, 1917, Russian Czar Nicholas II abdicated. Remarkably, the British War Cabinet, including Lord Milner and Bonar Law, were providing carefully couched impressions as facts (e.g., the Russian people were revolting because the Czar was not prosecuting the war against Germany with enough efficiency!) to the American public, whose major newspapers, in lock step, repeated Bonar’s speculations as facts immediately; information that they could not possibly have known unless they had written about the abdication for the newspapers before it happened. The headlines and articles aree worthy of the National Inquirer today.


On May 18, 1917, John Buchan, director of the Ministry of Information, petitioned the War Cabinet with a request titled “Propaganda at Home” to be able to propagandize (lie to) the British public.


On Jul. 17, 1917, Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their five children, a doctor and three servants were shot and clubbed to death on Vladimir Lenin’s orders in the basement of a merchant’s mansion named Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. An official government commission in 1995 was convened to answer 10 questions by the Russian Orthodox Church. It was reopened in 2015 and reported through Bishop Tikhon on Nov. 28, 2017 that the evidence pointed to a ritual killing.

Historically, propaganda has been successful at labeling any analysis of the murder of the Romanovs as anti-Semitic “conspiracy theory.” But, what if the newly-formed British Ministry of Information, John Buchan and Lord Milner were the sources of the assassination order to Lenin and its cover-up?

Given Lord Milner treachery four months earlier, the new research is pointing to Britain. Vladimir Lenin could have only just arrived in St. Petersburg before issuing the kill order as one of his first acts of terror (having only left Switzerland by train on Apr. 09, 2017). Perhaps this was the first use in modern propaganda of “conspiracy theory” that was used so successfully to divert attention from the C.I.A. assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

We show that the rogue C.I.A. emerged from the 1917 War Cabinet personnel.


On Aug. 04, 1917, Prime Minister Lloyd George inaugurated the National War Aims Committee (NWAC) in approval of the Propaganda Ministry Information request “Propaganda at Home” to be able to target British citizens with propaganda.

On Nov. 07, 1917, The Bolshevik “October Revolution” overthrew Czar Nicholas II, assassinated him and his whole family, and ushered in the Communist socialist era in Russia.


On Dec. 17, 1917, John Buchan proposed a pro-League of Nations “Psychological Offensive – To be launched at a-well selected psychological moment”in direct contradiction to his assertion to Parliament that his Ministry of Information did not engage in politics.


On Mar. 15, 1918, War Cabinet advisor Lord Jan Smuts (South African), recommended approval of the Ministry of Information to receive all or most all secret intelligence in order to better target propaganda.

On Aug. 05, 1918, MP Leifchild Jones (1905-1931) railed against the SECRECY and DUPLICITY of the Propaganda Department—Ministry of Information. He said to Parliament: “At present we know little about it [Ministry of Information], as it is not the creation of Parliament. It exists, and was announced to us through the Press, though up to the present we have been kept in the dark as to its constitution, its purposes, its methods, and its relation to other Departments of the State.”

“That is the Ministry of Information, and the House will observe that these gentlemen represent the most formidable combination at the Ministry of Information. The interests represented are banks, electric power companies, gas, railways, newspapers, rubber, insurance, iron, steel, Pullman cars, ships, and tobacco—a wholly formidable combination.” This list of commercial interests included mining, wireless and armaments.

On Dec. 20, 1918, John Buchan wrote “Report on the Liquidation of the Ministry of Information Transfer to the Foreign Office War Cabinet” describing the post-war continuation of a “new” “Propaganda Department” divided up among the Foreign Office and private organizations, including propaganda intelligence housed in Spain under the “Federation of British Industries (FBI),” as well as cinematography, photos and art. (Note: Hambro family now owns Getty Images.) In short, all the juicy bits were shuffled off to private operations among commercial and political cronies—just as MP Liefland Jones had feared just months earlier.

Control of “Wireless and Cables” (the IBM Internet of Things) went to the Foreign Office, as did American propaganda.



We will close this post by bringing this information current to prove that the Propaganda War that the Lloyd George 1917 War Cabinet initiated is still with us today.


One of the “volunteers” who worked with John Buchan to reorganize the Propaganda system, said “most kindly consented to stay on and assist me in the winding up of the Ministry” included (Charles) Eric Hambro.

Hambro had charge of all propaganda in Scandinavia, Spain, and South America.” He was also an MP, banker and railway director.

Charles Eric Hambro

Charles Eric Hambro, War Cabinet Propaganda Ministry of Information

In Feb. 1919, (Charles) Eric Hambro was knighted for his work at the Ministry of Information—just a few months after leaving the Propaganda Ministry. He went on to become the chairman of Hambros Bank. He died on Dec. 28, 1947, just months after the C.I.A. was formed on Sep. 18, 1947.

Charles Jocelyn Hambro

Charles Jocelyn Hambro, Special Operations Executive (SOE)—”Stay-Behind Networks” (global spies) run by the C.I.A.after WWII; later Office of Strategic Services (OSS); later Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)

Sir (Charles) Eric Hambro’s son, Sir Charles Joselyn Hambro, had become head of the “Special Operations Executive” which organized “stay-behind” networks that formed the basis of the modern day C.I.A.created under Allen W. Dulles. The C.I.A. managed all the “stay behinds.”

Allen Welsh Dulles

Allen Welsh Dulles, first Director, C.I.A.

Dulles is now widely believed to have ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy after President Kennedy said he wanted to “splinter [the C.I.A.] into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds” due its utter lawlessness.

Dulles and Hambro were evidently in close cooperation. Hambros possible role in the Kennedy assassination needs to be explored.



Peter Charles Percival Hambro
Peter Charles Percival Hambro, Peter Hambro Gold Mining (Russia); son of Sir Charles Hambro, SOE; grandson of Eric Hambro, War Cabinet Ministry of Information

In Feb. 1998, part of Hambros bank sold to the French bank Société Générale. Various spin offs were given to family members, including Getty Images control of images (Note: the Ministry of Information said images and photos were profitable in WWI propaganda).

One of the largest companies formed by the family was Peter Hambro Mining and Gold—now renamed Petropavlovsk and listed on the stock exchange in London.


In May 1998Société Générale sold Hambros PLC, including its private equity and investment side, to Investec, a South African bank.



Lord George Malloch Brown

On Aug. 08, 2014George Soros confidante and Open Society Foundation director (2006) Lord Mark Malloch-Brown was appointed director of Investec. Malloch-Brown is or was director of Soros’ Quantum Fund(2007) and Soros Fund Management (2007). He is also a member of the Queen’s Privy Council, owner of Smartmatic Voting Machines with Soros, former UN Deputy Secretary-General; director of Thompson ReutersThe Guardian development, Kerogen Capital (Russia),  Shell FoundationSave the Children and  World Economic Forum.

Very evidently, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is carrying on the globalist world takeover agenda of the 1917 Imperial War Cabinet and its Ministry of Information cum Tavistock Institute.


George Soros

There we have it, a 100-year continuity of evil, proved, and centered in the weaponization of propaganda, psychiatry, banking, false-flag wars and technology.

This proves that Soros’ investing “genius” has been nothing more than cheap propaganda tricksand insider trading using the propaganda to artificially drive stock prices to his benefit.

In a follow on post, we will investigate the way in which the 1917 War Cabinet combined weaponized propaganda with German psychiatry and wireless networks to target whole nations, including America, as well as their fellow British citizens. In America, that program became MKUltra run by the rogue C.I.A.

This fusion and weaponization of propaganda, science, psychiatry, banking and technology by 1919 forms the un-spiritual center for the “Fake News” of 2019.


It’s the 100th Anniversary of this devastating globalist propaganda system. They kept it all secret using the Privy Council, as well as the secrecy instruments of the intelligence states in both Britain and America to hide this treachery.

This propaganda has been extremely powerful, very effective and hugely damaging. It is immensely dangerous and MUST be stopped, immediately. We need peace for humanity to survive, not wars from which these incredibly evil people, profit. Join the patriots, support President Trump, spread the truth, help wake the nation . . . end this hideous propaganda, NOW.



Below are screen shots of a comprehensive time line that all patriots, worldwide, will want to download for safekeeping. To view the document with active hyperlinks that take you to the indictable evidence that truth seekers want to know, go to: #timeline-of-propaganda-treachery |

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timeline of treacherytimeline of treachery 2timeline of treachery 3timeline of treachery 4timeline of treachery 5timeline of treachery 6timeline of treachery 7timeline of treachery 8timeline of treachery 9.JPG

In conclusion, this timeline unmistakably ties the globalist agenda of the 1917 British War Cabinet and its Anglo-American commercial interests with the globalist activity of the rogue C.I.A., Privy Council, George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Senior Executive Service (SES) in 2019.

The War Cabinet wanted two countries out of the way of their Anglo-American commercial and political interests: Russia and Germany. They appear to have achieved both, at huge cost, including the loss of 20-70 million souls to communism and 123 million souls from 20th Century wars. The totals vary widely, but no moral person argues the point.

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In order to dismantle this world-wide system of corruption and evil that we see all around us, citizens of the world need to have TRUTH HISTORY, not the history propaganda that the Tavistock Institute spews in our classroom textbooks, fake news media, and globalist-controlled publications.

Below are reports that can help you understand how this global machine works so that you can take it apart at your level of involvement and influence.

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