Even One Share Requires Recusal

This post/analysis in 2014 stands the test of time. We have pulled out and highlighted the “even one share” portion of the judicial rules on disclosing conflicts that Amy Berman Jackson is so flagrantly violating. To those that think our recent posts about all the financial conflicts from the swamp bottom feeders are ‘much to do about nothing’, think again.

Even ONE SHARE must be disclosed.

It’s not illegal to own the shares, but our politicians MUST disclose this info….and judges must recuse themselves with even ONE SHARE of conflict. To date, they haven’t done diddly squat except lie, lie, and lie again. Oh yeah…and fill their offshore bank accounts from the gains of illegal activities.

What about all those Supreme Court judges that owned Facebook stock when they were ruling on Leader Technology’s patent case? They enhanced the surveillance state using technology that was not theirs, but the SCOTUS scumbags supported James P. Chandler III, IBM Eclipse Foundation, and the U.S. government as they ripped off AIM Patriot Michael McKibben as they have continued to grow their offshore accounts. BAD ACTORS.

Michael isn’t the only inventor ripped off by these corrupt agencies. They have been doing this since they ripped off Nikola Tesla’s technology for wireless radio and gave it to Guglielmo Marconi…all the way up to Steve Morton and Visions East and their paint technology for submarines.

Time to decide folks: Are we going to have a country of LAW AND ORDER or one of criminal anarchy?



even one share of stock

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